Fun Sibling Name Challenge :)

Okay, it's time for a name game! For each of these names, add two names that would make a nice sibset together with the name. It'll be fun and challenging, especially with the more unusual names.






























































June 25, 2012 12:02 AM

What a list! May I ask how you assembled it? I'm going to try my hand at the girls first and come back for the boys later. I think I'll give each name a brother and a sister, so it'll go g-b-g.

  •     Amy, Thomas, and Sarah
  •     Briallon, Cadmael, and Eirys
  •     Caitlin, Connor, and Bridget
  •     Diana, Frederick, and Josephine
  •     Emmeline, Hugh, and Matilda
  •     Felice, Cosmo, and Verona
  •     Graceanne, Jaden, and Amberlyn
  •     Hildegarde, Rudolph, and Dagmar
  •     Ilana, Akiva, and Shoshana
  •     Jessica, Brandon, and Stephanie
  •     Kari, David, and Jaclyn
  •     Louisa, Henry, and Margaret
  •     Mary-Catherine, Robert, and Alice
  •     Nyssa, Cyprus, and Acacia
  •     Olivienne, Nico, and Chloe
  •     Patsy, Walter, and Sue
  •     Quintessa, Paolo, and Vincenza
  •     Raquel, Joaquin, and Angelica
  •     Sylvia, Virgil, and Frances
  •     Therese, Sebastien, and Margot
  •     Unity, Quentin, and Autumn
  •     Violetta, Pasquale, and Francesca
  •     Wendolyn, Greyston, and Lilleigh
  •     Xenia, Balthazar, and Iris
  •     Yesenia, Salvador, and Guadalupe
  •     Zacharee, Jameson, and Abagayle


June 25, 2012 2:00 AM

And now boys!

  • Arlington, Georgia, and Dallas
  • Bridger, Paisley, and Levi
  • Constantine, Lucretia, and Benedict
  • Dale, Faye, and Gene
  • Eamon, Deirdre,  and Teague
  • Francis, Gloria, and Harold
  • Greer, Hadley, and Trace
  • Horace, Maxine, and Ceci
  • Igor, Svetlana, and Pavel
  • Jarek, Lida, and Boris
  • Kingsley, Hestia, and Rubeus
  • Lyle, Muriel, and Sinclair
  • Mahershalalhashbaz, Samaria, and Damascus
  • Norbert, Hester, and Linus
  • Ozilio, Devorah, Baruch
  • Paulo, Benedito, and Ruy
  • Qua'Shawn, Kaneisha, and La'Darrius
  • Richard, Mary, and Charles
  • Stallings, Hope, and Porter
  • Terence, Valerie, and Martin
  • Umiulf, Aelgifu, and Osfrid
  • Vincent, Camille, and Olivier
  • Wilberforce, Millicent, and Archibald
  • Xacob, Emmylee, and Sophyah
  • Yaniel, Ranna, and Mosrael
  • Zequett, Fernanda, and Cruz

In trying to figure out the origins of some of these names, I see this list has been posted several times over the years. A few of the boy names only seem to exist on the varius reposts. Can't help but feel like I've been shammed a bit, as it often felt like an exercise in futility :/

June 25, 2012 2:11 AM

Whatever the origin of the list, I did enjoy seeing what you came up with. I was often impressed how you picked up on both the origin and feel (e.g., creative spelling) of the original but didn't make the groups too themey.

March 13, 2013 2:03 AM

I must say that this is really fun. These would be a great list of names.

December 29, 2012 11:51 AM

I just pick the best baby name for me...And make it a full name(without the surname).. 

For the girls:

Jessica Therese

Olivienne Raquel

Loiusa Zacharee

Diana Therese

For Boys:

Francis Kingsley

Richard Constantine

By ozy
March 13, 2013 11:08 PM

I didnt look at the previous posts yet, deleted some to save time.


Amy    Michelle   Quincy

Diana     Desmond    David

Emmeline    Augusta   Constantine

Felice    Julian     Raphael

Graceanne    Georgia    Henry (Hank)

