Honoring a Grandparent

I love, love, love the name Evelyn.  I have for years, and wanted to name our first daughter Evelyn, but I knew 3 couples with babies with that name.  It is currently number 38 in popularity, and I prefer something that while not totally "out there," is not in the top 50 or 100.  Part of the reason I love it is because it is my maternal grandmother's name.  We named our first daughter Fiona Marie.  (Marie for my husband's grandmother.)

Do you have any suggestions for a second baby girl that would go well with Fiona (Two-syllable last name) that might honor a relative?  Their names are/were:

Evelyn Pauline (my maternal grandmother)

Lolita Marguerite (my paternal grandmother)

Delcie Marie (went by Marie-husband's paternal grandmother)

I don't know my husband's maternal grandmother's name!  She passed away when my mother-in-law was 17.  Maybe I ought to find out...In the meantime, thoughts or insights would be helpful.  We can use a family name for first or middle, change spellings, etc.  Ideas?

Thanks for your help!



April 16, 2012 3:31 PM

To mix and match what you have listed I came up with these:

Evelyn Delphine; Dulce Marguerite; Evelyn Margaret; Lola Pauline;

Fiona is flowing but Marie is simple. It sounds a bit french but the 2nd wouldn't have to.

April 16, 2012 6:10 PM

hmmm that's a toughie.  My sister-in-law told me if I loved a name I should tell everyone I know so they'll be less likely to use it before me.  I like playing the 'alternative name' game so let me see what I can come up with.  I think you can still name her Evelyn and give her an exclusive nickname to differenciate her from the pack.

Evelyn nn's: Ever, Evie, Effie
Evelyn alts: Everly, Imogen, Evita (a combination of Lolita and Evelyn)

Lolita alts: Lola, Louise/a, Elodie, Eloise, Lilo
(I personally wouldn't pick Lolita for a baby name or nn because of the Nabakov associations, but love the alts)

Marguerite nn's: Rita, Maggie, Molly, Daisy, Peggy
Marguerite alts: Margaret, Margot, Maisie, Marjorie

Delcie: does a name this cute need a nn?
Delcie alts: Della, Celia

Some combinations: Evelyn Daisy, Evita Marguerite, Louisa Margot, Della Eloise, Celia Imogen, Marjorie Della

By ozy
April 16, 2012 8:10 PM

I'm loving the combination of Fiona and Lola. How about Lola Evelyn?

April 17, 2012 7:47 AM

I love Imogen!  That was my new favorite for a while, but my husband thinks it is too weird, unfortunately.  I also like Marjorie.  I like Delcie, but our last name starts with a long E sound.  Do you think that would sound weird?  Like it has been said, you can't fix an awkward name with a middle name, because eventually the middle name is dropped and the child has to deal with a clunky name.

I also like Celia!  Super cute-I'm mentioning it to my husband tonight.

Thanks so much.

April 17, 2012 7:49 AM

I like using a Lolita alternative, like Lola, maybe for a middle name.

By Guest (not verified)
April 16, 2012 8:10 PM

I'm assuming Fiona was a name you liked, so I like the idea of doing another name you like with the honor name being the middle.  Since the honor name last time was from your husband's family, I think this time it should be one of your grandmothers names.    I also agree that I wouldn't use Lolita in the book it's a nickname for Dolores so maybe Dolores could work.  As a firstname it also gives you Lola as a nickname.

Camille Evelyn, Camille Dolores, Dolores Evelyn, Elena Marguerite, Isla Pauline, Isla Marguerite,

Nora Evelyn,  Daisy Evelyn, Daisy Pauline, Claire Evelyn or Evelyn Claire, Claire Marguerite.  

With Fiona Marie I think my favorites from this list are Claire Marguerite and Daisy Pauline.



By mk
April 17, 2012 12:41 AM

I'd stay away from Lolita becuase of the strong conneciton to the book, and away from Lola because it seems very popular to me ( I know 4 kids under the age of 5 with that name). I agree with Guest who said to choose a name you like and then honor a relative with the middle name. Since you really like Evelyn, why not use it as a middle name?

Claire Evelyn

Maeve Evelyn

Louise Evelyn

Violet Evelyn


April 17, 2012 7:38 AM

My husband suggested Violet the other day, so that's a definite possibility.  I also like Maeve because it is Celtic like Fiona.  Thanks for your suggestions!

April 17, 2012 7:03 AM

I just had to say if you love, love, love a name and have for years maybe you should reconsider using it.  Plus it's a family name.  It's not even in the top 25 and I doubt it will go top 10.  So even if she does run into another Evelyn now and then you would only have 1 Evelyn in your house!  And any name you pick could end up being shared by other girls in her social circle.  It just be a bummer to pass on Evelyn and yet she have her in class with another by her name.

