Help In Narrowing Down My Never Ending List

I adore most the names on this list, and while i dont love them all equally i cant seem to narrow it down myself. None of these names seem to stick out as "the one." Will you please help me by telling me your favorite from the list? (or favorites) Middle name ideas and other name suggestions are welcome, as well.

here we go:











































January 5, 2015 1:51 AM

I really love a lot of these names too! My faves are Liam, Henry, Luca for boys and Mia and Lucy for girls. There is quite a lot of variety on your list - do you want popular or unique? As we have similar taste, other names I like are Jack, Luke, Ryan, Owen, Kate and Ella. Lots of great names, good luck!

January 5, 2015 3:03 PM

From your boy list, my favorites are Liam, Henry, Oliver & Simon.  I would like Charlie better if it were Charles, with Charlie as the nickname.  My least favorites are Cash, Finn, Knox, Beck & Collier.  Something else that jumped out at me is that you've listed both Greyson & Grey.  I suggest combining them- Greyson as the given name & Grey as the nickname.

For girls, I really like Amelia, Caroline, Lucy & Vivienne.  I do not like Adair, Indie, Emery & Emerson.  Again, I think you could also get a twofer with your girl names by using Amelia as the given name & then using either Mia or Mila as the nickname.

January 5, 2015 6:01 PM

I noticed that you have Emery and Emerson on both lists; I suggest keeping them only on the boy side, where they properly belong. There are plenty of feminine Em- names, you don't need to substitute masculine ones. (Emma, Emmy, Emmylou, Emily, Emilia, Emmeline, Emanuelle, Emerald....)

My favorites from your girl's list are Amelia, Caroline, Lucy, Lydia, and Vivienne. I think Mia and Mila are OK names on their own, but since you're trying to shorten your list, I would combine them with Amelia. From the rest of the list, I don't mind Isla, Willow, Aria, and Lila, but don't care at all for Indie and Adair.

My favorites from your boy's list are Henry, Oliver, Leo, Ezra, Simon, and Emery. I also like William nicknamed Liam and Charles nicknamed Charlie, but not so much the nicknames as full names (especially not Charlie). "Second tier" for me are the not-quite-standard-English names: Asher, Luca, Finn, Atticus, Asa. The rest are all surname-names and not my style.

By mk
January 5, 2015 7:28 PM

Top 3 boys: Henry, Luca, Ezra

Others: Asher, Liam, Oliver, Charlie, Simon

Top 3 girls: Amelia, Lydia, Caroline

Others: Lucy, Lila, Vivienne, Mia, Willow

The rest I am not a fan of for various reasons.



January 5, 2015 8:45 PM


I think Greyson and Emerson both would sound lovely with almost any of the other names as middle names (Greyson Brooks, Emerson Asher, etc.) I also like Simon, Ezra, and Atticus. Personally, I perfer full names for boys and girls (Charles and William, for example, Charlie and Liam.)


I have to go, but I will post my girls' thoughts later!

January 5, 2015 9:54 PM

I love the name Asa.  I'd consider it if I didn't already have an Ada.  


From your girls list, Aria is my favorite.  I'd go with Arya, the Game of Thrones spelling :)


January 6, 2015 12:13 AM

I don't normally think popularity alone is worth eliminating a name, but since you have such a long list, you might cross off a few of the more popular ones as a way of winnowing it down. 

H@nry is my younger son's name, so it's my fav, despite its popularity. My other tops are Charlie (I agree that this is better as a nn for Charles), Leo, Ezra, and Simon...I have a lot of great ones! I also quite love Brooks and Finn. My husband ruined Oliver for me by calling it, "Wimpy." Husbands! 

I am not a fan of Emerson or Emery, both sound wise and because they are fairly widespread on girls. I've only ever known girl Emersons. Ditto for Avery-I just don't think it's usable on a boy these days.

Greyson and Gray just seem too dreary to me, Cash seems suitable only for romance novels and riverboat gamblers, and Beck and Knox are simply not my taste. 

Asher is objectively fine, but not a fav of mine. 

Atticus is a name I really love, but as someone who taught To Kill A Mockingbird many, many times, I have mixed feelings about its use. I always wonder a bit if it's the last book the parents read (I realize this is very snobby; please forgive). 

Caroline, Lucy, Lydia, Amelia, and Adair are my favs. from the girls' list. All gorgeous! Adair gets polarizing reactions on this site-actually, it may just be I who likes it! 

I just don't care for Emery or Emerson on either gender. Mila/Mia/Aria are a bit worn for me and sort of pale next to the others. I'm somewhere in the middle on the rest.

Do you really like all these equally? If you could apply some sort of ranking yourself, I think you could give the bottom half the old heave-ho. No need to consider any you don't truly Love when you have so many good ones! 

January 6, 2015 12:47 AM

I will do first and middle name pairings based on your list:

Henry Asher

Finn Brooks

Atticua Gray

Fave of the boys names would be  Henry Asher


Lydia Amelia

Isla Mia

Vivienne Mila

Lila Emerson

fave of the girls would be: Vivienne Mila

hope this helps.

January 6, 2015 1:25 AM

I really like: 


Ezra, Luca, Simon, Finn (hubby's name), Atticus (son's name), Brooks, Asa, & Collier


Lucy, Mila, Willow, Isla, Lila, Vivienne, & Adair.


Isla is a bit of a pronunciation issue that I personally wouldn't want to deal with if I had other names I liked just as much, so I might take that off the list.  However, if it were my favorite name ever I'd overlook it.