I have several names that I want opinions on!

Ok, so here are some names for a new story that I'm writing. I would like to know what you think when you see the name. It could be good/bad thoughts, sterrio-types, physical atributes, or anything else. I'll tell you about the character(s) after some people say what they think. Note: Some characters have nn which will be marked "like this". Note again: Some characters are known by their last names, so if there are two names that's what it means. Also, I'd love any opinion about any of the names (likes or dislikes). It helps!


Julian "Jules"

Clyde Jeffreys








Calvin Hodge


Benedict Godfrey

Therese "Tess"

Brooks Crispin

Matteo Sebastian

Please give me ideas, suggestions, anything! Thank you so much!


February 19, 2013 8:15 PM

Sorry I forgot one!


He's important!

February 20, 2013 12:16 PM

Here are my opinions:

Hugo--nice name, somewhat continental. I would expect him to have European or Hispanic parents

Azaria--reminds me of the actor Hank Azaria

Julian "Jules"--As a nickname, Jules strikes me as being somewhat feminine. As a given name, I would assume this were a Frenchman.

Clyde Jeffreys--Clyde is so out of fashion that I would assume this would be the name of a very old man.

Coraline--Reminds me of the Neil Gaiman character

Hope--I don't really have any preconceived notions about this name, except that it's a fairly loaded name to use in fiction

Lilly--I have no preconceived notions about this name

Donatella--Reminds me of Donatella Versace

Winona--Reminds me of Winona Ryder

Violette--This spelling makes the name seem very old-fashioned.

Felix--I would expect this character to be a child (or a European man)

Calvin Hodge--With the last name Hodge, this screams Calvin and Hobbes

Teirnan--I have absolutely no knowledge of this name at all, but I like it. I would of course expect this to be given to either an Irish character or someone who had Irish-American parents who really wanted to put their heritage front and center

Benedict Godfrey--Reminds me of the pope, especially when paired with Godfrey

Therese "Tess"--I like this name a lot. Therese is uncommon (but not unknown) and Tess is very pretty

Brooks Crispin--A very preppy name

Matteo Sebastian--This strikes me as a good name for someone whose parents are Italian-American

February 26, 2013 6:15 PM

Azaria --The name is definately interesting. Would definately be interesting in a story with a character named Azaria.

Julian "Jules" -- I imagine a stuck-up person. Sorry if that wasn't what you were hoping for.

Clyde Jeffreys -- Clyde to me is preppy. Jeffreys does give me a similar vibe, but I think it could also be sportsy. 

Coraline -- Sorry again, but this reminds me too much of the book character "Coraline." But it could work, maybe... 

Hope -- Hope. It also catches my attention. I like it.

Lilly -- It's nice. The extra "L" in Lil*l*y makes me linger on the name a while longer. No problem with that, just a comment. I do like it a lot. & I like the way I stop to reread the name.

Donatella -- Not a big fan. Makes me think of "Nutella". Sorry again! But no doubt unique!

Winona -- ... Interesting... 

Violette -- I like it. The "Violette" spelling catches my eye for some reason. It also makes me think of the colour. 

Felix -- I like it. 

Calvin Hodge -- I think Calvin & Hobbes for some reason... but I really don`t see much of an issue there.

Teirnan -- Very interesting. Makes me think of Kieran... so I want to read "Teiran". I like how it catches my eye & I think about the name for a minute. 

Benedict Godfrey -- Benedict Arnold comes to mind. God stands out in  "Godfrey", but I like it.

Therese "Tess" -- Tess is nice. I read "Theresa" first. I like Therese better than Theresa. :)

Brooks Crispin -- Crispin makes me think of "crispy." Sorry. Brooks is nice.

Matteo Sebastian -- I like Matteo. But "Sebastian" reads very first-name to me. I can`t imagine it as a surname... but it`s OK.

Hugo -- Two words: Hugo Cabret. Otherwise, it`s nice & I like it. 

December 26, 2013 12:03 PM

Azaria: Feels like a flower name to me, probably because of its similarity to Azalia. It's a gorgeous name though, and makes me think of a girl in her late teens/early twenties with an exotic personality.

Julian "Jules": I really like this name too, especially with Jules. It gives me a very similar feel to Azaria: young and exotic (for some reason not in looks though), but not too weird, even though both are extremely uncommon.

Clyde Jeffreys: He goes by Jeffreys or Jeffrey? I have to say, Clyde does sound old to me, and Jeffreys definitely feels lijke a last name. (I know it is, but it doesn't feel like one that would be transferred to first name status.) It's still workable for a young character though; characters take on their own personalities. As long as you don't let stereotypes of their names rule the characters neither will the readers.

Coraline: Unfortunately, I think this gorgeous name will always ring of the movie. (which I have never even seen!) If you really want to use it, I think you'll have to make her a very independent character. If she stands out, she'll claim the name as her own.

Hope: This is a very common name, and very pretty and simple. It feels very homely and comfortable, prehaps because it's height (at least the feel I get from it) was with the Puritans. It could certainly adapt to any character though, which is the beauty of names like this. If you can get around their simplicity (which I can't, sadly) they make good names for all sorts of people!

Lilly: Another simple common name, but I really love this one! I like this so much more than Lily with one l. It gives it a touch of the unusual, without making it at all weird.

