Expecting Twins!

Hi everyone! The new forums come at the perfect time for me. I'm expecting my second and third children this August, and I just found out last Friday that it's a boy and a girl!

We have very particular requirements for initials: All the first and middle names must start with C, D, I, L, or M. (I'll explain why at the end of this post, if you're curious.)

Our son, almost 4 years old, is Charles Isaac.

I would love any suggestions, in addition to comments on the names already on our list.


Girl Twin: First name will definitely be Lydia, but we are looking for a middle name that starts with I. Possibilities:

Ida (my great-aunt who died a few years ago)




Boy Twin: We are looking for both a first and middle name here.

Michael (nn Misha) - my husband's favorite, I think it's too popular

Lawrence (nn Lonny or Wren) - my favorite, husband isn't thrilled






* Explanation of the initials: We decided that we want all our kids' initials to spell a Roman numeral. Our last name starts with V. So, for example, our son is Charles Isaac V = CIV = 104.


April 17, 2012 2:43 PM

congratulations!  I like the Roman numeral idea-- very cute.  Of the three names you have for your daughter, I think Lydia Irene works best.  I don't like two names that have the same ending.  Here are a couple more:
Lydia Iris, Lydia Isabeau, Lydia Ivy

the initial rule is a little hard but here's what I came up with:
Christopher (nn Topher), Carmichael, Micah, Cameron, Dominic, Dashiell, Leonard, Louis

Are you going to give the babies matching names at all? 

By EVie
April 17, 2012 2:58 PM

I love the suggestions of Lydia Iris and Lydia Ivy. Ida and Isadora don't work so well for me—the endings of Lydia and Ida are too close, and the rhythm of Lydia Isadora is awkward. I'll add Imogen and Ingrid to the list. 

My favorite of your boy names is Lawrence, but I have to admit I really don't care for Lonny or Wren as nicknames (Wren to me is a girl's name, and Lonny just sounds very country). How about Lance? Would that be more appealing to your husband?

April 17, 2012 4:06 PM

Thanks for the suggestions! We've considered a few of these but there are plenty of new ones on the lists, too. (Christopher is totally, out, though -- we're Jewish.)

We don't want the names to be any more "matchy" than we would use for regular siblings. We are willing to repeat first initials if the names don't sound too similar.

By Guest (not verified)
April 17, 2012 4:09 PM

I like Lydia Irene.  Lydia Ida repeats to many of the same sounds and the rythm of Lydia Isadora is off to me, I like the sound of Lydia Isadore or Lydia Isabel better.  Lydia Ivy is nice.  Lydia Isla maybe?

Michael might be popular but I'd be very surprised if you ran across another Misha-most I know are Mike  with the occassional Mickey.   If you still aren't sold, maybe your husband would like Mica or Mitchell better?

Lawrence is OK, but I am not a big fan of Lonny or Wren-they both read very girl to me.  What about Lore?  I assume you want to avoid Larry.  

Matteo, David, Dominic, Donovan, Louis/Lewis, Caleb, Callum, Calvin, Ian, Irving.

April 17, 2012 5:21 PM

I love Lydia Irene as the others have suggested. Lydia has always been a fav of mine. I also like Lawrence used as a mn. Its almost filler quality but not quite. I think it works as Michael Lawrence; Matthew Lawrence; or Daniel Lawrence. Mark Lawrence doesn't flow as well. Although, to match better with Lydia I like Daniel. Daniel Matthias works very nicely for me.

Charles Isaac; Lydia Irene; and Daniel Matthias make a lovely set imo. Best wishes!

April 19, 2012 1:36 PM

What a creative idea! You probably already have this mind, but it occurs to me that others may not (and I find myself tripping up too as I try to put combinations together): 1) the letter X is also available, if you want it, and 2) the sequence of letters is important in composing a Roman-numeral-inital name in order to get a valid number value.

