husband is unsure about Elise Victoria

hi all! as much as i have found i love the combination of Elise Victoria Burrows for a prospective girl, I finally had a chance to speak to my husband yesterday, who is overseas in the military. He asked who in my family has the name Victoria. He just insists on a family connection on a middle name, whether it's from his or my side. I do have an aunt Vicki, who is alive right now, and he hasn't met, but the trick is, she is only a vicki, not a victoria. i forgot about that connection, until after we were done speaking, so i wrote him, but who knows when he'll get to respond. i did have an ultrasound the other day, but the baby was being shy, so we still don't know the sex. although i feel a familial connection is important, primarily to respect his wishes, i just think my pick is a rocking combination! going over some name history, some names i have found of people in the 1800's are



and lots of Mary's. his family has Rose as a maternal last name, too. i don't really see these going well with Elise as the frontrunner. i have a feeling Roxanna (the only one that entices me a bit) he would associate with the song Roxane.


1.  I guess my question may be: Can i justify using Victoria after someone named Vicki?  by the way, my husband suggested Dana. do you see his problem with flow?! Elise Dana, just because it's my name, doesn't make it a nice fit. HELP!!!!

2. Does Elise Rosemary Burrows have good flow. Heck, i don't want "good" flow, i want the BEST flow. Suggestions, advice, commiserations, please!


June 9, 2012 2:21 PM

1.  Yes, I think Victoria after a "just Vicki" is fine.  My oldest has the middle name Donovan after a "just Don" and he was thrilled to have a namesake.  In fact, my family considers it bad luck to use an exact match in honor of a namesake who is still living.

2.  Elise Rosemary B_ has a good flow, though I do like Elise Victoria better.

Does your husband insist on a family namesake?  Would he accept a namesake after an important friend, favorite author or someone else who has had significant influence in your life?  That might expand your options at least.  It could be a good option if he rejects  Victoria being after an aunt he's never met and that you didn't even think of right away.

Could you convince him that Elise is a family namesake?  Perhaps there is an Elizabeth, Alice or Lisa in your family?  If the namesake is used in the first position, maybe it'd free up the middle slot for Victoria.

Annelise could be "after Roxanna", and you could still call her Elise.  Annelise Victoria has a nice flow.


June 9, 2012 5:25 PM

thanks for the input! you have really good suggestions and ideas. he does not care who in the family, just as long as it is after someone. i have nixed both annabelle and sybillae on his side,uugh. lucky for me, i got a surprise call from him minutes ago and was able to justify my position. the fact that i didn't think of my aunt first off, doesn't mean much more than that i am absentminded, as we do speak at least once a week! hopefully this is it for us and i'm ready to move on to the name announcement section. as for elise after an elizabeth, i did propose that was another aunts middle name. he's just ridiculous.

June 10, 2012 9:52 AM

Your husband sounds like my brother-in-law.  He also insisted on a family name, even if the family connection had little to no sentiment behind it.  It sounds like maybe you've about got him convinced that Elise Victoria could work.  I look forward to when you post in announcements!

By Guest (not verified)
June 10, 2012 2:27 PM

An aunt you speak to once a week sounds like a very close, loving family connection.  And using Victoria after Vicki seems fine to me; they're practically the same name.

Elise Rosemary Burrows also flows very nicely, and it's nice that it's a double namesake.

I don't love the flow of Elise Dana Burrows as much. If Dana is after you but you don't like it, then it's not much of an honor, right?

By mk
June 9, 2012 4:54 PM

Yes, Victoria for Vicki is fine. But is there a specific family member he wants to use as a namesake? Or a name that has been used for several generations?

Elise Rosemary and Elise Dana also sound nice to me as a 2nd and 3rd option.