Baby Name Ideas!!!!

Hey Y’all I need some help. I am pregnant with baby girl #2 and me and my husband are really battling it out over her name. Our 2 year old is named Kearleigh Rose (Keer-lee) and we both want some thing that goes along with that and shoulds cute. I love Names that end in -Lee -Leigh -ly -ley ect. But my DH thinks that might be to much to have both our girls names have leigh at the end. Any Name is welcome (preferably not too too common  we love more modern names.) Thank you so much, Kisses- Averie 


April 22, 2019 9:13 PM

I think it would be too much having another one ending in leigh

What about Tayla, quinnlynn,  gracen, , harlow, Peyton,  Cayla, caylyn, Jaylen, jayley, Luka, Mahalia, Oceana, Havana, Tia, Talia, Xanthe, Zola, zina, Makayla, makayley, makenna

April 23, 2019 5:17 PM

Tayla thats so pretty im definitely putting that one on the list 

Thank you so much

April 23, 2019 1:22 AM

I think two names ending with "lee" is too much.

Here's some other suggestions:

Kalyn, Gabriela, Katrin, Anastasia, Malaika, Isidora, Nova, Maja, Mina, Annalena, Taisia, Ayelen, Atiya, Karina, Elsa

Good luck and congratulations!!


April 23, 2019 5:18 PM

Thank you so much! We’re excited 

April 23, 2019 4:30 AM

Aliyah, Alexa, Alexis, Amaya, Brielle, Brielle, Arielle, Aubrielle, Breanna, Tegan, Shae, Talullah, Neve, Ashlyn, Alana, Brenna, Ciara, Taryn, Rowan, Darcy, Finella, Catelyn, Caitlin Aria

April 23, 2019 5:19 PM

Tegan omg that’s so cute! Thank you!!

April 23, 2019 5:20 PM

Aviana Thats pretty it’s kinda like my name!! Thank you 

May 1, 2019 4:12 PM

Contemporary (or returning) names ending in "ee", without ending in "lee": Zoe, Aubrie, Ashby, Phoebe, Emery/Emory/Emry, Eevie, Lucy (or, maybe even better, Lux nn Luxie), Quincy, Rory, Chloe, Ruby (or Rubie), Xanthe

Or, some ideas that might be in your style that don't end in "ee": Brielle, Brooklin, Haven, McKenna, Skyler, Teagan, Payton

Best of luck with your name search!

May 2, 2019 9:59 PM

Instead of ending in leigh or ley sound, what about just an ie or ey or y sound? Or beginning with a K, and/or having the same number of syllables as Kearliegh. Or, lastly, having an Irish/Scottish type name, since "Keer" kind of is. While it sounds like a name that is perhaps of original design by you, it also sounds as if it could have some sort of heritage behind it. Not sure I can be as original or unique as you but some ideas that come to mind are:

Kittery, Kemsley, Kenzie, Collins, Kitsy, Kia, Oakleigh, Everly, Truly, Karina, Amory, Felicity, Ainsley, Paisley, Hadliegh, Trier, McCaire, Tannen

May 4, 2019 4:18 PM

If you want a similar ending to Kearleigh- Everley or Oakley.(although I don’t suggest another lee/ley/ly/leigh/lie

My top suggestions- Taytum Renee, Oaklyn Grace, Teagan Monet (pronounced moe nae), Teagan Marie, Adelyn Renee, Harper Noelle, Harper Olivia, Graesyn Hope