Can't agree on anything! Running out of time.

I'm due in 2 months but still we cannot agree on a name. I wanted something that was not too odd but not too common (top 100 names were out for me). I feel like I have come up with soooo many names but hubby keeps saying "no". The few times he pipes up I don't really like his picks! Oh, did I mention we don't know the sex ad therefore need both sexes!! Alos there are about 10 people we are close to have babies already this year so thats not helping either.
The lists below are sparse as the names that were "absolute" no's I don't even bother to keep in the wings.

My Girl List:
Sylvie (he is very "meh" about it)
Evie (he likes Evelyn)
Elyse (he is not a big fan)

His Girl List:
Evelyn (which I find a bit stuffy and too popular but he thinks is a compromise for my Evie)
Willa (I like Willow better)

My Boy List:
(yep that's it...he veto'd all other names I liked)

His Boy List:
Foster (kinda...its a big maybe for the both of us)
Jude (I'm "meh")
Robin (my least fave of his)

We both agree that we seem to like "classics" for girls. He seems to really like Evelyn but I can't seem to jump on that train. Boys....he doesn't like "soft" names like Miles which I do. Help!


September 2, 2013 7:54 PM

Hi! Hope these might help:



Evan (I know it's in the top 100 but you both seem to like some EV beginning names)










Everly/Everlie (similar to both of your choices)







September 2, 2013 11:48 PM

Well, I'll begin with the obvious question: Couldn't you do Evelyn and call her Evie? I think if you're that close to a name that pleases both of you, you should jump on it! Something like Evangeline or Eva would be the other immediate thoughts. You're sure they're original enough for you, right?

I like Sylvie and Elyse very much, but if your hubby doesn't then they're out.

I much prefer Willa to Willow

I'm not a huge fan of Elliot, partially because I keep hearing rumors of it on girls, but if it's the only one you both like, then maybe you should declare it the winner!

I like Jude very much.

I'm meh on Foster as well (and, really, I think you might as well eliminate any you're meh on), and I don't care for Robin.

Other thoughts: Esme, Maisie, Carolyn, Tessa, Alice, Ruby, Mae     Ezra, Emmett, Fletcher, Hudson, Cyrus, Silas, Elias, Forest, Jasper


By mk
September 3, 2013 12:14 AM

I don't think Evelyn is stuffy, and Evelyn with the nickname Evie seems like the obvious choice. I also like Willa much better than Willow.

What about Sylvia instead of Sylvie?

I like Elliot. Since you both agree, that seems like a good choice to go with.

September 3, 2013 9:04 PM

I also like Willa over Willow! 

September 7, 2013 11:31 PM

I agree with other posters.  I think Evelyn is your best choice for girl name with nn Evie.  For your boy name, I suggest going with Ellis instead of Elliot since Elliot has become a girl's name.  If you still want the name, I would encourage you to go to the voyager part of this site to see how the name ranks for each gender for your state and surrounding areas.