Kari     Alvin    Lana

Louisa    Phillip    Hector

Nyssa     Poppy    Aris

Olivienne     Pierre     Fleur

Sylvia      Arthur     Frederick

Therese      Adelaide     Celeste

Unity     Verdent     Valens

Violetta     Renata     Salvatore

Wendolyn      Leland       Everett

Zacharee      Charlize      Bailen



Arlington    Briony    Linden

Bridger    Cadence     Smith

Constantine    Theodora    Millicent

Dale   Tate   Ivan

Francis     Ruby     Amelia

Greer    Gage    Giselle

Igor     Hector     Gabrielle

Lyle     Willa     Marla

Norbert     Patrice     Maris

Qua'Shawn     De'marias     Sha'lina

Richard    Josephine    David

Stallings     Sandrine    Tamsin

Terence   Ross    Damian

Vincent      Ernest     Olive

Wilberforce    Clementine     Amaranth

Xacob    Schuyler    Ferris


March 18, 2013 4:46 PM



amy, Kim, Cassie 

Briallon, trinity, kia

Caitlin, Jessica, Sara 

Diana, Ellen, Mae 

Emmeline, keirsten, Addison 

Felice, Celeste,Fran 

Graceanne, faith, justine 

Hildegarde, gertrude, agatha 

Ilana, Nadia, Mila

Jessica, abbigail, amber 

Kari, Marla, Ellie 

Louisa, Eleanor, violet 

Mary-Catherine, Sara Beth, janeen 

Nyssa, Akira, odette

Olivienne, Vera, viola 

Patsy, Kathy, nancy 

Quintessa, queenie, Eveline 

Raquel, Roxanne, Sylvia 

Sylvia, Ruth, Celine 

Therese, tabatha, Renee 

Unity, trinity, genesis 

Violetta, seraphina, Wilhelmina 

Wendolyn, Winifred, Glenda 

Xenia, Zara, Zola 

Yesenia, Yvette, Johanna 

Zacharee, Tylar, shae 



Arlington, Webster, Winston 

Bridger, bowman, archer 

Constantine, Damien, Dominic 

Dale, dean, Jeff 

Eamon, ewan, roarke 

Francis, niles, Frederick 

Greer, gage, creed 

Horace, albus, Cedric 

Igor, aksel, Ivan 

Jarek, jarron, Desmond 

Kingsley, August, Ashton 

Lyle, Lloyd, Wayne 

Mahershalalhashbaz, azrael, Nehemiah 

Norbert, Albert, Willard 

Ozilio, Otho, phineas 

Paulo, Rocco, Rico 

Qua'Shawn, deangelo, tyrese 

Richard, Robert, Thomas 

Stallings, Harper, Sullivan 

Terence, Tristan, Everest 

Umiulf, Irving, Ulysses 

Vincent, Preston, Sheldon 

Xacob, Zachary, Zaden 

Yaniel, yuri, yoshi

Zequett, zeb, Devi 


March 27, 2013 1:18 PM

A brother and a sister for each (in that order for girls' list)--I have not even read the comments, so there may be similar names to others:


Amy, David, Kathryn

Briallon, Brentten, Brookwyn

Caitlin, Liam, Fiona

Diana, William, Charlotte

Emmeline, Alexander, Margaret

Felice, Laurence, Helene

Graceanne, Franklin, Rosemarie

Hildegarde, Sigmund, Dagmar

Ilana, Gideon, Juliet

Jessica, Brian, Melissa

Kari, Matthew, Jodi

Louisa, Henry, Georgia

Mary-Catherine, Michael, Margaret-Anne

Nyssa, Basil, Aster

Olivienne, Theodore, Glorielle

Patsy, Robert (Bobby), and Janet

Quintessa, Treyvon, Septima

Raquel, Jamal, Cherise

Sylvia, Byron, Evelyn

Therese, Charles, Jeanette

Unity, Ace, Harmony

Violetta, Algernon, Jacinta

Wendolyn, Ieuan, Bronwyn

Xenia, Silas, Maire

Yesenia, Eduardo, Mariela

Zacharee, Simonson, Joshlene


Again, a sister and a brother for each (in that order)

Arlington, Carrigan, Hutchinson

Bridger, Chelsea, Hudson

Constantine, Lucretia, Sebastian

Dale, Susan, Gene

Eamon, Moira, Cormac

Francis, Beatrix, James

Greer, Blythe, Fraser

Horace, Imogene, Rufus

Igor, Raisa, Pavel

Jarek, Zhana, Cezar

Kingsley, Cordelia, Prescott

Lyle, Sydney, Ennis

Mahershalalhashbaz, Maergrethelina, Montgomery

Norbert, Bernadine, Maynard

Ozilio, Rozelina, Boazid

Paulo, Margarida, Andre

Qua'Shawn, Qua'Delia, Qua'Troy

Richard, Catherine, George

Stallings, Addison, Struthers

Terence, Valarie, Dimitre

Umiulf, Accalia, Marrok

Vincent, Cecilia, Dominic

Wilberforce, Earnestine, Archibald

Xacob, Quannah, Zavid

Yaniel, Avigayle, Eziequel

Zequett, Qubilah, Zuhayr

December 28, 2013 1:07 PM

Ok, here goes... 

