In need of a sister's name for a set of siblings

So I've been writing this little blurb of a story and I have a set of siblings; Wyatt Hudson, Ryden Matthew, and Lexingtyn Grace. There is one more sister and I've been playing around with some names but I'm in need of some suggestions

(I'm considering Leightyn Alexis or Emersyn Layne) Maybe?


July 4, 2019 7:10 PM

I think Leightyn is to close to Lexingtyn--as a reader, with the same first two letters and same last three letters I'd have a hard time keeping them straight, or even remembering that they're two different characters. Emersyn is better, but I might still trip over that -yn ending as it's such a striking element. If you want to stick with surnames containing Y, maybe just Emery?

Other options: Blythe, Kyrie, Ainsley (or Aynsley), Averyll, Jayde, Sayge, Payton, Layton, Sydney, Taylor.