I hate my name, but I’m not sure if I should change it.

My name is Avery, my middle name is Grace, and my last name is   Payne. I’ve hated my name since I was little. im not sure if I should change it or no. My parents would throw a fit if i did, I’m 14. Should I change it? if so, what name? My brother’s name is Hunter David, if that helps you come up with name. 


July 18, 2018 2:51 AM

You could always use your middle name.  What names do you like or dont you like

some names

Averly Ava, Avonlea, Averill, Everly Emery Ellery Elodie Hayley Lily Ashley Amity Amberly Ally Amy Aubrey Audrey Alani Alexi  Avani  Abbie Anslie Evie Evanthe Yvette Everette  Elliette Emily Ellie Lily Emma Ella Elise Olivia Lavinia  Madison Genevieve Savannah  Elouise Ebony Indi Ariel Alana Alexa Izzy Eliza

Katelyn Brianna Brielle Tayla Charlotte Hadley Harper Chelsea Stella Imogen Kate Zoe Chloe Ashlyn Eden Paige

July 18, 2018 3:00 PM

For now I would look at names you like and ask friends, teacher etc to call you by those and see how they feel. I think most people have negative feelings towards their own names because they are more a reflection of your parents then you.  There are so many beautiful names and your own ends up feeling meh, to your own ears.  

If in a few years if you still feel you don't like your name and have found one that speaks to you and you love being called then yes change your name.  I also think waiting is a good idea because if I had changed my name in high school it would be so different from the name I'd choose now two decades later.  Best of Luck to you!