Boy name to go with middle name Rollie?

My husband and I are having a hard time coming up with a boy name. He really wants to name our son after his brother who passed away when he was a baby. His brother's name was Rollie (pronounced rah-lee.). I know how badly he wants to name his son after his brother, but I cannot bring myself to name my son Rollie. We have compromised and are both happy with using Rollie as a middle name. Now we are having a hard time coming up with a first name that would go wih Rollie. I like the names Elijah, Theo, and Miles, but I feel like they don't really go with Rollie. Any suggestions? I appreciate all of your opinions!


April 16, 2019 10:14 AM

I think the flow to the middle name doesn't have to flow, first name and last is more important to flow and pick the first  names you like . Love Elijah, miles is ok, Theo is ok, what about Theodore. 

Other names Nathaniel, Christoper, Nicholas, Benjamin, Timothy, Zachary, Jeremy, Anthony, Ezekiel, Isaiah, Joshua, Josiah, Malachi, Matthew, michaMi, Mitchell, thomas

April 16, 2019 5:34 PM

Would he be open to Roland, Rollins, or Rolf either as the first or middle name?  Or would you consider (one of those or) Carolus, Jarold, or Harold with the nickname Rollie?


I think Elijah Rollie and Miles Rollie work okay, given the sentiment of an honor name.  Theo Rollie isn't great.  A longer form of Theo could work better though - Theodore, Theodoric, Theodosius, Theophilos, Theobald, Theophanes [most of those might be a bit more than you're looking for :) ].


Charles Rollie*

Samuel Rollie*

Jonas Rollie

Benjamin Rollie*

Tobias Rollie

Gideon Rollie

Joshua Rollie

Xavier Rollie

Nathaniel Rollie*

*I think the super traditional names hold up really well next to Rollie.


Another option is to use two middle names.  If Miles Rollie doesn't sound right, maybe Miles Rollie Dominic does.  The third name could also be one from your family.


The great part about your husband being absolutely set on a certain name is that you can get some more leeway in pairing it up with your own personal preferences!  If it comes down to A or B and you're each leaning a different way, you can totally pull the "I gave you Rollie as his middle name" card.

April 17, 2019 12:48 AM

Was Rollie a nickname for anything?  I have a distant relative with a son named Raleigh, but I've never heard Rollie before!

I do think Elijah Rollie and Miles Rollie work just fine.  I don't know about Theo on its own with Rollie but Theodore Rollie could also work.

Other thoughts:
Silas Rollie, Isaiah Rollie, Jackson Rollie, Everett Rollie, Seth Rollie, Arthur Rollie, Lucas Rollie, Elias Rollie, Lincoln Rollie.   

April 17, 2019 11:10 AM

I agree with suzanne--pick a name you love, and don't worry about "flow" with Rollie. If you really think it doesn't work for some reason, try it as Firstname R. Lastname, since that's much more likely to be how he's known by the world in general.

(The one exception to this would be if you want to use a double-barrel name a lot of the time.)

I also agree that the name somehow feels more name-like when it's spelled Raleigh, even though I would pronounce them just about the same, so maybe imagine it that way when you're saying names out loud. I wouldn't try to actually change the spelling though; in the middle name slot, I would stick with the spelling that is more meaningful to your husband. In a similar vein, I have to mention the name Rollo--Rollo was a Viking warrior who became the first Duke of Normandy, and combined with the name's fashionable liquid consonants and -o ending I think it would be a pretty cool name choice.

Having said all that, I think all of your names sound fine with Rollie, so if there's one you love the most or that feels best with your last name, I'd go with that one.

April 17, 2019 5:20 PM

This completely. Unless you intend to call him by his both names a lot of the time then meaning easily trumps flow for a middle name; when was the last time anyone addressed you by your first and middle names only? For most people it almost never happens. Flow of first and last name is far more important than first and middle. 

I also agree with austindillon that for me both Elijah and Miles sound fine paired with Rollie but Theo doesn't work as well (I think because of the -o ending it merges a bit), so if you were stuck between names you could use Rollie as a tie-break but if there ends up being one name you really love I'd go ahead and use it regardless of how well it matched.