Deal-breaker names? Help!

I’m really struggling with what to name our 3rd. We‘re expecting a boy in a couple months. I want his name to fit the sib-set really well (James and Leah) Also, our last name is sometimes hard to combine with (pronounced Abe-lyn). I keep thinking that each name has a con “I would choose (blank) if it weren’t for (blank)”

1. I would choose Peter if it weren’t my brother‘s name. (We don’t live close, or see him often, but even though I love this name, it’s lost some unique-ness for this reason.)

2,3. I would choose Levi or Lukas if it weren’t for our daughter’s name, Leah

4. I would choose Reuben if it weren’t for our last name combo Reuben Abe-lyn. This is my husband‘s favorite, and he keeps hoping I’ll come around (the matchiness Doesn’t bother him). I love Reuben also—am I overthinking the combo? Maybe I’ll get used to it? 

5. Titus has been on our short list, but I’m not sure how well it fits in the sib-set, or if it’s my very favorite. 

Would any of these be deal breakers for you? I keep thinking the “perfect“ name is alluding me. My husband is not as picky, but we haven’t found anything else we like as much as these 4-5 names. We prefer biblical names, but would any other, non-biblical names sound ok in the sib-set? And not sound really off-base? Thanks for your thoughts!


February 12, 2019 7:23 PM

I can see your hesitation with Peter; I don't think there would be anything wrong with you using it, I just mean that if you're not seeking to honour him I understand why it would feel awkward/less special to use your brother's name.

2 & 3 I unfortunately agree with you, they are too similar to Leah

Ruben does not bother me in combination with your last name, I don't find it too run together or overly rhyming to say aloud. You could try saying it out loud to yourself a few times a day for a couple of days, and maybe writing it out too, to see if repeated exposure changes how you feel about it. How much do you dislike the matchiness? Is it just an annoying niggle to you or is it nails on a chalkboard awful? If you find it awful I'd say you're unlikely to change your mind but if it's only a slight 'not sure about that' feeling it may well grow on you.

I like Titus and think it would be fine in your set; I actually think Leah makes quite a nice bridge name between James and Titus. (That is while a sib set of just James and Titus might strike me as a little out-of-sync James and Leah flow nicely and Leah and Titus also flow nicely for me, so James, Leah and Titus doesn't actually give me pause or make me think that one name doesn't "fit" with the other two.) 

I think you could consider non-biblical names if that's just a preference and not something you have your heart set on. I think a non-biblical name could fit just fine in the set, but I should qualify that by saying that I was not raised in any religion and am still not religious; I would actually have not known that Leah is a biblical name if you hadn't indicated it was. But I think the point still stands that neither James nor Leah are super in-your-face biblical names so a non-biblical name for number 3 wouldn't jump out as odd to me. 

February 12, 2019 9:46 PM

Thank you for your thoughtful reply. 

Peter would not necessarily be to honor my brother, and moreso because we love the name. He is ok with it if we use it. What’s funny is that I actually named my brother Peter. So, I’m just feeling a loss of unique identity within the family I guess. 

Reuben Abe-lyn isn’t awful to me. If it were just up to me, I’d consider it too matchy, but my husband and others saying it doesn’t bother them, helps to boost my confidence in it somewhat (I’ve always been the hesitant one in choosing our babies’ names!) 

Considering biblical names, what’s funny is that Reuben is the son of Leah in the Bible, and if you get technical, James has the same roots/meaning as Jacob, who is Reubens father in the Bible. I’ve never wanted the biblical names to have too close of an association with each other in the I wouldn’t choose John to go with James, Rachel to go with Leah, or Peter and Andrew for example. That said, I do think that James, Leah, and Reuben would be ok. 

