Boy name help please

Hello all! 

I'm in a bit of a pickle I'm hoping to get some help with. 

My son is 2 months old and his name is Wesley Elliott (5 letter German last name starting with S)  his nickname is Wes

My dilemma is this, while I love his nickname of Wes, I am not loving the name Wesley as much as I thought for my son. Plus, I'm not sure how Wes S**** sounds with the two s sounds kind of blending into each other. 

Lately I have been thinking about changing his name legally to Henry Elliott. I know it's a bit crazy to do so late, but my son won't know the difference now, and I don't mind what friends and family say, and I know they will adjust and be supportive.

Henry is a family name that I have loved and wanted to use from the beginning of my pregnancy. I think I was just sleep deprived and not thinking as clearly when we decided on his name at the hospital. I know it's so popular which deterred me at first, but I don't know if I will have more children and want to make a solid name choice for my little guy. 


Anyways, I like both names, Henry more, and I would love some input. Thank you so much in advance!!!!


April 7, 2017 4:18 PM

You said, "we decided," so I deduce the child's father is in your lives but you make no mention of his take on the names nor on the dilemma. If he's on board, you both agree. If he isn't, you have a challenge. If you haven't told him, you're setting yourself up for heartbreak to be hashing out your thoughts and making up your mind before talking with him and letting him be a participant in your inner world.

April 8, 2017 3:33 AM

Yes--Step 1 is definitely to discuss this with the baby's father.

It's okay to change his name if that's what you both want to do.  And it isn't urgent, either.  You can think about it and discuss it and try it out.  Take your time in making a decision.

April 7, 2017 5:37 PM

I do think you may be overthinking Wes/Wesley a bit.  It's not unusual to have some name regret, especially so soon after birth.  

All that said, if you & your partner agree, I think it would be a lot easier to make the change sooner rather than later. Both Wesley & Henry are really solid names, I think it's just a matter of what will make you happy.  Have you tried using Henry for a few days to see how it feels?  Maybe you'll feel like you've hit on his name and you'll feel more confident about changing it.  Or, you might feel the same about Henry in actual usage that you do Wes/Wesley, which would likely be a sign that you just need to give him more time to grow into his name.

By Cpk
April 8, 2017 6:51 AM

Thanks everyone! Sorry, bit sleep deprived- didn't add that dad is on board.  will try out Henry for a few days and see how it feels. Thanks again!

April 8, 2017 7:47 AM

I have a friend who was renamed by her older sister when she was nine months old. Or rather, her parents finally agreed with the two-year-old that her name should be changed (sister had been adament since birth). Another friend changed her baby's name after 10 months. Everyone adjusted in both cases. If your son seems more like a Henry and everyone is on board, go for it! 

April 22, 2017 8:39 AM

so did you decide on Henry?