Due in 2 weeks- DH and I can't agree on a boy's name:(

I am searching for a boy's name that will appeal to my dh and me, but for 38 weeks, we haven't been able to agree 100% on anything.

We, apparently, tend to choose popular names BEFORE they become popular (and I've tried to stay away from the top 10 or 20, however...our 3 kiddos now have names that appear closer to the top than the bottom.

We both are fairly traditional, and have the girl's name picked out - Vivian Margaret.

Dh likes Oliver (but my niece's name is Olivia- too close imho), and Jack (but there are SOOO many of those!).

I like Charlie Russell (but my husband says that reminds him of "Charlie Hustle", apparently Pete Rose's nickname- never heard of that myself), Graham, Antony, Grant, and perhaps a few more I'm on the fence about.

We already have a Liam (before it was popular, of course!)

Names we can't use and love include Vincent and Drew.

Any suggestions that aren't too far out there, but you'd think would appeal to our style? Thanks for any help you could give!


July 13, 2013 12:31 AM

Hmm, I have heard of Charlie Hustle, but never realized it was associated with Pete Rose.  

Does your husband like Charlie?  Maybe you could just swap out the middle name.  Oliver may be off limits as a first, but I think it would be fine as a middle.  Though, I would suggest using Charles as the given name, with Charlie as the nickname.  Charlie strikes me as the type of name an older boy might not appreciate.  Charles Oliver.

Charles Antony and Charles Grant are also nice.

Some other ideas-Victor, Myles, Jude, Simon, Gabriel/Gabe, Garrett, Milo, Theodore, Bennett

July 19, 2013 10:23 PM

He does like Charlie, but neither of us really like Charles, basically because he doesn't want the baby called Chuck. I also love Victor, but he vetoed that early on. I had a few others on your suggestion list on mine as well, but I guess my husband is just being difficult :-) Thanks for your help!

July 13, 2013 5:42 AM

Both Charlie and Oliver are very popular where I am so if you want to avoid popular I'd look carefully at your local stats as they are certainly up and coming in many areas. 

Of the names you are thinking about Antony and Grant seem the least likely to become too popular/trendy. I keep seeing people mention Graham so it might be on the rise.

My thoughts (some more popular than others):

Luca/Lucas, Desmond, Hamish, Xavier, Oscar, Nathaniel, Xavier, Lewis/Louis, Sebastian, Lachlan

July 19, 2013 10:31 PM

Yes, we have tons of Oliver's around, but I've ever known one Charlie, and I'm a teacher, so I see a lot of kids. (Maybe this is why naming my kids has been so difficult!) Given my history with naming my kids, you're probably right that Graham is up and coming. You guys are pretty good at name families... Louis is my fil name (and we are not willing to use), but I've had Xavier on my list too. Dh and I can't agree on how to pronounce it ;-)   

Hopefully it will come to us when we see the baby if it's a boy. Thank you for your suggestions too!