February 12, 2019 4:20 PM

Leah and Levi would be too much of a tongue twister, Luke would go well with James and Leah.  I think Reuben would be ok with your surname,  nice name.   Titus is ok,  but a little different from the others.  I wouldnt use Peter,  although a great name

others  Andrew  Matthew Michael  John David Jonathan Benjamin Daniel Timothy Stephen Philip Paul Mark Simon Thomas Joel Samuel

Joshua Elijah Issac Joseph Zachary  Caleb Isaiah Jacob Nathan Seth Jude

Jeremy Josiah Nathaniel Joseph  Gabriel  Aaron Adam  Eli Jonah Micah Malachi Simeon Seth

Noah Saul Alexander  Ezra Ezekiel Micaiah Silas

February 12, 2019 4:29 PM


I personally wouldn't choose Reuben, because of your last name. It really doesn't flow. We have pretty much banned any first name ending in a "k" sound (Jake, etc.) for us because our last name starts with a "kass" sound. It would just be awkward. Deal breaker!

I like Peter, and I wouldn't let the brother thing stop me. Unless I didn't like my brother, or if he would get a big head assuming he was named after him, haha. 

I also would have no problem with 2 out of 3 kids starting with the same letter - Leah and Lucas. They will spend most of their life as adults, when their names won't be tied to their siblings' names. Fitting into a set or theme isn't a deal breaker for me. Though I understand how it would for some people.

Anyway, I'm gonna think biblical- Isaac- sounds ok with the sibs and last name. Asher - I like alliterative first-last names. Daniel. Michael. Seth. 

If you decide J is ok- Josiah, Jude, Judah

February 12, 2019 4:40 PM

It is an interesting dilemma. Peter on its own would be perfect. Could you talk to your brother and see what he thinks about potentially sharing his name with his nephew? He might be really enthusiastic, which could help you make a choice.

I do love Luke as a brother to James, but not so much as a sister to Leah. Levi is definitely too close to Leah also.

Reuben is a great name, and if you really love it, maybe it's worth the hassle with the rhyming surname. It's certainly not the worst combination - it has a nice sing-song quality to it.

I do like Titus for you, the more I think about it. I don't think it's too much of a leap from James and Leah.

And your other possibility - a non-Biblical name. Are there any you have in mind? James and Leah are not so strongly tied to their Biblical roots as a lot of other names are, so if there is a non-Biblical name you do like, there's no reason it couldn't work.

February 12, 2019 9:06 PM

Thank you for your thoughtful reply.

Although we’re not sharing our name ideas with anyone, we did call my brother and ask if he would be ok with it (making sure he wasn’t planning on a future Jr etc), and he said he was fine with it. I just know that of course, I use my kids’ names so many times a day, and “Peter” has always meant my brother, so that’s where I feel it loses some uniqueness. I like my brother, but in fact, I named my brother, as I’m older than him. So my husband teases me that I used up my naming capabilities of a Peter on my brother, haha. 

Thank you for helping my confidence with the combo of Reuben with our surname. I don’t think it’s an awful combo-matchy for my taste, but I’m glad to hear there are others who aren’t put off by it. 

Other biblical names that we‘re maybe ok with would be Isaac, Nathan (though has similar sounds to surname), Seth

As far as non-biblical, maybe William (Will) or Charles (Charlie)?

February 12, 2019 10:48 PM

I like Seth and Isaac. If you like Nathan, why nin use Nathaniel to help with the rhyming . U think Seth and Isaac go better

February 12, 2019 4:46 PM

If i was just thinking of a brother name for James and Leah without other requirements I would think of Quincy and Samuel.

James is such a good name- for me there aren't a lot of boy names that match up. 

February 12, 2019 5:17 PM

1. I think this really depends on how close you are to your brother, and how your family would react to this. For some folks naming for a loved one adds to the specialness of a name, while others feel that each person should have their own, unique name (at least within the near family). There's no right or wrong to how you feel about this, so if you're firmly in the second camp I think for you this should be a deal-breaker. Of course, if you can genuinely talk yourself into the former camp then Peter would make a great choice for you, but only if you really, truly end up feeling that way, not if you just think you should feel that way.

