Boy Name Help!

Our third is due in February.  We don't find out the sex.  We have two boys, Atticus Michael, sometimes called Ace, and Malakai Solomon, almost always called Kai.  


Our girl name will almost certainly be Sparrow; that's what we've been planning on since we were first pregnant with Atticus!  But boy names...gahhhh, it keeps getting harder.  We want a name that is similar in style to Atticus and Malakai.  I used the Name Match Maker on this site the other day and the ones that came out that I liked the best were Silas, Maverick, Ichabod (which I totally love but am not brave enough to use), Brooks, Mathias, and Isaias.  Hubby actually kind of seemed to like Silas and Isaias, and he didn't shoot any of them down, but he also didn't just leap for joy over any of them and he didn't make any of his own suggestions.


Is Silas Ichabod pretty out there?  I'm fairly certain I can't talk Hubby into Ichabod anyway.  Silas Maverick?  All other suggestions are welcome!


November 30, 2014 9:47 PM

I've never heard the name Ichabod. How exactly is it pronounced?

Silas is a good name. Maverick is not my style. Have you considered the name Matteo (ma Tay o)? i think that would go nicely with your other boys names. I like Isaias but think I prefer Isaiah, have you considered that? Malakai is on my favorites list so I'll list my other favorites



Maxwell or Maximo 







November 30, 2014 11:15 PM

Ichabod is still too Ichabod Crane for me, and with the TV show Sleepy Hallow being fairly popular, I imagine it'll just strengthen the association for a lot of people.  However, it did occur to me that perhaps Ike could be a nickname for Ichabod? That would lessen the association and seems to fit well with Ace & Kai.  Or you could go a bit more traditional and do Isaac with Ike as the nickname.

The only name on your list that I really don't like is Maverick.  It's too Top Gun & too Sarah Palin for me to care for it as a given name.  For me, it's more in the nickname category, along with Tiger and Champ.  However, it'd probably be OK tucked away in the middle position.  My favorite is probably Silas, with Si/Sy as a nickname.

Tiberius (Ty), Tobias, Lucian, Solomon, Benedict, Leander, Felix, Ulysses, Cyrus?


December 1, 2014 12:41 AM

Ichabod is pronounced ICK-a-bod.  The most noted place I can think of ever seeing it is Ichabod Crane in the Legend of Sleepy Hollow.


I could get behind Silas Isaiah.  I think that goes well with the first two boys' names.  I don't know why that matters so much to me!  I do also love the idea of Ichabod nn Ike and I could MAYBE talk Hubby in to that one, even if I had to swing it Silas Ichabod nn Ike.  


It's a really good thing we have until February!  :p

By ozy
February 1, 2015 1:27 PM

I'm not sure about Ichabod but have been harboring a love for the name Icarus, nn Ike. It may be a bold choice but it would fit with other mythological names rising in popularity like Atlas and Apollo.

March 5, 2015 10:35 PM

Silas Brooks

March 6, 2015 8:12 PM

Ichabod is interesting and different. But, I think I agree with your OH, as one character asks Ichabod Crane in the new series Sleepy Hollow, 'so, Ichabod, what is your nickname then... Icky?'

I'll suggest Jedediah (Jed) and Ezekiel (Zeke) for you.