Baby #3 and first Girl, need help with a name!!

Hi Everyone-

I am new here and we are expecting baby #3 in early August and hubby and I cannot agree on a name.

We have a Tyler James nn Ty and an Evan Jesse nn EJ  both middle names do have family as James is after the hubby and Jesse is the boy version of my name Jessica.  We are expecting a girl and I thought it would be easier then naming the boys, but so far no.  We like to go into delivery with 2 or 3 top names and choose from those when we meet baby.  Both boys were actually given the #2 name instead of what we went in thinking it would be, they were going to be Connor and Ethan but both were to popular.

Here is our short list of girls names none of which we both love but we both don't hate any of them and in no particular order:

Maisie (May-se), Brenna, Brianna, Janna, Amelia, Addilynn or addalynn, Brooklynn, Isabella


I don't want anything super popular like Madaline although super beautiful, but to popular for us.  Also I don't like names that are gender neutral or hard to pronounce.


Thanks for your imput:)




By Guest (not verified)
April 16, 2012 9:23 PM

Isabella is very popular. My daughter has two in her kindergarten class. Amelia is also pretty common here. Brianna was popular ten years ago, but is not used as often anymore.  Know at least a couple of Brooklyns as well. I think Maisie is your best bet given the criteria you have listed. So sweet, a beautiful name, and really not all that common.  Brenna and Janna aren't too common either, although they seem more dated as well.

You might look in the vintage sibling names thread.  Several of the girls names suggested would work well with your style and meet your criteria of not overly popular. :) Good luck! Whatever you choose will be the perfect name for your baby

By Guest (not verified)
April 16, 2012 11:05 PM

I'm just going to list some alternatives that remind me of those you've mentioned




Molly (These seems perfect to me, with sporty nns like Ty and EJ....Ty, EJ, and Molly....try it out!)





My personal vote would be for lovely Amelia, though I'm intrigued by Janna. I really can't stand Brianna or Booklyn, but that's just me. Isabella is definitely popular, but on the plus side it has a wealth of nicknames-just steer clear of the dippy Bella, please. :) Adalynn, I believe, is one of the trendiest names there is these days. I suspect you're far more likely to encounter other Adalynns than Isabellas.

I do adore Maisie, though I personally prefer it as a nn for something like Margaret. You might also consider something like Magdalyn/Magdaline, which is a bit like some others you've mentioned.


April 16, 2012 11:10 PM

Jessica-You have lovely names already. What I noticed about the names is that they sound classic, not overly used (popular) but definately familiar. I also noted their nn's rhyme and both middles start with a J. So if it were me and I wanted to keep that same feel for the girl I would do Brianna Jane. However, BJ is definately NOT a great nn for obvious reasons. You of course would not have to call her that -Bree is cute. But others may note the initials and people will/do tease. So alternately Amelia Jane is a great choice. Other ideas you may like:

Natalie; Hannah; Samantha; Rebecca; Naomi; Marissa; Melanie; Carissa; Charlotte; Cora; Cheryl; Danielle 

I think DJ, MJ, or CJ is really cute!

April 17, 2012 12:02 AM

My parents-in-law were warned by a friend not to give my husband the initials BJ, but they did anyway. And then his mom proceded to call him that. In public. And his last name is King.

Luckily, he was about 5'10" by the time he was in grade 5, so the other kids really didn't pick on him.

By hyz
April 16, 2012 11:22 PM

Jessica, I like your boys' names.  From your girls list, my first choice would be Amelia, followed by Maisie (love Maisie, but to me it's better as a nn for Margaret, etc.).  Isabella is fine, but is very popular.  I don't love Brenna, Brianna, Janna, or Brooklyn--to me these all sound either dated or trendy.  I am not a fan of creative spellings, so Addilynn doesn't work for me, but the more classic Adeline, Adela, or Adelaide would all be lovely.  

I like the suggestion of Molly for you.  Other thoughts--Gemma, Emma, Briony, Willa, Calla, Lilah, Dara, Cara, Rhiannon, Delia, Celia, Annabel, Caroline....  I'm trying to pull from the feel of your names, but find things that are a little more unusual and/or classic.  Hope this helps!

By mk
April 17, 2012 12:32 AM

Of your list my favorite is Amelia. I like Isabella but it is very popular. Perhaps Isobel would be an option? Maisie is too cutesy for a full first name, to me. I don't like the spellings Addilynn or addalynn, but I do like Adeline as a name (thoguh again, maybe too popular for you). The spelling of Brooklynn bothers me since I am from NYC, plus all I think of when I see Brooklyn as a name is the NYC borough.

So I say go with Amelia.



By Jill
April 17, 2012 9:53 AM

To me, your boys' names read as more classic than some of your girls' choices (though I guess that's the nature of boys' names -- they have a more gradual trajectory than many girls' names).  

