Bedtime Story Troubles

I am making up a bedtime story for my nephew(my brother and my sister in law and their two kids are staying with us until they find a house), and I need charactor names. So far the charactors are Indigo Watson, Silence Frayer, Summer Frayer, Liberty Carlo, and Silence's horse, Grant. they all have powers. Indigo can use mindcontrol on any living thing, Silence can stop time, Summer has super-speed, Liberty can fly, and Grant the horse has super strength. I am trying to add in a new villian, one that will stick, 'cause whenever I add in one my nephew interuptts and makes grant hurl him into outerspace. the kid gets transfixed by names, so names like blasting bob won't work. Part of why Silence is his favorite charactor is because of his name. Please help, I usually end up telling this story for 5 hours a day(I watch him while my brother is at work and my sister-in-law is looking for houses, because i'm on my maternity leave I am at home), and it's a litte hard. help please!


December 31, 2015 5:50 PM

I'm probably way too late for this, but the first thing I'd advise you to do is make it so, for whatever reason, your villain can't be blasted into outer space. Make them a serious threat and try to catch any easy-defeat loopholes. Craft the character and then work on an excellent name that'll captivate your nephew (or craft the character and give us more to go off of to help you, that might get more responses).


I would suggest some "gravity" special powers for your villain, to keep him out of outer space defeat, and make very careful perimeters about how they can be killed, so that the characters have to work towards killing them, such as complete certain tasks, find a specific weapon, etc. to move the plot forward in a way that can'to be interrupted with a quick plothole defeat.