Help with MN for Aurelie, Gabriel and eclectic fairytale names

Can you suggest middle names? Feel free to drop the ones I suggest and suggest your own.


Short list:

Aurelie-nn Aurelia <Echo/Evraelle/Laila> Scholze

Elodie <Wonder/Lyra/Ambre> Scholze

Elora (full name Eloria?) Scholze

Ever-nn Evraelle <Lorelei> Scholze --Ever Lore Scholze

Story-nn Astoria Scholze

Story-nn Estoire Scholze

Colette Scholze

Odette Scholze

Eimirya <Fable> Scholze

Eveline Story Scholze

Lore-nn Lorelei Scholze


Gabriel (pronounced Jibrāʾīl at home) <Wolgang/Draven> Scholze

Tobin-nn Tobias Wolgang Scholze

Dorian Wolgang Scholze

Thaddeus Wolgang Scholze

Damon Wolgang Scholze

Aurelien Elvyn Scholze

Caspian Dryden Scholze

Thaddeus Valor Scholze

Lucien Scholze