As others have mentioned, Isabella was actually more popular than Madeline in 2010, even after combining the 8 different spellings of Madeline in the top 1000 (and combining the 3 spellings of Isabella).  (Of course, combining spellings is pretty subjective.) If you're interested, the combined spelling rankings of your names in 2010 are:

Isabella #2

Brianna #23

Brooklynn #32

Amelia #57

Addilynn/Addalynn #93 (this one came out of nowhere -- it wasn't on the list until 2007 and has added a new spelling to the top 1000 every year since)

Brenna #388

Maisie #1696

Janna #2063

Of your list, Amelia seems to match your boys' names the best: popular and familiar, but not really trendy.  

By Guest (not verified)
April 17, 2012 10:56 AM

I also really like the name Molly for you-classic, spunky & all girl.  Other names with a similiar feel to Molly would be Lucy and Ruby. 

From your list, I think Maisie has the same feel as Molly-but I like it better as a nickname.  Amelia is a good match for Tyler & Evan and it probably my favorite from your list.  Ty, EJ and Amy-very sweet.   I admit to finding Janna dated, but I am still a bit intrigued by it.  If you wanted to do all J middle names, Janna could be a good option.  Although, since both boys have family middle names, I really want to encourage you to use another family for the middle.  Maybe a grandmother?  Or perhaps she could share your middle name?

April 17, 2012 12:18 PM

The first thing that came to mind was that Isabella is already very popular (more so than Madaline), Addilyn is storming up the charts (along with many similar-sounding names), and Brooklynn, while less popular overall, is very much of the moment. (How about Brooke - short and snappy and would stand out more these days?) Amelia is also getting a lot of play in some circles. This needn't stop you - "popular" just means a lot of people would like your daughter's name - and again, which names are hot/ overplayed/ underappreciated depends a lot on where you are.

I love Molly for you. More ideas:

Abigail, Ada, Adele, Amabel, Amy, Annabelle, Bettina,

Carolyn nn. Caddie or Carly or CJ (assuming you keep the J middle name going), Cecila,

Kathryn nn. Katie or KJ, Janet, Jenna, Julia/Juliet,

Lindsay, Lucy, Matilda, Rebecca, Sadie, Stella

And since Brenna and Brianna (and Evan and Connor) appeal to you, I'll play off the Celtic vibe and suggest: Bridget nn. Birdie, Caitlyn, Gwendolyn, Maren, Megan, Shannon

By EVie
April 17, 2012 2:28 PM

I love the suggestion of Briony for you. It's a lovely plant name that picks up on some of the same sounds in Brianna and Brenna, but is much, much less popular (it's never been in the top 1000) and won't sound as dated. You could also spell it Bryony (which is actually the spelling of the plant name itself).

Of the names on your list, I'll mostly echo what others have said. Isabella is tremendously popular (much more than Madeline), though it's a pretty name. Same goes for Brianna. I'm a New Yorker, so Brooklyn(n) as a name makes me cringe. I don't care for the spelling of Addilynn/Addalynn (which will be a huge pain for your daughter to spell out for the rest of her life, as well as appearing made-up), but I think that Adeline or Adelaide are beautiful; you could also consider Adelina, Adalia or Adelia. Brenna and Janna are ok. My favorites are Amelia and Maisie (though I would prefer Maisie as a nickname for Margaret). 

By Guest (not verified)
April 23, 2012 7:45 PM

Wow and Thanks!!  You ladies have great suggestions and great insight into our name styles!! 

 I agree about Isabella and I never really liked it but the hubby does, although the more we say it out loud the less he loves it (yeah for me) so it has dropped off the list, plus it seems as he is the only one who likes it

We are down to 5 names:  Amelia, Addilynn, Brianna, Brooklynn, and Macie (my hubby liked Maise but agreed with most of you as it is a better nn but he does like this variation)

My middle name is lynn so we will most likely use that if we don't choose Addilynn or Brokelynn (which is why we spell them both ending in lynn).  The only first name that has any family significance is Addilynn - my grandfather who I never met (he died when my dad was young) was Addison which is now more of a girls name so actually picked Addilynn when we were pregnant with our first son before it was ever popular, and then we would use Rose as a middle name which is my husbands grandmothers name.  

We do like Molly but my hubby doesn't love it (although the more I say it the more I like it so I may keep pushing for that to make the list).   Our last name is polish and starts with a K and ends with a ski.  My hubby doesn't like any names starting with C or K and having that repeating sound.

I would have to agree with most of you that Amelia is really growing on me and the more I say it out loud the more I have grown to love it, and the nn Mia is super cute with Ty and EJ.  Thanks again and more suggestions are always welcome

By Guest (not verified)
April 23, 2012 9:49 PM

Addison Rose is a great name! Especially if you've got it in the family. 

I don't like the made up names with the lynn ending. Brooklynn also makes me cringe - the spelling, the place and'doesn't  Posh Spice have a kid with that name? I love maisie, but can we find a cool name that it is a nn for? I feel like we won't have a CEO called Maisie. Amelia is great, and Molly is sweet - its a name that has grown on me over the last few years. 

April 23, 2012 10:50 PM

I like all the names you are narrowed down to. My personal fav is Brianna Lynn K. The nn could be Bree to match better the boys. Brooklynn is fine, Addilynn is a bit off though from the simplicity of the boys. Amelia does fit well and going back to the beginning I like Brenna as well.