Boys name - Lincoln or Harrison... other suggestions welcome

So after 3 girls we are having a boy! Im finding it much harder to get many boys names we like than did with the girls.

Our current girls names are Charlotte, Camilla and Meredith. I'd like a name that somewhat works with these also...

On our shortlist we have Lincoln or Harrison? What are your thoughts on these two options? 

Some others that we've thought of are:

*Caleb (not sure if it will make for too many "c's after Charlotte and acamilla also start with C 

* Nicholas - love Nicholas but hate the nickname Nick, which I feel may be unavoidable with this name?

I'd love to hear any feedback or other suggestions are also welcome 



November 22, 2019 6:08 PM

Both names are great but I probably wouldnt use Harrison,  you already have Charlotte and Camilla,  then you'd have a possible Harry, too name Royal names.  I wouldnt use Caleb - yes too many C's.  If you dont like the nn Nick,  I wouldnt use Nicholas either

Other names - M to match Meredith - Marcus, Maxwell, Matthew, Michael, Mitchell, Micah, Malachi, Malcolm, Melvin, Milton, Miles, Mark

other names - Adrian, Anthony, Alastair, Benjamin, Alexander, Dominic, Elliott, Grant, Todd, Dean, Joshua, Jonathan, Nathaniel, Reuben, Sebastian, Theodore, Timothy, Thomas, Zachary, Jeremy, Joshua, Josiah. Robert, Stephen, Samuel, Simon,  Tobias. Patrick, Vincent, Victor, Jamison, Aaron, Austin, Damien, Evan, Gavin, Owen, Jackson, Leon, Nolan, Ronan, Rohan, Nathan, Simeon, Vaughn, Dylan, Jason, Ryan


Congrats on your boy