First Born Name Help- Boy Names

This is my first, and it's a boy.  We like either Joshua or Levi.  We like John as a middle name because it's a legacy Middle name.  We're not sure if it "goes with" either name.  Also, we've thought about throwing ot john (unfortunately) and using both names we like.  The boy will likely be blued, light brown hair, and semi tall.  Can you give us help?

Joshua John Morello

Levi John Morello

Levi Joshua Morello

Joshua Levi Morello

I'm tired of spinning my wheels.... We can't decide.


October 18, 2014 9:15 PM

If the legacy middle name is meaningful to you (and it sounds like it is) then issues of flow with first name are secondary. How often will he actually use his first & middle name together anyway?  It's pretty much limited to graduations (sometimes) and weddings.  If you aren't sure, I'd suggest taking a break. Sometimes some time off can provide enough distance to make the decision easier.  Or, just consider the middle name set as "John" and then decide between Levi & Joshua once you meet him.

Joshua John is snappy, and does offer the nickname J.J. if he ever wants it.   Joshua is a nice, classic name. It'll be familar to everyone but it's not super common among young kids.

Levi John is also nice, I think my only concern (and it's a minor one) is that Levi John sounds a bit like Levi Jean.  Again, this is minor as he won't be called Levi John on a daily basis.  Levi is quite a bit more popular and fits in well with the current Biblical name trend (Noah, Levi, Ezra, Adam, etc).  You'll likely run across other Levi's, but it's not a top 10 name, so I doubt he'll be one of 5 in class.