I'll try to explain in case it helps others: the letters representing the largest numerical units are written before those for smaller numbers, starting from left to right. There are exceptions (representing the subtraction of the first, smaller number from the second, larger number) but there are restrictions on which letters can be used this way in which circumstances. (I'm pretty sure there has to be a symbol before the symbol-to-be-subtracted that is of equal or greater value than the symbol-to-be-subtracted-from ... hope I'm stating that clearly and correctly!) Once you're settling on final options it would be good to double-check, as it would really be too bad not to have a legitimate number "spelling" when all is said and done!

M = 1000, D = 500, C = 100, L = 50, X = 10, V = 5, I = 1 --->

examples: XX = 20, XXI = 21, XIX = 19; MDCCLXXVI = 1776, MCMLX = 1960, MMXII = 2012; LI = 51, LIV = 54, XXXIX = 49 and I'm pretty sure IL = 49 would be incorrect (but maybe CIL = 149 is OK? I'm not sure, ---> anyway, if I'm right on this you can only use I for the middle initial in your case)

On to names: Charles Isaac is handsome, crisp and classic - well done. Lydia fits perfectly both with Charles and with the classical theme. For L(initial)V, the rules above give you the options initial=X (not too many name possibilities here unless you go pretty exotic: Xanthe, Xanthippe, Ximena, Xiomara, Xochitl ...) and initial=I. LIV not only looks nice on the page and adds up to a number, it also gives you the opportunity to use the terrific nickname Liv (cute on a little girl, sleek and sophisticated on a woman), so that's set. One tricky bit is that the transition Lydia I--- can end up sounding like a vowelly mush; in general, I think the long vowel sound "eye" makes a better contrast with -ia than the short vowel sound (like in "it" and "Isabel"), but it depends a lot on the flow of the I--- name: which consonants follow and which syllable(s) are emphasized.

Of your suggestions, Lydia Irene would be my pick, and Lydia Isadora could also work. Lydia Ida is a bit of a tongue-twister, but if your great-aunt means a lot to you, I'd say go ahead (for me, personal meaning or just really loving a particular name generally trump concerns about flow). I also love the suggestion of Lydia Iris. Lydia Ivy is interesting, and it gives you the echo Ivy = IV, but of course you would be following in the well-publicized footsteps of Beyonce and Jay-Z, which could be either a plus or a minus for you! I'll throw out a few more I names for you to consider: Ilene/Ileana, Ilona, Indigo, Inez, Ingrid, Imogen, Isla, Isolde.

For your second son, it looks like the naming field is very wide open! Can I interest you in the letter X? Specifically in the name Xavier? (Maybe this references the Catholic saint too strongly for you; since evangelists Mark and Matthew are on your list, I'm thinking probably not, but if you live near a Jesuit institution it might be a strong association locally.) I find Xavier a great match with Charles and Lydia, sophisticated, classic and a bit dashing with the fashionable X and V. There aren't a lot of other X names, at least ones that seem to fit your style. (Maybe Xerxes for an adventurous middle name?)

Keeping in mind the sequence [M D C L X V I], the possible combinations for initials are:

MMV, MDV, MCV, MLV, MXV, MIV;   DCV, DLV, DXV, DIV;   CCV, CLV, CXV, CIV;    LXV, LIV;   XXV (unlikely!), XIV

Of your current boys' list, all of them fit in fine with Charles and Lydia, though the -ar- in Mark matching the same sound in Charles would probably lead me to go for something a little more distinct in sound. To me, Michael is a bit bland but Misha a fun and refreshing nickname. Matthew feels almost as ubiquitous as Michael; would you be interested in Matthias or not want two names ending in s (Lawrence has the same sound)? As the daughter of a Laurence nn. Larry, I'm happy to see Lawrence on your list (but sad that so many people seem to dislike Larry!). Lonny works fine as a nickname, but I'll caution you that Wren is becoming more well-known as a girls' name; how about Lark/Larkin (androgynous) or Law (conjures actor Jude)? More possible names that might appeal to you:

Magnus, Malachi, Malcolm, Marcus, Martin, Maurice, Max, Melvin, Mercer, Merrill, Meyer, Micah, Milan, Miles, Milo, Moses

