Baby name remorse

We had a beautiful baby girl 11 days ago, and we decided to name her Olivia Michele...we had to come up with something as 2 days had already gone by and everybody was hounding us to decide on a name....however now that I'm home and settled in I'm finding it a little hard to say all the time being 4 syllables, and the more I'm thinking about it... I'm not sure i want to always be calling her Liv or Livi?? I'm also finding that I'm not calling her by Olivia just for the fact that its a little hard for me to say?? Ugh I hate that I'm having reservations and second thoughts..,please tell me I'm not the only one??...the other name that Im thinking I should've chosen is Stella...either Stella Rose or Stella Grace...just easier to say, two syllables and still goes nicely with her sister Molly Jade ,and with our last name Goldberg?!? husband is totally fine with changing her name, and agrees its little hard saying the four syllable Olivia all the time...the rest of the family probably won't agree I'm sure... But it's not their child so I should do what makes me happy right??

ugh... I don't know what to do... Is it bad to change a baby's name? It's only been 11 days- I highly doubt she knows her name's not like she's older and knows it and responds to it yet?? Is it a big hassle to change it on the birth certificate and social security card?? -neither of which we've received back in the mail yet.

Sorry for the long rambling on, but this has been weighing on me for a few days now and had to get it off my chest.


Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks in advance


April 1, 2014 10:05 AM

If you are having serious doubts this early and your husband is on board, I would definitely change it. Just make sure that once you change it, you will be happy and not keep thinking "what if". I would call her Stella for a few days just to see hwo it feels. There is zero harm in changing a baby's name. Others may look at you weird for a short time but in a few years they will all say "She is such a Stella!" and the name change will be a distant memory and something you laugh at. This is the name your daughter will answer to for 70+ years, and the name you will be thinking of every day of your life - if you really want to change it then do it now. Of course she does not know her name yet! Children do not begin recognizing words or their name until around the 7 month mark. 

Olivia is a lovely name, but I agree that 4 syllables is a mouthful if you don't plan to use a nickname like Livi all the time. Of course, Livi Michelle is beautiful with Molli Jade and I have no qualms with using a nickname all the time. Does Michelle, Rose, or Grace have any personal meaning? If any of them do, I would chose the one that has the best meaning to you rather than just because it sounds good. A name is so much more than how it sounds.

You will wait until you receive her birth certificate and then take it to the social security office to see about a legal name change. It is a very easy process for babies but you will pay a fee. You could call beforehand and see if you could change it before it is processed. 

So my advice - call her Stella Rose for a few days and see how it feels. If it feels weird, try just Livi Michelle. Something should just "feel right". If it really doesn't, let your husband or daughter choose what to do becuase it is likely that hormones are making it feel like a bigger deal than it really is. Olivia, Stella, or Livi - she is still your sweet baby girl! Good luck mama! 


April 9, 2014 9:43 PM

This probably doesn't help but I felt name remorse with all my babies!   I think it was after the first weeks but before they were 6 months, so it's a bit different than your situation.  I especially felt it with the son that we had a hard time deciding on.  It was a name we had talked a lot about but my husband wasn't totally sold one.  Once he was born he was still unsure and so told me I should do what I liked best.  I think I started worrying that I'd picked the wrong one.   I am happy with all their names now!  

I like the previous posters suggestion of trying the name out for a few days and seeing if you're happier with it.