Cool name, not-so-cool connection...

I recently read "The Crucible", which is a play about the Salem Witch Trials. It was terribly sad, but one name in particular kept jumping out at me; it was a Reverend named John Hale. He was a real person, and I'm not exactly sure how much of the play's material is accurate, but still, hear me out:

While he was a Reverend in real life, the character of John Hale in the play really stuck with me. I won't sit here and summarize the whole play, he's basically a misguided "expert on witchcraft" who eventually comes to his senses and sees the madness that the court of Salem has descended into. He famously denounces the court, and is almost killed for it.

Hale is my favorite character in the play, because he's flawed. He sets some things into motion that he later regrets, but he then does everything in his power to reverse his actions. My only problem is the connection with the brutality of the Salem Witch Trials.

I know that Hale is a popular last name, but what do you guys think about it as a first name? Also what gender?