HELP! Baby girl coming in 3 days and still no name!

I'm very pregnant, very uncomfortable and very stressed that my baby has no name. (being induced 9/1) Thus, my husband disagreeing with everything but not suggesting a thing is NOT helping. He thinks we should be close because he has agreed to consider 3 out of 1500 suggestions. But, to me, these are second place names because he hates my favorites. Can you help by either suggesting some names or commenting on the below? Thank you!

Evangeline nn Eva
Lila - he will not consider Layla

My favorites that he said NO to:
Imogen, Vivian, Lorelei, Aven, Aria, Keeva

Surname is Riley, and big brother is Noah. The middle name June is what we want to use to honor my mother who passed away. If not, we will use middle name Noelle or Annaliese.


August 29, 2013 9:57 AM

I understand your frustration.  Try not looking at these 3 names as 2nd place, but rather as "top names we both like." It's not like your husband is insisting you choose between 3 names you hate.

All of your names are lovely, none of them are really "bad" choices, though I do like some more than others. 

Evangeline is nice, though I am not crazy about the repeated "J" sound of Evangeline June.  Since this honor name sounds important to you, I want to encourage you to use it.  Is just Eva a possibility at all?  Eva June is great, I might be tempted to actually call her by first/middle all of the time.

Lila June is sweet & the flow is nice.  I'm just not as excited about it as some of your other choices.

Eliza June is my favorite.  I like that it is familiar, but Eliza isn't too common.  It's sweet & vintage feeling but spunky at the same time.  Like Eva June, I could see myself actually using the full Eliza June quite often.

Belle June is my least favorite.  I'm not at all crazy about the 1/1 syllable flow, it sounds very choppy to me.  All of the "Elle" names, combined with Belle also makes the whole set feel very oversaturated to me.  Lovely names, just a bit too many of them around at the moment.  

August 29, 2013 10:32 AM

I understand the frustration of your favorite name being shot down. It's sad and disappointing, but it is important for you both to like the name you'll be calling your child. Plus, in my opinion you have some great "second placers!" I definitely think you should go with the middle name June; it seems to have very important meaning and will sound great with a lot of first names.

My favorite is Eliza; it's sweet but solid and always reminds me of Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady which of course was famously portrated by the lovely and classic Audrey Hepburn. Eliza June is adorable and I think Eliza and Noah sound like a nice sibling set.

I agree that Evangeline June is a lot of the "J" sound and am more of a fan of the short version Eva. That is odd for me, because I normally adore the name Evangeline. Though Eva (and Lila, too) have the same syllables and endings as Noah, which might sway me even more towards Eliza. However, they're not TOO close. Finally, I'll throw in another vote for not being a fan of the 1-1 syllable combination in Belle June. It sounds too choppy to my ear.

Don't stress! Soon you'll have a beautiful little angel to hold and call a name that is perfect for her! :)

August 29, 2013 11:34 AM

Ok, so funny story--my husband wanted Evangeline Anneliese (4 syllable Anneliese) for our daughter. I told him that if I couldn't get the whole name out easily when she was in trouble, it was too long! ;-)

Generally, I want to use a 1 syllable name with Evangeline, especially since you have a 2 syllable last name. That said, our Evangeline has a 2 syllable middle and a 2 syllable last.

If you want to do Evangeline, I would use Noelle. June just doesn't flow well. 

However, I personally would prefer to use the honor name over Evangeline. (You have to weigh which you and hubby prefer)

So with June as a middle name, I would eliminate Belle. Two noun names (to the ears) plus both one syllable.

Lila June and Eliza June are both very close in sounds. Both are very pretty, but you would have to decide which one you would eliminate if you use one. They're too close for siblings. Do you and hubby prefer one over the other? I lean toward Eliza with Noah as a brother (plus I like it a little better, and you wouldn't be always wishing it was Layla instead of Lila).

So I know how it feels to have your favorites shot down completely. Every single one that I dearly love, he made horrible faces to (Margaret, Eleanor, Olivia, Amelia, Josephine), but conversely, the names he dearly loves were ones I had trouble controlling my face with (Cassiopeia, Angelique, Cassandra, Adrianna, Katheryn).