2, 3. I agree, Levi feels too tongue-twistery with Leah, and Lukas and Leah are not great together unless you're really OK with a Star Wars tribute.

4. Again, sensitivity here is variable; I personally like alliteration but not rhyming or near-rhyming, so this combo would bother me more than something like Adam Abe-lyn, but I can totally see other folks feeling the opposite about it. (Part of the reason I didn't take my husband's name is because I couldn't stomach being Megan Martin, which has both near-rhyming and alliteration, but I know other people who thought that would be an awesome name.) I'd try using this name in various contexts and ask various folks to say it, to see whether it grows on you or bothers you more as you hear it said.

5. I think I already told you I like Titus in the set; I feel like James and Leah are different enough and yet neutral enough that your third name can really take the set in a lot of different directions: Something like Absalom would take the name in a totally different direction than David, which would be different than what you'd get with Isaias or again with John. Of course, if you don't really love Titus outside the set then I don't see any problem with keeping your options open.

As far as biblical-or-not, I really don't think James or Leah screams "biblical" so much as "traditional English naming stock". I wouldn't blink at all if you added something like Charles, Bernard, Morris, Julian, etc. So I think this one depends more on how much the tradition means to you. (There are also names with religious significance that aren't strictly biblical, if that's important to you.)

February 12, 2019 9:21 PM

Thank you for your thoughts! 

I especially resonated with the help of thinking through Peter. I do really like the uniqueness of first names within the family, and love to use a family name as a middle name. Peter is just such a good one, that I’m tempted to re-use it, even though I named my own brother that as well :) 

I also agree with your thought that James and Leah dont scream biblical as they are also trendy/common names these days. So this thought turns me toward Peter again, as I feel it’s also a English name, not so biblical. Maybe Reuben would close off our future name choices? 

My husband has kind of left it up to me: If I can get over the last name combo, then it’s Reuben. If I can’t, and I can get over the re-used name, then it’s Peter. 

February 12, 2019 10:50 PM

I think both go well, but Peter and James is great

By rfb
February 12, 2019 6:40 PM

I’d try to think about which criteria would probably most affect your son throughout his life. Especially if you don’t live close and don’t see him often, most people in his life won’t know about his uncle Peter, so that might matter way less to him than it does to you (1). At least in his younger years, many people will know his siblings’ names, but that, too will cease after 20-25 years (2, 3, 5). He will likely keep his first name-last name-combo for life, though (4).

Personally, I’d try not to worry too much about the connection to your brother. Of course this is a name you like - you’ve heard it all your life! And it’s not weird to have several family members with the same name, until a few decades ago it was actually common and often even expected. If you like your brother, go for it.

I think Leah and Levi would be a bit close, as they share half their syllables. Leah and Lucas is way less of a problem, especially if you stick to Lucas instead of Luke, though of course this isn’t sonething you can control, longterm (and I foresee a set of adorable Halloween costumes when they’re about 10 or so :) )

I don’t think I really see the problem with Reuben Abe-lyn, other than that they share a prominent /b/-sound? It’s not even a rhyme, is it? (disclaimer: I’m not American) Would a name like Sebastian Abe-lyn feel different to you?

Titus... I don’t think it matches well stylistically with James and Leah (though that shouldn’t matter too much, see above), and you seem less enthousiast about it than about the others. It sounds a bit like this is your fallback name, the name you’d use if all others turn out to be unusable. I don’t think they are; other than Levi, I don’t see any true dealbreakers, so I’d take Titus off the list, if I were you.

February 12, 2019 7:42 PM

I also didn't really see the problem with Reuben Abe-lyn and wondered if it was an accent thing, the way I say it really isn't even a half rhyme.

