Boy sibling name for William and Charlotte needed.

We have named our children William Charles and Charlotte Claire and are expecting second boy this summer. I like Callum and Nathan but am not set on these two and have no middle name ideas. What ideas do you have? 


February 1, 2014 11:57 PM

Benjamin, Christopher, Paul, Henry, Adam, Jonathan or Nathaniel (nn Nathan?) But with Callum you're reaching a little outside the handsome, romantic, but conventional pool... Maybe Marcus nn Marc, or even Cassius nn Cass? (that last is about as unconventional as I ever get.)

Or a little more Biblical: Noah, Josiah, Micah,  Isaiah, Jonah? 

Isaac? Graham? Dean?

I love William Charles and Charlotte Claire.

I listed Benjamin first because it is the one I would choose, in your place. Or perhaps even Bennett or Benedict, to get the nn Ben. Benjamin Elliot?

With Nathan I like Dean, and with Callum I like Henry. Just based on rhythm, really.