Brother for Maren, somewhat European boy name

My husband and I are having the hardest time coming up with a boy name for our first! We both love the name Maren for a girl (pronounced MAH-ren), as we are both a mix of Danish, German, Norwegian, and Welsh and would like to somewhat honor heritage.  Many popular names have been vetoed because we are teachers and have too many students with those names. My husband likes "older" names like Andreas, Frederick, Ivan, etc., but I am not sold on those yet. We have been considering more Scandinavian ones like Anders, Lars, and Soren, but don't know if we want such an obvious theme, since we hope to have more than two kids. Any ideas or input appreciated! Our last name rhymes with Finn.


August 14, 2019 3:41 AM

Hugh, Hugo, Gilbert, Robert, Kellen, Axel, Erik, Lukas, Leon, Bowen, Walter, Evan, Roland, Gareth, Tristan, Vaughn, Jensen, Kristian, Roald, Niels, Everett, Emerson, Oliver, Rhys, Dylan, Emrys, Henry, Lloyd, Leo, Macxen, Johannes, Max, Maxen, Derek, Adam, Adrian, Anton, Otto, Alexander. Benjamin, Richard, Cai, Bo, Carsten, Casper, Daniel, Elias, Emil, Manu, Felix, Gabriel, Henrik, Isak, Jesper, Jonathan, Jonas, Julius, Magnus, Joakim, Marcus, Martin, Roman, Klaus, Matthias, Florian, Edmund, Oscar, Johan, Michael, Jakob, Otto, Patrick, Paul, Peter, Reuben, Samuel, Sebastian, Simon, Rupert, Stephen, Wim, Stefan, Benedict, Thomas, Thor, Theodore, Tobias, Vincent, Victor, Aled, Cadel, Emrys, Owen, Hans, Samuel, Andre, Dominic, Gerald, Kilian, Marco, Raffael

August 15, 2019 5:04 AM

I'll check it out!