February 12, 2019 9:29 PM

These are GREAT thoughts! Thank you! I keep trying to picture him as a 30-year-old introducing himself at work saying “I’m Reuben Abe-lyn” and seeing if I like the sound of it. It’s too matchy for my taste, but since my husband likes it so much and downstairs mind the sound, and others don’t mind either, it’s boosting my confidence in it somewhat. In our accent, it sounds like REU-ben ABE-LEN. The last name only has a very slight emphasis on the first syllable, so the shared sounds are the B and the -en ending. Though Names ending in N would not be my first choice with our last name, Sebastian Abe-lyn doesnt have the same matchy issue for me. 

February 12, 2019 9:16 PM

Peter-unless you actually intend it to be a direct honor name, I think this one is out.  It's a lovely name, but you just can't use the same name as your brother without people assuming it is an honor name.  The problem with Peter is there aren't that many names that sound/feel like good replacement options.  Paul?  Patrick?  Philip?  Pierce and Porter seem the most similar to my ear, but they don't have the religious association you are looking for.

I agree Levi needs to be out, it's just too close to Leah.  Most names I'd offer (like Leo) are also too close to Leah.  Perhaps you could flip the sounds around?  Eli has the sounds/cadence of Levi, but without being problematic with Leah.  Ivan? 

Luke is 100% out with Leah, but I'm not as sure about Lucas.  If you can guarantee he'd always be Lucas & not shortened to Luc, then maybe?  Perhaps Marcus or Louis/Lewis?

Reuben Abe-lyn rhymes & the names have the same cadence.  It's just too much for me.  It's a shame, because if it was Just Cadence or Just Rhyme, maybe it could work.  I don't find Ben Abe-lyn as much of a problem.  Perhaps Benjamin?  Ronan also comes to mind as an option.

Titus is lovely, but it is really off with your sibset.  If you loved it the most & didn't care about a coordinated sibset, I'd say go for it.  But it does seem like an outlier for you.

How strong is the preference for biblical names?  Is it an actual requirement, or is it something you'd be willing to give up for the right name?  How strong is your desire for a coordinated sibset?  I think losing some of your preferneces might open you up to more names.

February 12, 2019 10:48 PM

My first son's name is Peter and his younger brother's middle name is James (and his name would have been Leah had he been a girl). So I feel I must advocate for Peter, although I do like your other choices. I have many relatives with repeated names and they enjoy the connection more than are annoyed by it, despite the occasional mixup. Since your brother and your son will not share a surname (I presume), I think the possibility for confusion is minimal and will be cleared up in the family with nicknames such as Peter the Elder/Peter the Younger. It seems that by naming your son Peter, you could be helping to establish what might be a very special relationship between uncle and nephew, which could be really lovely. Of course, I say this as someone who refused to name her younger son Matthew (husband's choice) because it's her youngest brother's name. So I understand the desire to have every family member be unique.

I also agree that with a daughter Leah, Luke/Lukas is out. In the first Star Wars movie, Luke switches between the Leea and Layuh pronunciation for Leia's name before finally settling on Layuh. I do agree that if you go this route, you should play up the Halloween costumes! Levi and Leah sound too similar and I would get hopelessly tongue twisted.

Rueben Abe-lyn sounds sort of like Peter Parker to me. It has a sort of pizzazz to it in the way that most superhero names do. I like it, but am not sure I would want my own name to sound so snappy.

Titus sounds rather grand and lofty to me compared to James and Leah, but that's not a bad thing for a little brother. 

Congratulations and good luck!

February 12, 2019 11:45 PM

Of all of the names you listed, not considering any of your misgivings, I like Reuben the best.

Now that said, I still think that Peter fits your sibset best.  In fact, when I put your kids' names in the Matchmaker, Peter is the third name that pops up, after Samuel and Simon.  Reuben Abelyn doesn't bother me at all, but I kind of group Reuben more with Titus when it comes to more classic Biblical names.  And neither is horrible with James and Leah.  

The only true dealbreakers to me are Luke and Levi.

