Full names that don't repeat any letters

How long of a name can you make without repeating a single letter? (Vowels included) Invented names and/or spellings are allowed, as long as they look and sound like names, but bonus points for not doing so! More bonus points for first and middle names that match stylistically. :)

Is it possible to come up with a name using all the letters of the alphabet? 

A few I've come up with:

Carys Lucie Hob (13 letters)

Juliet Myra Hob (13 letters)

Xander Koby Wim Schultz (20 letters)


Names particularly well suited for this game (high consonant to vowel ratio, and/or use less common consonants)

Girls: Elspith/Elsbith, Meghan, Michal, Wren, Lizbeth/Lisbeth, Gertrudis/Gertrud, Christen, Kristen, Rosalind/Roslind, Rosamund/Rosamond, Kathryn/Kathrin, Bertha, Skylar, Niamh, Sadbh

Boys: Most of the surnames, Xander, Anders, Lewisham, Zachery, Valentin, Wren, Braden, Mathew, Vern, Casper, Hank, Joseph, Ryland, Hobart, Quint, Roland, Atz, Bronx, Thijs, Tadhg, Floyd, Brock, Wolf, Bjorn, Knox, Worth, Twm, 

Surnames: Banks, Hogarth, Warner, Schultz, Beck, Jack, Jackson, Thomas, Quincy, Vaughn, Ford


December 22, 2015 3:23 PM

Heh, fun!  In my own family, my son's name makes it through most of his middle name before a repeat; the rest of us don't make it out of our first names. My brother J. makes it til more than halfway through his surname, though -- one of only two of my sibs/parents to do so, and the only one to also make it out of his middle name.  (The other one barely makes it out of her first name, being named J--e E--)

December 22, 2015 7:15 PM

Daphne Joy Filburt - 16

January 20, 2016 4:33 AM

My name is Gemma, so I don't even get through my first name without letters repeating themselves!

Twm Kasper Quincy (15 letters)

Lewysam Quint Hob (15 letters) - Lewysam is a twist on Lewisham

I thought Abcde would be a good one to use, but it's actually not! It has a and e in it - two of the most-used vowels.

June 22, 2016 6:30 PM

Star Lyndzi Bek McJugh-Fox (22) (didn't use p, q, v or w)