Amelie vs. Margaret vs. other possibilities

We're expecting a girl and prior to getting pregnant we'd always talked about the name Margaret with nn Maggie for a girl, which I was fine with and liked at the time. Since getting pregnant, I'm second-guessing it. The name would flow well with our last name. I'm not wild about the nn Maggie (sounds harsh) but my SO is. I like the name Margaret a lot, though. We've looked at other Margaret nicknames and there are only two that I like, but he's not wild about them.

Since I've been second-guessing it, my SO wants to know what other names I like - the name that gets me excited when I see it is "Amelie." However, I don't really like the name Amelia as it sounds so different to me and it's also pretty popular. Since we're in the U.S., I expect a lot of people would confuse the name with Amelia which could get annoying.

I guess what I'm trying to figure out is how important is it that you "get excited" when you see the name (Amelie) vs. picking a name that works well for a variety of reasons (Margaret). Also, if I loved the name before getting pregnant, maybe this is just hormones getting in the way??

Thanks for any help!


October 31, 2019 6:40 PM

Amelie is a lovely name but if you dont like getting confused with other names - I'd pick Amelia or Emily

I prefer Amelia, Emily to Margaret

if you dont like the nn Maggie - here are some other nn and other alternatives to Margaret - Marguerite, Meg, Margo, Maisie, Madge, Marjorie, Molly, Polly, Peggy, Greta, Rita, Pearl, Megan, Gretel, Mae, Mamie, Mairead, Marita, Gretchen, Margery, Marit

Penina, Sania - these have the same meaning


Also pregnancy horrmones often make you second guess your choices

October 31, 2019 5:53 PM

Auditorily, Amelie might be confused with Emily.  I don't think it's unusable in the US though, if you're okay with having to explain it (and expecting that your daughter will too).


If you name her Margaret, you can each use different nicknames or try out a few and see what sticks.  She'll learn quickly that both Maisie and Gretchen mean her.  What are the two nicknames you like?  I think Meg/gie is softer sounding than Mag/gie but otherwise very similar.


Have you considered Emilia or Emmeline?

October 31, 2019 8:06 PM

I really love Amelie but i understand your concern. not a big fan of Margaret, but it is nice enough. Alternatives are:


Mazie, Brynn, Kayla, Isabel, Donna, Jane, Willow, Melany, Emma, Jessica, McKenzie, Hannah, Gail, Harleigh, Jade, Abigail, Clair, Renee, Elaine, Olivia, Marie