Amy, Jennifer, Stephanie 

Caitlin, Tyler, Madison

Emmeline, Vivienne, Isabelle

Felice, Lucia, Davide (I'm pronouncing it fay-LEE-chay so to me it has an Italian vibe)

Graceanne, Maryjane, Johnpaul

Hildegarde, Ermentrude, Bertha

Ilana, Irina, Zofia

Jessica, Ashley, Brian

Louisa, Florence, Edward

Mary-Catherine, John-David, Rose-Anna 

Olivienne, Violette, François  

Patsy, Brenda, Gary 

Unity, Harmony, Trinity

Violetta, Margarita, Rosalina

Zacharee, Jaysin, Brandynne


Arlington, Washington, Kensington

Bridger, Booker, Ryder 

Constantine, Mílos, Sophia

Dale, Sherry, Roger

Eamon, Alistair, Fionn  

Francis, George, Helen

Horace, Herman, Hilda

Kingsley, Princeton, Queenie

Norbert, Adalbert, Bertram

Paulo, Giulia, Maria 

Qua'Shawn, Lakeysha, Quin'Tarius

Richard, James, Paul

Stallings, Hartford, Redmond

Vincent, Joseph, Peter

Xacob, Xophia, Xemma

I also skipped some for time's sake and because I was totally stumped! 

January 22, 2014 1:27 AM

Amy, Archer, Aaron

Briallon, Braden, Brody

Caitlin, Sarah, Ciela

Diana, Greyson, Mark

Emmeline, Arietta, Corban

Felice, Michela, Eulalia

Graceanne, Hazel, Pearl

Hildegarde, Beatrix, Grear

Ilana, Dísa, Bryce

Jessica, Jasper, Piper

Kari, Karl, James

Louisa, Tisha, Thomas

Mary-Catherine, Gracey, Hope

Nyssa, Luke, Laurel

Olivienne, Sebastion, Andrew

Patsy, Piper, Penelope

Quintessa, Stella, Charice

Raquel, Marcos, Allana

Sylvia, Sophie, Sal

Therese, Marion, Malik

Unity, Trinity, Dove

Violetta, Rosemary, Sage

Wendolyn, Caoimhe, Aisling

Xenia, Dahlia, Daisy

Yesenia, Moira, Adrian

Zacharee, Gaspar, Isaac



Arlington, Dallas, Austin

Bridger, Archer, Granger

Constantine, Clement, Chloris

Dale, River, Rockler

Eamon, Emmitt, Alice

Francis, Madeline, Marc

Greer, Gable, Baldwin

Horace, Echo, Pandora

Igor, Frank and Stein ;)
Igor, Ivan, Iselle 

Jarek, Maris, Zach

Kingsley, Elizabeth, Arthur

Lyle, Marianne, Miller

Mahershalalhashbaz, Baltazar, Malichai,

Norbert, Ryan, Gene

Ozilio, Nizam, Azad

Paulo, Roma, Sergio

Qua'Shawn, Tasheena, D'wayne

Richard, Scott, Loren

Stallings, Quinton, Gwen

Terence, Clement, Ian

Umiulf, Fenris, Jax

Vincent, Miro, Monet

Wilberforce, Lincoln, King

Xacob, Xandar, Xavier

Yaniel, Rachel, Thalia

Zequett, Zorah, Fraizer

February 13, 2014 10:00 PM


Amy, Julia, and Trent

Briallon, Rhyley (b), and Maya

Caitlin, Hannah, and Ryan

Diana, William, and Aurora

Emmeline, Julian, and Margaret

Felice, Priscilla, and Thomas

Graceanne, Remington, and Primrose

Hildegarde, Gretchen, and Frederick

Ilana, Estella, and Jasper

Jessica, Miranda, and Benjamin

Kari, Kristi, and Korey

Louisa, Matilda, and Charlie

Mary-Catherine, Elizabeth, and Nathaniel

Nyssa, Luca, and Viola

Olivienne, Cordelia, and Ambrose

Patsy, Mona, and Jack

Quintessa, Thaddeus, and Francesca

Racquel, Aiden, and Nikole

Sylvia, Loretta, and Edward

Therese, Clark, and Marianne

Unity, Charity, and Justice

Violetta, Charlotte, and Oliver

Wendolyn, Harlow, and Dominic

Xenia, Mikhail, and Althea

Yesenia, Jericho, and Valencia

Zacharee, Jocelyn, and Brighton



Arlington, Bristol, and and Dallas

Bridger, Hadley, and Jagger

Constantine, Isobel, and Roman

Dale, Helen, and Wade

Eamon, Maeve, and Brennan

Francis, Delilah, and Maurice

Greer, Flora, and Henry

Horace, Alma, and Rupert

Igor, Katya, and Dimitri

Jarek, Marina, and Silas

Kingsley, Amelia, and Dexter

Lyle, Jane, and Noah

Mahershalalhashbaz - I don't even know where to begin... Nymbler couldn't even help me. lol

