Huge announcement. Please PRAY!

Hello everybody,

I know this forum is for posts full of love and happiness, but I really want to update you!

So, as you know my sister gave birth to quads on 24th November. They were all feeling well and they were all healthy in first week after they were born. But, during 2nd week after their birth, the health condition of two girls has worsened considerably. Precious Esme Belle who was the smallest one on birth, got a heart failure and her heart stopped for whole 3 minutes. That was the worst time of our lives. We prayed a lot, but doctors said there's only 20% chance of recovery. She had operation, and thankfully everything went fine. But her heart still has potential of coming back to stage before operation, which is horrible. On the other hand, I have to announce that we lost our beautiful precious Lizabeth Claire. She was so brave, but she lost her fight on 14 December. She died of SIDS - sudden infant death syndrome. They tried to reanimate her but unsuccessfully. She didn't even celebrate 1 month with her sissy's. And I can't even describe you how these babies are feeling that her sister is no longer with them. Especially Sara is the one who cries a lot, she was her twin, they are all feeling that. That is trully a miracle. We still can't believe this all happened, I just wanted to update you because I want to tell you, you never know what can happen. In one moment everything is fine and well and just the other moment you don't know what to do because you are going through the nightmare. We were looking at our niece/daughter and we knew that she was brave, and then they said to us that we lost her. I want to tell you when you're having multiples (twins/triplets/quadruplets...) this is really high risk pregnancy. It's even risk when you are pregnant with one child! You have to have faith in God! Pray, pray and pray! We prayed and we believe that he chose the right place for her. Please guys, pray for Esme, Julie and Sara. They are now fine thankfully, but we're still praying for them.  I believe Lizzy is now watching them and praying for them. 

Thanks again for your support! You'll be updated. 

Sara M.S.



December 22, 2017 5:30 PM

oh I am so sorry to hear that,  praying for you and all the family and praying for little Esme, Julie and Sara

February 5, 2018 2:07 AM

I praying for you