Baby girl - traditional or unique?

We have always talked about the name Adley for a girl and I love it but I worry it's too trendy/different.  Do you prefer Adley Elizabeth or Alice Beatrice?  i like the more traditional name but can't seem to give up on Adley.


April 29, 2018 6:08 AM

I think I prefer Alice Beatrix - ice ice for the endings is a bit tricky  or Alice Eliza, Alice Bethany, sorry dont like Adley


what about Adeline, Adele or Addison

April 29, 2018 8:22 AM

I think you should go with the name you love and have always talked about over one you just like. Does it really matter if that happens to be a "trendy" name? (In today's naming climate I don't think Adley could be considered too different unless you are living in a super conservative area, and probably not even then.) I would try and imagine yourself a few years in the future and ask if you think you'd regret not picking Adley? Alice is a lovely name but you don't sound very excited or enthusiastic about it. It's also worth noting that Alice is far more popular; how do you think you would feel if you met another little Alice? 

I do also find Alice Beatrice a little too sing-songy, but that's a very subjective thing and would almost never come up (as middle names generally vanish in everyday life) so if it doesn't bother you I wouldn't worry about it. Adley Elizabeth has a nice flow and overall balance to me with the very classic Elizabeth as a counterpoint to the more unusual Adley. 


April 29, 2018 8:41 AM

I agree. You love Adley, so go for it. I personally would not be at all surprised to meet an Adley in day-to-day life. Even if she decides she wants something more conservative, you have Elizabeth and all of it's variants.

April 29, 2018 11:31 AM

I far and away prefer Alice to Adley.  Adley is very different in style to the other 3 names (Elizabeth, Beatrice, Alice).  As much as it does fit in with what many other parents are using currently, I can't see it aging well.  It's very much a cutesy little girl name.  She may well want something more mature as she grows up.  If you can't let go of Adley, what about using it as a nickname to Adelaide, Adeline/Adelina, or Adela/Adela?

By EVie
April 29, 2018 11:56 AM

I really like this suggestion. As it happens, Alice is a variant form of Adelaide (from Germanic Adelheis). I think an Adelaide nicknamed Adley would be charming, and gets you the classic birth certificate name plus a stylish nickname without getting stuck in the full-blown trendy trap.

April 29, 2018 4:01 PM

Adley is such a charming nickname for Adelaide! It takes Adley out of trendy/made up territory into creative/spunky/distinctive (in the best possible way)!

April 29, 2018 11:23 PM

I much perfer Adley to Alice, so that is my vote. Adley Elizabeth is beautiful. I think that you should wait till you see your little one to see if she is more of an Adley or an Alice. 

April 30, 2018 12:06 PM

Adley is much more my cup of tea than Alice, so I definitely think you should at least keep it in contention. (I've always really liked the name Adlai, as in Adlai Stevenson, though of course Adlai is a masculine name and the particular association probably isn't helpful nowadays.)

If you like the idea of a formal longer name and like Adelaide on its own, I think Adelaide nn Adley is a great idea, but I don't think Adley needs a longer form.

I do think Adley fits in pretty well to today's naming landscape (somewhat unisex, surname-style, with the popular -lee ending sound) without actually being a huge hit, which is maybe what you mean by simultaneously trendy and different? If so, Alice strikes me as at least as trendy, but in a different style (hipsterish-revival). I don't think either is really "future proof" in the sense that they'll still sound exactly as fresh and usable when she's forty as they do now (almost no names are "future proof" in that way), but I do think either would age just fine with her.

April 30, 2018 12:21 PM

If I met a little Adley I'd almost certainly misremember her name as Hadley, which has some historical unisex usage and has been just shy of the top 100 for most of the decade.

I do agree that Alice Beatrice is too much, unless you want to have a little ice ice baby :)

April 30, 2018 7:59 PM

I wouldn't really worry about Adley being too different. I actually know two little girls under 2 named Adley. I know 1 little girl named Alice in this age group. I honestly prefer Alice myself, but I also don't see anything wrong with Adley. If you have loved it for the longest, I think you should go for it!

April 30, 2018 10:42 PM

I like both but, if that's your favorite, go for it!

The name will be fine on an adult and won't be negatively head-turning.

I know a very adorable Adley who was my intro to the name.