Help! Naming a baby boy is making me crazy :-)

Help! Boys names are making me crazy! :-)

We are so excited to be expecting a little boy...but a girl's name would have been much easier!

Top Girls Names:

  • Katherine (Kate) Amelia
  • Madeline (Maddie) Grace
  • Annabelle (Belle) Felicity
  • Genevieve (Evie) Claire

I would love to find a boy's name with the same vibe, but find myself all over the place. The few names I love, happen to be taken by one of several male cousins (Zachary, Alexander, Henry). I love longer names with great nicknames, but find the male nicknames just seem to fall short (Chris, Will, Ken= "eh")

The middle name will most likely be one of the following family names/surnames: Richard, Harrison, Dwyer. Our surname is Hollender.

Here is our current list...nothing that really makes my heart sing!

  • Bradley (Brad)
  • William (Will)
  • Christopher (Chris/Kit?)
  • Kenneth (Ken): Does it matter it's my brother-in laws middle name?
  • Michael (Mike): Husband's favorite-not a fan of the name Mike though


Names without nicknames:

  • Preston
  • Kyle
  • Logan
  • Ethan
  • Gavin

Thoughts? Combinations with middle names? Help!



November 6, 2014 9:31 PM

Judging from your list of girl names, you seem to have a more vintage and classic style. Here are a few suggestions for boys:

Conrad, Frederick, Vincent, August, Oscar, Tarquin, Ulysses, Victor, Hugo, Gustave, Xavier, Lewis, Louis, Constantine, Valentine, Corentin (quite popular in France), Alistair, Ambrose, Atlas, Balthazar, Barnaby, Bartholomew, Basil, Caspar, Gerard, Ignatius, Lazarus, Leander, Odysseus, Octavius, Octavian, Julian, Julius, Otto, Otis, Phineas, Remus, Roscoe, Rupert, Thaddeus, Wallace, Anthony, George, Harry, Jonathan, Martin, Marvin, Marcus, Marco, Philip, Raymond, Simon, Walter, Alfred, Dashiell, Damian, Damon, Adrian, Cicero and Peter.

November 6, 2014 10:11 PM

Sebastian (baze, seb)

Everett (rhett)

November 7, 2014 5:58 PM

Your girl names are gorgeous! 

I too love distinguished longer names with great, friendly nicknames. I think your current list much more closely matches your girl list than the "names without nicknames" list, so my first vote would be to strike Preston, Kyle, Logan, Ethan, and Gavin (though I could be talked into leaving Preston on the list).

Of your current list, William and Michael are my favorites. I wonder if you would like the nn Mitch instead of Mike? I like when a nickname is familiar but unexpected, like Mitch for Michael. For middle names, I like William Richard, William Dwyer, Michael Harrison, and Michael Dwyer. (Also, I don't think it matters that Kenneth is your bil's mn.)

My suggestions, based on your girls list, would be:

Dominic nn Dom, Nick(y)

Samuel nn Sam(my)

Sebastian nn Seb, Bash (love this!), Baz

Maximilian nn Max, Milo

Augustin(e) nn Gus*

Charles nn Cal*

Nathaniel nn Nate

James no nn, or Jem if you must

Edward nn Ned or -- and this is out there -- my dad knew an Edward nn Zeb, which I've always kind of loved

John nn Johnny, Jack, Jake, Jeb+

*My youngest son was going to be Augustin nn Gus for the first 8 mos of my pregnancy, but then we decided we didn't love Augustin anymore. So we named him Char1es, after my mil Car0l, and call him Gus anyway! I've never loved the Charles nns, with the exception of Cal.

+A friend named her son J0hn nn J3b after I told her my brother is J0nathan nn J3b -- I think J3b is a great nn! And John is a great first name.

Good luck!

November 29, 2014 11:29 AM

I'm a little late to help maybe but anyway..

You didnt mention how many kids you'd like to have so if you would like more, it's good to consider how well yo think your no nickname names go with your girl names just so you don't paint yourself in a corner. Other than not having nicknames, they are also didferent in style but it really depends on how you feel about that. I like the longer old fashioned boy name with fun nicknames myself so here are some of my favorites: Theodore (Theo, Teddy, Teo, Ted), Victor (Vic), Vincent (Vince, Vin, Vinny), Edward (Eddie, Ed, Ward), Edwin (Ed,Eddie,Win), Frederick (Fred, Freddie, Rick, Ricky, Fritz), Isaac (Zack), Everett (Rhett), Abraham (Abe, Bram, Abram), Benjamin (Ben, Benji), Lawrence (Lon, Lorne, Larry), Charles (Charlie, Chuck, Chaz, Chet), Douglas (Doug), August (Gus), Nathaniel (Nate), Nicholas (Nick, Cole, Colin, Nico), Harold (Hal, Harry), Jonathan (Jon, Jonty, Nathan, Nate), Oliver (Ollie), Patrick (Pat, Rick, Ricky), Quentin (Quinn), Robert (Rob, Robbie, Robin), Sebastian (Seb, Baz), Thomas (Tom, Tommie), Walter (Walt), and other nicknames  William (Liam) , Michael (Micah)