Baby name remorse...please help

We had a beautiful baby girl 11 days ago, and we decided to name her Olivia Michele...we had to come up with something as 2 days had already gone by and everybody was hounding us to decide on a name....however now that I'm home and settled in I'm finding it a little hard to say all the time being 4 syllables, and the more I'm thinking about it... I'm not sure i want to always be calling her Liv or Livi?? I'm also finding that I'm not calling her by Olivia just for the fact that its a little hard for me to say?? Ugh I hate that I'm having reservations and second thoughts..,please tell me I'm not the only one??...the other name that Im thinking I should've chosen is Stella...either Stella Rose or Stella Grace...just easier to say, two syllables and still goes nicely with her sister Molly Jade ,and with our last name Goldberg?!? husband is totally fine with changing her name, and agrees its little hard saying the four syllable Olivia all the time...the rest of the family probably won't agree I'm sure... But it's not their child so I should do what makes me happy right??

ugh... I don't know what to do... Is it bad to change a baby's name? It's only been 11 days- I highly doubt she knows her name's not like she's older and knows it and responds to it yet?? Is it a big hassle to change it on the birth certificate and social security card?? -neither of which we've received back in the mail yet.

Sorry for the long rambling on, but this has been weighing on me for a few days now and had to get it off my chest.


Any advice or suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks in advance


By mk
March 30, 2014 10:54 PM

If you feel storngly that you want to change her name than do so. It's only been 11 days. A friend of mine changed her son's name after 10 days and it was not a big deal at all in terms of telling people. I can't speak to the legal aspect, but I can say she felt much better about her son's name after she changed it, so whatever she had to do was worth it to her.


April 1, 2014 10:34 AM

Yes, this.  She doesn't know her name yet, and everyone else will adapt. 

July 3, 2014 12:43 PM

If it makes you more comfortable and happy with it then I would do it if I were you! Your family will have to just accept it and just be happy for you and your choice. :) 

July 21, 2014 6:14 PM

Go ahead and change it, you can because people do, my brothers bffs parents changed his name when they got him home and realized it just wasn't his name... It happens, change it before its all over, if anyone asks just say oh we changed our minds and last second went with this other name that suits her Better. Not stress about it its just fine. 

September 2, 2014 11:29 AM

Yes, change it! I can read the desperation in your post, and you sound pretty keen to change. It's early days, so go for it! My daughter is Mimi, but we registered her under manon (a French name, which everyone pronounces wrong!). When we registered her, I was unsure, as so many people had said it wrong, and after about a week, we switched to the agreed nickname of Mimi. I wish we had officially gone for Mimi now, as she loves her name. She is now four and knows that her official name is Manon, but I doubt she will ever use it! I wasn't sure about Manon, and should have gone with my instincts. Although it is great to use it when we are in France!