This baby is both of yours and his, so the name should at least be one that you both don't make horrible faces to. Has he suggested anything at all? My husband was the same way minus those 5 names above, which just weren't happening. So I made a list of about 30 names that I either loved or loved well enough for a daughter and handed him the list. He crossed off the ones that he hated, but left those he either loved or tolerated (and he starred his 3 favorites). Then I got to do the same with what was left. Then we crossed off the ones we both only tolerated, then looked at our list and started over (LOL! It's funny 2+ years later....). We then hopped on I put in my 3 very favoritest names, he put in his 3 very favoritest names, and we got to work. 4 hours later we had a list of 4 names. 3 I only tolerated, and 1 he only tolerated. I started to "X" off the name Evangeline, just knowing that he wouldn't like it, but he stopped me, and then we were on our way to battling out the middle name (took another 4 months and 4 different middles before one was the right one). 

Since you both seem to like "L"s in the names, have you thought about expanding Belle to one of the longer versions and then just calling her Belle? The full name flow would work better with June, and there are lots of options to get Belle (Isabelle, Annabel, Arabel, Bellamy, Maribel, and my favorite Mirabel).


August 29, 2013 12:59 PM

I'm in agreement with everyone. Evangeline June is not ideal together; I definitely prefer Eva June. HOWEVER, If you're IN LOVE with Evangeline June Riley - there isn't anything WRONG with the name and you should use it. =) I'm not crazy about Belle Riley and I'm really not a fan of Belle June Riley. Although, Belle Annaliese is lovely. (I would completely avoid Belle Noelle at all costs.) Lila June Riley is okay, but I'm not in love with it. My absolute favorite is Eliza June Riley. I think it hits that spunky and sweet balance that most of us are looking for. =) 

August 29, 2013 2:03 PM

I'm going to disagree and vote against Lila.  Lila Riley has an almost rhyme that sounds unpleasantly sing-song to my ear - and most of the time, that's how she'll likely be known; middle names don't get used often.

I agree that Eva June Riley is the best.  Eva isn't just a nickname for Evangeline; it can stand on its own with its own history and derivation.  Evangeline June Riley is nice, too, but don't feel like you have to give her a "more formal" version of Eva.

By mk
August 29, 2013 2:16 PM

I agree, I don't like the sound of Lila and Yiley toggether, though I do like the name Lila.

I like Eliza June the best, then Evangeline June. Eva June is also very pretty and if you both like the name Eva then I would go with that.

August 29, 2013 2:13 PM

Another thing I'd like to point out in favour of Eva/Evangeline is that it contains the "v" that you apparently like, since three of your favourite names contain the letter - and one name has two of them!  While I think that Eliza June sounds the best and think that it's a great name, I feel like Evangeline has more in common with your favourites. 

How are you pronouncing Evangeline? I think that the -leen ending works much better with Riley than the -line ending.

By EVie
August 29, 2013 2:52 PM

First of all, I totally sympathize with your situation—my husband did the exact same thing (in fact, if you dig through the forum archives long enough you'll find my post whining about it—I think I posted back in February). I wish I could offer helpful advice, but we ended up going with the one name that we could agree on (and I think he approved that one only because it was after my dad). I think next time, I won't be offering him such a long list (about 200 names), because it was just demoralizing hearing him shoot down one after another. He only liked one other name that I mentioned, and it was one of my least favorite out of the 200. Next time, I'm going to give him a list of the 20 or so top names that I would actually be happy using, and tell him, you pick the name on this list that you find least objectionable and we're using it, or else you can come up with a list of 20 names you like and I'll judge them. If he's incapable of doing that legwork and just wants to lazily reject names, then he forfeits his right to participate in the naming. (I know, I know, that seems like a poor solution in terms of marital harmony, but after our last experience, I realized that he'll never think anything is good enough for his kid, and he needs to learn how to settle for something that's not-quite-perfect). 

Secondly, in terms of your current names, I actually really like your choices. I'm going to disagree with everyone above and say that I think Evangeline June is perfectly lovely—the j sounds are far enough apart that they don't bother me at all. I do agree with Karyn in that I prefer the "leen" pronunciation. That would be my first choice. Eva June is great as well, if you decide to go with the shorter version, but I don't think there's any reason if you prefer the full Evangeline. If you want something in between, there's also Eveline (a variant of Evelyn, which is itself a variant of the old Germanic name Aveline). 