Norbert, Beatrice, and Casper

Ozilio, Chlea, and Horatio

Paulo, Sylvia, and Juan

Qua'Shawn, Qua'Neisha, and Qua'Darius

Richard, Ramona, and Robert

Stallings, Kherrington, and Winston

Terence, Lauren, and David

Umiulf, Ursala, and Uriah

Vincent, Camilla, Quentin

Wilberforce, Winifred, and Whittacre

Xacob, Xavery, and Xaidan

Yaniel, Alexya, and Adamo

Zequett, Zooey, and Zerek


November 12, 2016 11:58 PM

Sister then brother:

Amy - Robin and Todd

Briallon - Laurelon and Nolan

Caitlin - Maren and Tyler

Diana - Joan and William

Emmeline - Lorraine and Robert

Felice - Yvonne and Ramon

Graceanne - Mirajean and Noahmark

Hildegarde - Brunhilde and Dolph

Ilana - Luisa and Alphonse

Jessica - Courtney and Aaron

Kari - Mickie and Robbie

Louisa - Florence and Rupert

Mary-Catherine - Carol-Ann and John-David

Nyssa - Leia and Scotty

Olivienne - Arianna and Alexandre

Patsy - Sandy and Buddy

Quintessa - Octavia and Virgil

Raquel - Tara and Jason

Sylvia - Annette and Leon

Therese - Eloise and Jerome

Unity - Purity and Brock

Violetta - Ingrid and Alessandro

Wendolyn - Colleen and Sean

Xenia - Phoebe and Hector

Yesenia - Irina and Olivar

Zacharee - Anthonee and Ashlee



Arlington - Blair and Brooks

Bridger - Carter and Cooper

Constantine - Flavia and Marcus

Dale - Jan and Randy

Eamon - Abigail and Otis

Francis - Cecilia and Matthew

Greer - Tracy and Mason

Horace - Marcella and Edwin

Igor - Tatiana and Ivan

Jarek - Rocket and Han

Kingsley - Margo and Heath

Lyle - Sonia and Casey

Mahershalalhashbaz - Tereshahalarban and Tobirshiellarsonobo

Norbert - Gladys and Herb

Ozilio - Wilma and Pablo

Paulo - Maria Consuela and Cristobal

Qua'Shawn - LaRaine and DeAndre 

Richard - Cynthia and Anthony

Stallings - Campbell and Jennings

Terence - Janice and Russell

Umiulf - Galadriel and Aslan (get a weird fantasy vibe from Umiulf)

Vincent - Sarah and David

Wilberforce - Stellastorm and Allanstone

Xacob - Xara and Xevon

Yaniel - Delores and Fernando

Zequett - Scarlett and Beckett

May 29, 2018 8:06 PM

Amy, Olivia, and Jack

Briallon, Alphena, and Lysander

Caitlin, Jenna, and Logan

Diana, Amelia, and James

Emmeline, Jacqueline, and Oliver

Felice, Marie, and David

Graceanne, Lizbeth, and Alexander

Hildegarde, Magdalene, and Nathaniel

Ilana, Naomi, and Ezra

Jessica, Emily, and Carter

Kari, Kimberley, and Kevin

Louisa, Adelaide, and Hugo

Mary-Catherine, Anne-Elizabeth, and Matthew

Nyssa, Margo, and Grant

Olivienne, Colette, and Matthias

Patsy, Ruthie, and Richie

Quintessa, Marguerite, and Auderon

Raquel, Roxanne, and Raymond

Sylvia, Lydia, and David

Therese, Clarice, and Philip

Unity, Faith, and Creedence

Violetta, Vivienne, and Vincent

Wendolyn, Aurelia, and Jameson

Xenia, Xanthe, and Xavier

Yesenia, Yvette, and Yosef

Zacharee, Zoë, and Zander


Arlington, Sydney, and Lincoln

Bridger, Miller, and Harper

Constantine, Cassius, and Calliope

Dale, Anne, and Mike

Eamon, Tomas, and Ida

Francis, Carolyn, and Patrick 

Greer, Cameron, and Merritt

Horace, Clayton, and Marge

Igor, Aleksei, and Irina

Jarek, Emelie, and Camden

Kingsley, Daphne, and Adrian

Lyle, Anna, and Milo

Mahershalalhashbaz, Berengardioana, and Paul

Norbert, Victor, and Pearl

Ozlilio, Emilio, and Rosalia

Paulo, Carlos, and Nina

Qua’Shawn, De’Paul, and Latasha

Richard, Emily, and Benjamin

Stallings, Sterling, and Emmie

Terence, Katherine, and George

Umiulf, Uminulf, and Umigulf

Vincent, Albert, and Elizabeth

Xacob, Xannah, and Xachary

Yaniel, Ysabelle, and Ylivier

Zequett, Dewitt, and Jenitt