I think you should consider only the names, not the why-nots, and think about what your favorite name would be if there were no challenges, and that's the one you go with.  Are their any middle names in contention?  Reuben Peter or Titus Peter work very well together...

February 13, 2019 12:01 AM

Hmm. I think Levi is too close to Leah, but Lukas is usable.

Reuben Abe-lyn is a no for me.

Titus seems startling next to James and Leah.

As for Peter, it's really up to you whether you'd feel comfortable using your brother's name.


You seem to like names that end in S, what about:














Other ideas:


Nathan (maybe too rhymy with last name)






Caleb (also maybe a tongue twister)




February 13, 2019 5:59 AM

Have you considered temporarily shelving these names and looking further afield? I don't think the problems with any of them are unsurmountable (except Lucas and maybe Levi), but it sounds like you are not fully sold on any of them. Maybe instead of simply flipping through a name book, you can look for names with personal resonance to you. Perhaps not a family member, but a preferred actor/sports star/fictional personality, a place name with significance, a favourite gemstone (i.e. Jasper).

Of the names on your shortlist, I think Peter is a wonderful, intuitive option, and that there is no reason not to name after your brother (though I have personally gone the way of unique-in-the-family first names and honour middles so far). Would using a different nickname to distinguish from your brother help at all? In looking at some of the international forms of Peter, there are some which could be reasonably intuitive nicknames: Piers/Pier, Pit, Petri, Piero. Otherwise perhaps initials for a nickname, a reference to a famous Peter (by calling him "Pan", say) or something derived from the meaning "stone" -- Rock for example.

Reuben Abe-lyn is not my favourite in terms of flow, but neither is it terrible. I do think flow is highly overrated anyway. If he becomes an actor or something that absolutely requires a flow-y name, he can always customize it to suit himself (Ru Abe-lyn, Reuben Abe).

I would be very surprised to see Titus on a name announcement following your children's names, but I also enjoy a bit of surprise on a name announcement. :-)

I would still consider going back to the drawing board though, just to see if there's anything you've missed. I'll through out Simon, Damian (possibly bad with your surname), Edward, Walter, Alexander, Marcus, Mateo, Neill, Hugh, Eric, Gabriel, Adam, Quentin, and in the same vein as Reuben, Rupert, Rafael, Roderick and Ramsey.

By EVie
February 13, 2019 12:25 PM

I like Titus with your set. Stylistically, it's not a perfect match for James and Leah, but I actually don't think any of the names on your list except Peter are all that great a match. The good news is, sibsets don't need to match perfectly! The vast majority of people in your kids' lives won't know them as a set, so as long as you like all the names and nothing about your choices is flagrantly unfair, pick the names you like.

I would personally be ok with Lukas as well, as long as you're pronouncing Leah as LEE-ah, as is most common in the U.S. If it's the same as Princess Leia, then yeah, maybe too direct a reference, but I think LEE-ah would give you enough plausible deniability. And even if some people make the connection and point it out, so what? Laugh it off, make a joke about how they're destined to take down the Galactic Empire. At least Luke and Leia are actually siblings and not something squicky. 

It is also really not a problem for two siblings to share initials, if that's giving you pause. My sister and I share initials and it was a total non-issue, so much so that I also gave my two boys the same initials (not deliberately, just because the second name we liked best happened to start with the same letter. A couple of people have asked if it was deliberate, I said "Nope! Just coincidence" and that's all there is to it). 

However, Levi is a little too close to Leah for me just because they're both two-syllable names starting with LEE. I do feel that if you're using the same starting sound, you need to differentiate in syllable count and ending sound to give the kids some individuality.

Peter is a great name, but duplicating your brother's name would be very iffy to me. My sister-in-law actually did that with my husband's name, same situation of using his name but not explicitly naming after him, and it feels weird. I actually find the whole "We're using your name, but don't worry, we don't mean to honor you with!" mildly insulting. I think if you're using a family name, it should be a direct honor name.