I love Lila as well (much better than Layla, though I do like the spelling Leila), and I think Lila June is sweet. The repetition with Riley is not ideal, but I don't think it's a dealbreaker. Eliza would be my third choice—it's fine, just not my favorite name (I associate it too strongly with Eliza Doolittle, and whenever I see it written I imagine it said with a strong Cockney accent). Belle is pretty, but I don't care for the choppy flow of Belle June (and Belle Noelle is too singsongy—for some reason that bothers me much more than Lila Riley). It also feels very trendy, what with the popularity of Bella and Isabella. However, I do like the suggestion of looking at some of the less-common Belle names and using it as a nickname. I'll second Mirabel, Maribel and Arabel/Arabella as some of my favorites, and I'll throw in Rosabel, Corabel, Amabel and Claribel. 

August 29, 2013 3:20 PM

Thank you all for the great responses! I do not have to use June, I just would like too.

We are also considering Love as a middle name.

For other belle names, yes we would consider. Annabel was on the list but its not really my style. I liked arabella and stella - he hated.

For whomever mentioned it, yes, I really do love the V sound :)

Eveline was one of my favorites but husband shot that down. He doesn't suggest much actually. I think there have been maybe 5 suggestions from him over the past 9 months. Today, he suggested Kylee because his boss said it. Completely rhymes with riley - which he hates. So, I brought Stella up again. He said, no thank you. I answered, how can you like Ella but not Stella? No comment from him.

I, too, am concerned with the long I in Lila and Riley - but I can't get him to consider Layla or Lola.

Yes, we've considered Eva as a stand alone, but I feel like we shold give the longer name. Or, maybe come up with a combo first name i.e. anna marie but using Eva??

By mk
August 29, 2013 4:13 PM

You can make Eva June a combo first name, though I think Eva does not need to be longer.

What about Lilia, Leela, or Leah instead of Lila? 1-2 letters can make a difference, so I get why Ella may be ok but Stella is not. I far prefer Lila over Lola, for example.

August 29, 2013 8:21 PM

Like a lot of others, my husband was the same way. :). What was your husband's objection to Vivian?  It is a great name with a cute nickname.

I agree that Eva June is great;  I love both of these names.  I don't care so much for Evangeline and don't think it goes with Noah as well as Eva.  I think Lila is very cute.  I also like Eliza but it is becoming more popular.  Overall I think Eva and Lila work best with June and as a sister to Noah.

I think Eva is a great name on its own and doesn't need to be longer.  Just like Lila and Eliza, it is short and sweet but sophisticated.

August 30, 2013 4:50 PM

Most of the time, I can't tell what his objections are. He said the name Vivian about three times outloud and said, no, yuck.

By hyz
August 30, 2013 3:42 PM

I agree with the comments not to consider these second place--it is HARD to find a name two people can both agree on for their own child, and compromise is generally involved. It's hard to give up on your own beloved names, but at least your husband isn't pushing Kylee too hard. ;)

My favorites for you are Evangeline and Eliza. These are both wonderful, lovely, interesting names that work well with your son's name and your surname. I also think they work well with June (PLEASE use June for the middle--it sounds like it has more meaning for you, and it is one of my personal favorites). Yes, it flows a bit better with Eliza, but Evangeline June sounds perfectly nice to me as well, and Eva June is absolutely adorable if you go with that as a nn. Lila is great (and for the record, I like it far more than Layla or Lola), but I would not use it with your surname. Belle is a bit overdone for me with all the Isabelles, etc., and it makes me think of the Disney princess, which is too precious for my tastes. I love Imogen from your faves list, but Evangeline and Eliza are equally nice.

Best wishes for a good delivery tomorrow!!!

August 30, 2013 4:52 PM

Thank you! I think we will defintely work June in there! :) We still have no name yet, but after further discussion, husband "gave" me these options:


eliza june riley
layla june riley
evangeline love riley
eva june noelle riley - Eva June as a combo first name

August 30, 2013 5:59 PM

Eva June would be my first choice if June were a second middle name. I love Noelle but I think adding June to the first name changes the feel of the name Eva.  So, given the choices Eliza June would be my favorite. Evangeline is my least favorite.  They are all lovely!  Good luck!