April 17, 2012 7:37 AM

That is a very good point.  I've just always shied away from super-popular names, and top 50 seems super popular to me, but I would hate to pass on a name I love.

By hyz
April 17, 2012 11:39 AM

I think a lot of the names you like will go beautifully with Fiona--I'll second Maeve, Violet, Imogen, Celia...  If you love Evelyn but aren't stuck on having it as a FN due to popularity, I'd put it firmly in the middle spot and work the FN around that.  ____ Evelyn Ea____n.  With this pattern, I would probably rule out Imogen, since you'd have 3 names in a row ending in -n.  Of the names above, I think Celia E. E. sounds best, although Maeve and Violet are ok, too.  Other suggestions for firsts... Isla, Pauline (why not!?  It seems to be gaining traction again in the UK--maybe an up-and-comer), Marguerite (pretty, and maybe nn Maisie?), Clara, Kiera, Elsa...

April 19, 2012 11:08 AM

If Evelyn is the name you love, just go for it! Clearly lots of other people like it too, and your daughter may enjoy the compliments. Overall popularity doesn't tell you much about how ubiquitous a name is in any given area, so if you are really concerned about this looking at local trends may be helpful. In general though, I'd say that if your daughter finds that she feels she's "one of the crowd" and wands to stand out a little more, there are always nicknames. Besides the obvious (Ev, Evie, Lynn), you can get creative here (Vinnie, Liv, Elfie ...?) and even incorporate initials or middle names, or personality, hobbies, etc. More importantly, she has a family story to go along with her name, and that will help make it special to her as to well as to you.

In your situation, I'd probably pick a name from your side of the family this time. I'd generally be more inclined to put the tribute name in the middle as you did with Fiona's name, but if you like Evelyn as a first, I'd give a middle that's unique (in the immediate family). Evelyn Marguerite sounds very nice to me though. Also give some thought as to whether using the exact name is important to you as a tribute, or whether using a more oblique reference honors the "namesake" sufficiently. E.g. for Marguerite there are many related names that are variations in different languages - Greta, Gretchen, Mairead, Margaret, Margaux/Margo/Margot, Marjorie/Margery, etc. - and there also the root meanings, which also work as names in this case: Pearl and Daisy.

Some suggestions for other first names to go with Fiona:

Bridget, Bronwen, Brynne, Cecilia/Cecily, Celine, Daphne, Delphine,

Elise, Evita, Gwendolyn, Isla, Juliet, Lavinia, Lucy, Mairead, Maren, Marilyn,

Niamh/Neve, Penelope, Rita, Sinead, Tessa, Violet

And a few combinations:

Bridget Marguerite, Bronwen Margaret, Brynne Paulette, Cecilia Pearl, Cecily Eve, Cecily Margaret, Celine Lolita,

Daisy Paulette, Daphne Evelyn, Daphne Pauline, Delphine Marguerite, Elise Paula, Elise Margaux,

Evelyn Lola, Evelyn Martina, Evelyn Paulette, Evelyn Pearl,

Evita Marguerite, Evita Pearl, Greta Paulette, Gwendolyn Eve, Gwendolyn Margaret,

Isla Marguerite, Isla Pauline, Juliet Evelyn, Juliet Pauline, Lavinia Pauline, Lucy Evelyn, Lucy Margaux,

Maeve Dolores, Maeve Pauline, Mairead Evelyn, Maren Paulette, Maren Greta, Marguerite Eve,

Marjorie Pauline, Marilyn Eve, Neve Pauline, Neve Lola, Penelope Margot, Rita Paulette,

Sinead Evelyn, Tessa Marguerite, Tessa Paulette, Violet Pauline, Violet Lolita

Hope that helps!

By Coll
April 27, 2012 5:28 PM

I'm really into Paulina/Polly these days, so that would be my choice. Margot is also a nickname for Marguerite that appeals. So Fiona and Polly or Fiona and Margot-- nice, aren't they?

That said, don't reject out Evelyn out of hand. Yes, it's becoming increasingly popular, but it's classic! Think of it this way: 10 years from now, which of these responses would bother you more, to hear another mother calling for "Evelyn" and think wistfully, "I always loved that name", or to have 3 Evelyns graduate alongside your daughter (I doubt it would be more than that, if even three) and think, "I never imagined it would be so popular." If the first response would bother you more, go with Evelyn and say eff it to the rankings.