I'm not really a fan of Reuben, I don't care for the singsongy sound with your surname, and I don't find it an especially good match with your other kids—James and Leah have a very simple, traditional, timeless English feel to them, while Reuben feels much more stodgy and dated and more heavily Old Testament (and yes, I see that they all actually come from the same Old Testament story, but they have very different modern usage patterns. Also, Reuben slept with his father Jacob's concubine? Ew.)

February 13, 2019 12:44 PM

1. In my family, having an uncle by the same name would be a plus: many of us share our names with parents or aunts/uncles, and it's a nice extra connection. (I think I can blame my genealogy hobby on family naming: I share mine with four direct, connected ancestors, and even more if you allow for skipped generations.) Peter was pretty high on our "but if she turns out to be a he" list, despite it being both my husband's stepbrother's and my cousin's husband's name. (Said cousin has a son with the same name as my husband, so it would've been a fun parallel coincidence.) As someone has already pointed out, a maternal uncle probably has a different surname, so there would be no confusion in the outside world, and geography would prevent day-to-day annoyances. I really think you should go for it!

2&3. Yeah, two short /lee-/ names just doesn't work for siblings, and Luke (in any form) is too much Star Wars even for fans (like me). In other words, I agree that these objections are actually deal-breakers.

4. My daughter went to preschool with a boy named Foster who has a sister named Skyler (in some spelling or other). Their surname is pronounced /SHAY-fer/. This sort of "superhero match" actually appeals to many people. In other words, no, your surname does not rule out Reuben. (And I think in your case, many people wouldn't even notice, because "two syllables, ends in 'n'" is so common for boys nowadays, and also, it's not really a rhyme in some people's pronunciation.)

5. I think both of your children's names are flexible enough to "go with" Titus as a sibling, and the three together makes an eclectic-but-harmonious set. No, I wouldn't predict the third name based on any of the pairs of sibling names, but the surprise is a pleasant one in each case, not a jarring clash or mismatch.

(Just for kicks: J+L: Peter, Simon, Nathaniel. J+T: Lydia, Martha, Damaris. L+T: Gabriel, Roman, Raphael.)

February 13, 2019 7:20 PM

I think the fact that you chose your brother's name makes using it for your own child weirder.  You already named a baby that!  It almost feels like if you had a son named Peter from your first marriage and then told your second husband, "You know what name I really love more than any other?  Peter!  Let's name the new baby Peter."

Would you call Lukas Luke?  I think Leah and Lucas are fine, but Leah and Luke... well, it isn't necessarily a problem, it just depends on your tolerance for Star Wars comments.










I really like the suggestion of Patrick in place of Peter.  Similar style, goes nicely with the siblings, has a nice crisp /k/ to contrast with abe-lin.

By rfb
February 14, 2019 7:03 AM

I actually disagree with the idea that naming a younger brother as a little kid (I’m assuming there isn’t an enormous age difference) and using that same name on your own kid once you’re an adult is the same like giving two of your children the same name - the relationship to that person is completely different, and while OP may have suggested the name or voted for it, but I presume she wasn’t allowed to make that decision all by herself. If anything, I’d compare it to naming a doll or stuffed animal, and it shows a remarkable consistency in style!

Of course this is radically different if there’s a large age difference between OP and her brother, say 12 years or more.

February 14, 2019 6:53 PM

Not exactly the same, no.  But it definitely feels odd to me.  Maybe a better comparison would be when someone comes here asking if Ella is okay as Emma's little sister, or if John Anthony's brother should be named Anthony Jonathan.  You've already used that name, move along now!


I am interpreting the situation as a significant age gap, given that it has been presented here as though the OP made the decision.