August 30, 2013 9:23 PM

In order, I like 

Eliza June Riley

Eva June Noelle Riley 

Evangeline Love Riley & Layla June.  Tied for last place.  I like Evangeline better than Layla, but really would like to see you use June because it has so much meaning for you.  It is true that I don't care for Evangline June as much as some of your other choices, but I'd still prefer it over Evangeline with another middle name.

By mk
August 31, 2013 1:45 AM

Eliza June is my favorite of the 4. I really think you should use June, so Evangeline Love is my least favorite. If it were Evangeline June it would be second. I also really think it should just be Eva June Riley, and then call her Eva June if you'd like. But I'm not a fan of four names.


September 2, 2013 10:19 PM

We don't have a baby or a name yet. I got sent home from the induction because she was breech. We will be trying again tomorrow afternoon...I think she didn't want to make an appearance without a name. 

We are taking away the 

Eva June Nolle combo

and adding

Eden and Lorelei as first name options. I've always loved lorelei, but husband hasn't. 

September 3, 2013 2:35 PM

One comment on Lorelei: a good friend's granddaughter (aged about 18 months now) has this name. (Among others. We know three, the eldest one nearly 6 now.) Grandma can never spell it right (Loralai? Lorelie? etc.), and at one point, when the baby was having separation anxiety and issues with meeting new people [translation: was screaming her head off for no apparent reason], Grandma was heard commenting: "well, she's named for a siren, no wonder she sounds like one!"

September 4, 2013 9:51 AM

Oh, and I forgot: I find Lorelei to be quite tongue-twistery with Riley -- the surname almost wants to come out Lirey for me. Or I get the first name's L's and R's tangled, in anticipation.

By hyz
September 4, 2013 2:07 PM

I can definitely see this point of view, but I actually like the sound of Lorelei R. a lot, and don't find it tongue-twistery, probably because the Ls and Rs alternate so neatly (L_R_L_ R_L_), and with the repetition of the internal long I sound, it feels to me like a pattern that's meant to be.  It's a bit sing-songy, maybe, but I don't find it hard or awkward to say.  I see it as one of those catchy, memorable names that seem a bit polarizing, like Peter Parker or Clark Kent.  If the name were in fact Lorelei Lirey, I would be very much against it, because the repeated Li sounds right next to each other would feel like a stumbly stutter.  Anyway, like I say, I can see it both ways, so I just wanted to add another perspective.   

September 3, 2013 10:06 PM

Good luck with baby arriving soon! My little on has recently turned breech too, although I still have a few weeks to go luckily (but also no name yet!).

From your initial list 

I really like Eliza June. I also like Evangeline but would still pair it with June, I don't think the repeating J sound is an issue, and I quite like it!

I have never cared for Layla and I see that Eva is off the table.  Eden seems out of step with your other choices but I love Lorelai and think Lorelei June works really well.

Lorelei June or Eliza June are my top picks but Evangeline June or even Evangeline Eden would be next in line!

Good luck :)

By hyz
September 4, 2013 9:33 AM

Good luck with the delivery, if it hasn't happened yet!  I think you have a ton of great name choices at this point and can't really go wrong, so just go with your gut and the name that feels the most right to you and your DH.  I still love Eliza June and Evangeline June, but I'm not a big fan of Evangeline Love (it's fine, I just much prefer June, on its own merits and additionally because of June's meaning for you).  Of the new options, I prefer Eden.  I think Eden June is quite nice, and that Eden goes well with your son's name and your surname.  It's a classic and familiar name that I don't think you hear much these days, and it is associated with very pleasant imagery/meaning.  Lorelei is also lovely (and I'm glad you're considering this spelling and not any variation), but somehow it feels like a lot of name to me, maybe a little hard to wear, and you will have to correct people's spelling a fair amount.  Still, I do like it, and I think it's pretty catchy and attractive with your surname, so I could definitely get behind this as well.  The only one I don't love is Layla, which I think is a bit less classic, graceful, and timeless than your other options.  Good luck--I hope you are holding your sweet baby girl by now, or soon, at least!

September 4, 2013 12:21 PM

Good luck with your delivery (or I hope everything went well if you've already delivered)!  Even with the new names on the table, Eliza June Riley is by far and away my favorite.  This name fits wonderfully with Noah and I love that the middle name has so much meaning for you.  Your other choices are pretty but Eliza is definitely my vote!

September 4, 2013 3:11 PM

Eliza June Riley! Sounds perfect to me! Good luck!