Damion/Damon, Darrell, Darren/Darien, Darcy, David, Denis/Dennis, Derrick, Desmond, Devin, Dion, Dmitri, Dominic, Donovan, Dorian, Douglas, Duncan, Dunstan, Dylan

Caleb, Calder, Callum, Calvin, Caspar, Cassius, Cecil, Cedric, Ciaran, Clarence, Claude, Colin, Connell, Conrad, Cormac, Cornell, Crispin, Curtis, Cyprian, Cyril, Cyrus

Lachlan, Lance, Lee, Leo, Leon, Leonard, Leopold, Lev/Levi/Levin, Lewis/Louis, Liam, Linus, Lionel, Locke/Lockley, Lloyd, Logan, Lorcan, Lucas/Luke, Lucius/Lucian, Luther

Ian, Ilian, Ira, Irving, Isaiah, Ishmael, Israel, Ivan/Ivo/Ivor

Possible combinations:

Malachi Donovan, Malcolm Xavier, Marcus Meyer, Mark Dmitri, Martin David, Maurice Ishmael, Matthew Lance, Max Logan, Mercer Matthew, Micah Leonard, Miles Clarence, Miles Ian, Moses Calder

Daniel Curtis, Darrell Isaiah, David Cyprian, Derrick Ian, Dennis Lloyd, Desmond Lionel, Dion Lucas, Dominic Lawrence

Calvin Lewis, Cecil Clarence, Ciaran Cedric, Colin Ivor, Connell Claude, Conrad Ira, Cyrus Leon

Lawrence Ivor, Leo Xavier, Liam Ira, Lionel Xavier, Logan Isaiah, Louis Irving, Lucas Ivan, Luke Israel

Xavier Irving, Xavier Isaiah, Xavier Ishmael, Xavier Israel, Xavier Ivan ...

Lots to play around with here! Have fun!

April 19, 2012 1:54 PM

Wow, thank you for these extensive comments! We've done a lot of this analysis about the Roman numeral breakdowns already, actually before our first son was born. I tend to leave out the X when asking for suggestions because I've found that putting it in throws people off and makes them come up with exotic suggestions while ignoring the more common letters.

Xavier is unfortunately out, for being too Catholic. I threw out Catherine for similar reasons. I think that Mark and Matthew have less of a Christian-only association, even though they are important Christian figures. You'll especially find Jews named Mark because it's the English from of Mordechai.

David, which would be an easy choice, is off our list because I already have a bunch of family members named David. It would just be too many.

I will definitely put some thought into the other names you suggest. Thanks so much!

April 20, 2012 11:07 PM

Congrats on the twins!  I wish I could get on board with Lawrence -- it's a family name for us on both sides but so far dh hasn't even conceded a middle name to it.

I really like Daniel the best.  I think it's a great twin for Lydia and brother for Charles.  If you pick Daniel I'd pass on a middle name beginning with "L" b/c of the "l" sounds will blend.

By Guest (not verified)
May 11, 2012 1:39 AM

First off, I really like "Lydia Irene." I don't like the way that the others sound because they all end in "a" and so does Lydia. It just sounds better to end with the "een" sound rather than another "a" sound. 


Second, I think Lawrence Michael sounds like the perfect combo! It flows together so well and I love the nicknames for Lawrence. 

By Guest (not verified)
May 11, 2012 8:08 AM

May I suggest Ren as a nickname for Lawrence?  Wren seems to skew female.  Ren, pronounced the same way, seems reserved for a Lawrence nick name.

May 11, 2012 8:30 AM

I'll also vote for Lydia Irene because I think Lydia /ee/-something sounds a bit awkward. Lydia Isadora is sorta OK, probably because it begins with an /is/-sound rather than a pure /ee/-sound, and because there's stress on the -do- syllable as well. But I much prefer Lydia Irene.

Names I like with Charles Isaac: Calvin Matthew, Louis Lawrence, Marvin Cole.