Due in a week, Boy name HELP

 I’m desperate and so frustrated that I could have this baby any day and have no Name. My husband picked our firstborns name and I agreed to it- EASY. This time around Im truly not sure if I haven’t heard the right name yet or if I’m doing so much over analyzing that I have doomed myself. 

First born‘a name is a one syllable masculine name, and that’s what I tend to like. Last name, two syllables. Middle names i have narrowed down are Benjamin or Alan. I’m so terrified of having to pick a name just to pick one because the baby is born. Please help me put some meaningful thought into this. So here’s my list of names all of which I’ve seriously considered and none of which felt like “the one”












July 3, 2019 10:54 AM

Asher , Jude, Rhett, Lane, Jack, Theo , Rory, Miles, Jed , Archer

similar names - Ash, Ashton, Ashley, Judah, Rhys, Kane, Jake, Leo, Leon, Riley, Milo, Niles, Jett, Archie

other one syllables - Blake, Bryce, Dean, Grant, Todd, Sean, Scott, Luke, Mark, Cole, Lloyd, Floyd, Flynn, George, Beau, Craig, Glenn, Heath, Lee, Mack, Max, Nate, Nick, Joel, Jace, John, Judd, Kai, Mike, Mick, Ned, Quinn, Rafe,  Saul, Seth, Troy, Vaughn, Zack, Ross, Reed, Trent, Trey, Zane, Zaide, Zeke


July 4, 2019 2:17 AM

Let me back up a bit from "I need a name" and recap the dynamics as I understand them, based on your brief post.

Husband chose baby #1's name, and you quickly agreed.  And now it's your turn and are paralyzed.  I also gather you may be over-thinking things in a way that is overshadowing your feelings (i.e., "what names make my heart sing?") and moreover your only criteria are "short" and "masculine" which leaves you with about a million names to choose from.  Am I reading this correctly?

How about your husband makes a shortlist of name, and you pick one from the shortlist?  Alternatively, can you add some more criteria?  Family name, ethnic heritage, nature name, literary name, place name, science name, SOMETHING that is sentimental to you somehow.




July 9, 2019 3:48 PM

I don’t know if I’m a little too late on this, but I totally understand your frustration. Finding the perfect name for your baby is hard since you need to find a name you’ll love forever. I’d avoid any names that associate with someone or something thaf may be controversial or you may not like. I’d avoid Jude because it’s too similar to a girls name, but if that doesn’t bother you it’s fine. Miles seems a little old fashioned to me too unless you’re going for that. Also Asher and Jack are very common so avoid those if you don't want your kid to have the same name as so many others they might meet.

Some good one syllable boy names are Blake, Chase, Cole, Finn, Scott, Drew, Lee, James, Nash, Ross, Vince, Shane, Bruce, Chris, Gabe. If you don’t like too common names then try to avoid James.

July 20, 2019 11:05 PM

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