Has anyone else experienced?

So I have been in love with the name Connor since I found out I'm having a boy, I've even started referring to him as Connor.

I still love this name but I've started to wonder if I want to change my mind. Has anyone else felt unsure after becoming attached to a name?

I feel like Connor may be a bit too common for my taste, I also like the name Samuel.

I'm afraid of regretting naming him Connor and I'm afraid of regretting not naming him that am I over thinking this?

Help!! (If it's not already painfully obvious this is my first child lol)


June 22, 2014 8:31 PM

I like your username btw.

We are TTC with our first and I'm in the same boat.  The intro to Laura Wattenberg's book has some calming advice if you haven't checked it out.

Connor is ranked 57 in the US but is still only 2,247 per MILLION births. 30% of boys have a name that ends in 'n'. Connor ends in r - so thats a huge plus. :) I think its a solid name, unlikely to result in an annoying nickname, and a good name for a boy or a man.



June 22, 2014 8:38 PM

Thank you :)

I think I may just be chronically over thinking again because I really do love the name Connor

This is a really hard decision for someone so obsessive compulsive!