Best name out of these options?


--Aurora "Rory" Paige

--Evanna "Evan" Noelle

--Adrianna "Adrian" Marie

--Liliana "Lily" Faith

--Mariah Grace

--Rowan Angelica



--Tobias "Toby" James

--Maxwell "Max" Sawyer

--Cody Flynn

--Jason Zayne

--Rhys Channing

--Jonas Bailey


I love all these names but can't seem to pick a favorite--help!


October 12, 2019 4:30 PM

My favourite from your girls is Liliana Faith,   Mariah Grace is lovely too


My favourite for the boys is Jonas,  I'd prefer Jonas James JJ would be a cute nn or Jonas Flynn

Jason Zayne is nice too

I like Rhys but not with Channing  Rhys James, Flynn, Zayne

Maxwell is ok,dont like Sawyer, Maxwell James/Zayne/Flynn



October 14, 2019 10:23 AM

Do you have any particular criteria? For example, how much do you care about factors like popularity, ease of spelling and pronunciation, popular associations and connotations, etc.? Also, are these names for a baby currently on the way, a character, a potential future baby, just for fun...? (We're happy to answer questions regardless, but knowing the particulars can help us give better answers.)

October 14, 2019 10:58 AM

I don’t care about any of the factors listed (although I would rather stray away from too trendy names), I more or less just want to choose a beautiful yet strong name for my baby!

October 15, 2019 10:12 PM

Okay, after A LOT of debating, we have ruled out Rowan Angelica and Rhys Channing. I'm really sad as I love both these names so much but I'll definitely consider them in the future. I really need to get my thoughts together, so I'm going to list the positives and negatives.


Aurora "Rory" Paige


--overall my favorite name since childhood

--Rory is the name of a close friend


--been told it's too "disney"


Liliana "Lily" Faith

--my new name obssession

--Lillie is the name of my sister-in-law


--bad experience with a Liliana


Evanna "Evan" Noelle


--very strong name

--Noelle is similar to Noelie who is a very important person in my life


--people are mostly neutral about it


Adrianna "Adrian" Marie:


--my grandmother loves the name

--Marie is my sister's middle name


--mpst people are neutral about it


Mariah Grace


--very beautiful


--no name connections


Tobias "Toby" James:


--Favorite name since childhood


--no name connections


Cody Flynn:


--my mother loves the name


--very stereotyped


Maxwell "Max" Sawyer:


--similar to my brother's name (Matthew/Matt)


--Max is a very popular dog name


Jason Zayne:


--mom loves Zayne

--long time favorite


--too old?


Jonas Bailey:


--allusion to a character from a great book (The Giver)

--anagram of Jason (would use if I had twin boys)


--Jonas brothers...



So yeah I'd really appreciate some help on the matter



October 16, 2019 3:19 AM

Still lovw Liliana Faith beat and Mariah Grace. Jonas Bailey, Jason Zayne and Tobias James are all great. I like Jonas James too. Maxwell James or Maxwell  Zayne would be good too. I wouldn't worry about Jason being too old or Maxwell too similar to Matthew or a dogs name and I would worry about the Jonas Brothers

October 16, 2019 5:21 PM

Liliana Faith is my favorite on here for girls and really beautifu, but if you have a really negative association with a liliana, I would suggest not to use it because you'd just think of that person every time you say it. I do agree that Aurora is a little too Disney even though it's a very pretty name. (I think everyone would think of the princess first) Mariah Grace is my second favorite, and I would use it if you have a negative connection with liliana. Evanna and Adrianna are pretty names and I wouldn't worry about people being neutral about it. Jason Zayne  my favorite for the boys, and I don't think it sounds too old. I wouldn't worry too much about the Jonas brothers, but Jonas is rising in popularity. I wouldn't worry about Max Being more of a dog's name, and agree that Cody Flynn is a bit stereotyped. Tobias James, Jason Zayne and Maxwell Sawyer are all great in my opinion.