Help With Baby Names

My wife and I are having trouble deciding which of the names below we want to use. to help us out, if you would kindly put them

in order from 1-3 (one being the most popular and three being the least popular). Our last name is Asaro (pronounced: Ah-Sorrow).


Charles Mark Asaro

William Scott Asaro

Jack Sebastian Asaro


Lily Josephine Asaro

Autumn Renee Asaro

Teagan Olympia



December 23, 2012 2:14 PM


#1 William Scott Asaro

#2 Charles Mark Asaro-the flow from Charles into Asaro isn't ideal, but I think it's still usable.  If you plan on Charlie as a nickname, this will eliminate the flow problem.

#3 Jack Sebastian Asaro-Jack Sebastian is quite nice.  However, Jack Asaro looks/sounds too much like Jack As*, which makes it a bit problematic I think.


#1 Lily Josephine Asaro

#2  Autumn Renee Asaro-Autumn seems just a bit dated to me, but it is still a lovely name.

#3  Teagan Olympia Asaro-I am not really a big fan of the name Teagan.  It also seems like a bit of an outlier for you since it has a more unisex feel than Lily and Autumn (which are both very feminine to me).  However, I love Olympia and would find it a lovely & unexpected choice if you were willing to consider it for the first name position.

December 23, 2012 4:17 PM

thank you for your input! We love William Scott, because it has significant meaning. My wife is Scottish and is a decendant of Sir William Wallace. The name means "great defender of mankind" and "from Scotland", which was what Sir William Wallace was. It is also a historical name which is my profession. We love Lily Josephine, because it is just pretty lol.

December 23, 2012 6:18 PM

William>Wilhelm=will+helmet, plain and simple.  Don't know where the "great defender of mankind" came from.  There is nothing in the name meaning great or mankind or defender.  The concept of helmet is sometimes extended to mean protection/protector, but in fact the name is simply will/desire plus helmet.  It might also be of interest that the word Scot essentially means Gael/Gaelic cpeaker and was originally applied to people from Ireland as well as people from Scotland.  For example, Johannes (John) Scotus Eriugena, the early medieval philosopher/theologian, was Irish, as Eriugena (Irish-born) indicates.  John Duns Scotus, the renowned philosopher/theologian of the High Middle Ages, OTOH, was born in Scotland.

December 23, 2012 5:34 PM

1. William Scott Asaro - this is my favorite for you. It has the best flow of all of your boy options, and I really like the history connection (both your wife's ancestry and your profession).

2. Charles Mark Asaro - this is really -ah heavy for me, though I agree that if you primarily use Charlie or some other nickname, everything works a lot better. If you are set on using just Charles, that would kick it to the bottom for me.

3. Jack Sebastian Asaro - I just can't get past the jackass/jackoff connotation. I'm sorry. Jack Sebastian is a great name, just not with your surname.
1. Teagan Olympia Asaro - by far my favorite. Feels equal parts fun and serious, on trend without being trendy. LOVE it.

2. Lily Josephine Asaro - Very pretty, if a little safe. The popularity of Lily (and its variants) are very hot right now, but if that's not an issue, then I think you're good. The flow is fantastic.

3. Autumn Renee Asaro - this is definitely my least favorite. It feels really dated, and I would expect it more on a woman in her 20s than a new baby. I also don't like the assonance of Autumn Asaro.

December 26, 2012 1:41 AM

My thoughts on your names.

Boys: 1. William Scott. Lovely choice and nice flow.

2. Charles Mark - The flow isn't quite as good as William Scott but I do like this combo.

3. Jack Sebastian - The first middle combo is good but Jack Asaro does suffer from the Jack As.... problem so I'd veto it.


1. Lily Josephine - I really like this combo even though Lily is quite popular.

2. Autumn Renee - I don't find Autumn at all dated, but I don't much care for Renee. With a different middle, Autumn Josephine or Autumn Olympia this would be my absolute first choice.

3. Teagan Olympia - I love Olympia but I really don't care for Teagan. I find Teagan a little dated.