Donatella: This feels like the name of a villain in a Victorian novel to me, something like Cruella, lol :)

Winona: This name gives me a feel of wild and free bliss, a girl running with long dark hair blowing in the wind. Very pretty, though it does have very different origins from the rest of your names. (Native American, I believe, as opposed to mostly European. This wouldn't be an issue if it's a modern world, where different backgrounds live together at random, but none of the rest of the names are really popular, giving me a feeling of some sort of fantasy world.)

Violette: I see her as a shy dark haired French beauty. Lovely name.

Felix: Very unusual, but intriguing, and for some reason reminds me of a cat... Makes me think of either a tall brave hero, or a conniving 50-60 year old villain.

Calvin Hodge: He goes by Hodge? But I like Calvin so much better! Reminds me of Calvin O'Keefe from a Wrinkle in Time, which I love. Calvin feels down to earth (meaning fairly normal, though uncommon) but vivid. Hodge I don't like. Feels like an evil henchman to me.

Teirnan: This feels very much like a fantasy name to me. With a grouping of typical modern names (Maybe a group named Ashley, Tiffany, Eric, Cristopher, and Azaria) it could fit in (since uncommon names are common now, if you get my gist) but... I'm not sure I can explain better without knowing the setting of this story.)

Benedict Godfrey: The name Benedict with a name as last name brings to mind Benedict Arnold. I love the name Benedict, but Godfrey feels old and stuffy.

Therese "Tess": Love the name Therese! It's my middle name, and so underused. Tess I don't like as much, mainly because I think both Therese and Theresa are much prettier.

Brooks Crispin: I've never heard Crispin as a last name, though I love it as a first! It's the name of the MC in one of my favorite books (Crispin: the Cross of Lead by Avi) and so unusual but perfect. A completely different ballpark from Brooks though.

Matteo Sebastian: Never heard of Sebastian as a last name either. I like it a lot though, and it complements Matteo perfectly. Out together they make me think of a lithe young man, capable with a sword. Think inigo Montoya from Princess Bride :)

Hugo: This immediately makes me think of the Hunchback of Notre Dame and the Prince and the Pauper. Not one of my favorite names, and very old fashioned. use it if you like it though!

December 26, 2013 12:07 PM

By the way, I avoided reading other comments till after I finished, so in places where we say the same thing it's likely a connotation many people will share.

July 11, 2014 1:09 PM

Azaria: It sounds young.. makes me think or a young girl, maybe six or seven? Really cute but with an attitude. The other thing it makes me think of is a pretty teenage girl. Smart, sorta quiet, and charismatic. Very nice name.

Jules: I love the nickname. Dark hair, dark eyes, and funny. Reminds me of Jules in book 6 in the Mortal Instruments series.

Clyde: Makes me think of a teenage guy, probably sixteen or seventeen. I like the old fashioned name. He's probably a bit priveleged, with nice clothes and stuff, but all in all a great guy. Doesn't take advantage of his parents' money. Not neccesarily popular, but he could be. Super nice.

Coraline: Teenage girl, probably fourteen or fifteen. dark hair, and very pretty, but extrememly shy. Has a pretty smile, but she gets worried sorta easily. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name!!!!!

Hope: Light brown hair, green eyes, and super friendly. Always upbeat and encouraging people. Fitting name.

Lilly: A generally happy girl, but with an underlying unhappiness with some thing(s) in her life. The name seems a bit frilly to me.

Donatella: Makes me think of a snobbish woman probably in her late twenties to early thirties. wears super nice clothes. That or a teenage girl that is popular and probably a cheerleader. Leader of her own crowd.

Winona: Very pretty and slender, but sort of goth and slightly depressed. Extremely defiant towards anyone who thinks badly of her. Determined to be unique from the rest of the world.

Violette: Black hair. Very outgoing and friendly. Laughs alot and her eyes always sparkle with a bit of laughter. I love the double t spelling- gives a more Victorian feel.

Felix: Dark hair. Quiet, thoughtful, curious, intelligent and inquisitive. Either that or outgoing and mischievous with a boyish charm.

Calvin: A guy with light brown hair. just a normal type of guy trying to survive high school. 15 or 16 maybe? Sort of tall... wiry and thin. His last name reminds me of another character in the Mortal Instruments.

Tiernan: Brown hair and blue eyes. Interesting name... I like it.

Benedict: The name is more old fashioned... Probably an older(not old) man, or if it IS a teenager/young man, he's probably more sophisticated and intelligent. Maybe a little stuffy and arrogant, or maybe quiet and sweet.

Tess: I LOVE this name!!!! Makes me think of one of my fave characters in The Infernal Devices.  Dark brown hair, slightly wary but with a great personality and a proficiency with sarcasm and humor.

Brooks: A more preppy popular type of girl. Nice and funny, but can be entreating, arrogant and annoying at times.

Matteo: Dark haired, dark eyed, handsome and witty. with an infectuous smile and a great laugh. easy to be around and loyal, but he has a sharp tongue and is formidable when angry or annoyed. his ability to sling insults around could leave you shocked. i absolutely LOOOVE the name Sebastian. Reminds me of an extrememly interesting character in the Mortal Instruments.(Sorry so many of these...)

Hugo: Makes me think of a guy that's probably Hispanic. Dark hair and dark eyes. Could be popular, but may not be.