February 15, 2019 12:51 AM

I get it, and you’re right-I definitely did use the name once, so it does feel a little tainted, however much still a name I Love. I’m 6 years older, so my parents definitely made the decision, but the idea came from me. Either way, I was fine with naming a baby after my brother and also re-using the name, if my husband was, but he (we both really) prefer the individuality of a different name, so have kind of moved on from the idea. Thanks for your thoughts! 

February 15, 2019 12:54 AM

Thanks, everyone, for all your thoughtful replies! They really were so helpful. I realized I was kind of stuck on biblical names but wasn’t thrilled about our options. My husband and I kept our original ideas on the board but also went back to the drawing board and agreed on Miles and Wesley as options. Both go with our surname, and I think both go Ok with James and Leah? They’re really different from some of the biblical names we’d thought of, but these just feel good to me. Especially Miles. Thoughts or suggestions are welcomed. 

February 15, 2019 1:47 AM

I love both!  You could still put a Biblical name in the middle name slot to sort of honor that tradition.  

February 15, 2019 2:06 AM

The name Miles is a baby boy name. The name Miles comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Miles is: Variant of Michael: Who is like God? Gift from God.

in the Bible it also mentions to go the extra mile too


Miles is a name adopted among the English by way of the Norman-French. Essentially, it’s the Norman-French version of Milo, itself the medieval written form of the Latin miles meaning “soldier.” Further connecting this name to “soldier” or some such military attribute is the theorized belief that Miles is also a Medieval Norman-French pet form of Michael (the patron saint of soldiers). From this perspective, Michael is originally Hebrew in origin, from Mikha’el, meaning “Who is like God?” with the question mark intended to convey a sense of humility because the question is rhetorical, i.e., no one is like God. The name’s association with Michael appears valid for two reasons. One, Michael was the soldier angel of God and the leader of heaven’s armies; and two, St. Michael was invoked for protection during the Medieval Crusades. Further evidence cementing Miles’ significance as a “soldier” can be found in the Medieval French chansons de geste (songs of heroic deeds) which were early French epics celebrating the gallant bravery of knights around the time of the Crusades. Such poetic epics at the dawn of French Literature often featured Miles as a character name for a knight. Among the English, Miles (or Myles) has been in regular use since the 16th century. For Americans, this name has two points of historic significance. One, it’s the name of a famous Mayflower passenger (Captain Miles Standish) who was embroiled in a well-known love triangle with Priscilla Mullins and John Alden as depicted in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1858 poem The Courtship of Miles Standish; and two, for music aficionados, it’s a name strongly associated with the iconic genius of jazz, Miles Davis (1926-1991).   Miles was the name of the first translator of the Bible into English-


Wesley is related to Christianity too as is Calvin.  I still prefer the Biblical options better with James and Leah



February 15, 2019 9:28 AM

I like both of those options for you, especially Miles. Miles actually shares quite a few properties with James, being crisp, one syllable and ending in s, and yet they don't sound particularly similar. 


February 15, 2019 2:37 PM

I think Miles would go really well in the set. Wesley would not strike me as odd or out of place at all so I absolutely think that would work too but something about Miles just has that extra snap for me. I think it says a lot to recommend them if they "just feel good" to you, I am a firm believer on trusting your gut on this kind of decision; if it feels right then I think you're unlikely to have any name regret down the line. 

You could totally still have a biblical name in the middle spot (Peter could be perfect there) so you have that link with the older two, and then if you do go on to have more children after this one your options really are wide open. 

February 17, 2019 9:44 PM

Having read this whole thread, here are my small thoughts:

-No, for real, no Luke and Leah unless you want Star Wars jokes. Lucas is no better because of George Lucas. Dealbreaker! [/Liz Lemon]

--Nope to Reuben only because of the surname, but there we are.

--I love the suggestion of Seth. Sound good (literal sounds and biblical connection) with James, Leah, and Leah and James as a trio.

-I like Isaac...except that I fear that if I look it up, I'll find that the Bible's Isaac is a close relative of Leah? So maybe no on same grounds as John and Rachel?