Jessa and Ben's Brood

Jessa (née Duggar) Seewald and her husband Ben Seewald only have one child so far, but let's hypothetically say they surpass her parents' impressive total of 19 children (not including miscarriages) and have 20 kids. Rather than going with the shared first initial theme of the Duggars, what if Jessa and Ben name all their children after notable Christian preachers, theologians, martyrs, missionaries, and apostles? Come up with 20 names following this theme! You can do any order of boys and girls you want, but start with the son they already have. I'll post mine in a response!


July 11, 2016 9:58 PM

1) Spurgeon Elliot Seewald (boy, named after preacher Charles Spurgeon & missionaries Jim and Elisabeth Elliot)

2) Becket Wesley Seewald (boy, named for Thomas Becket & Charles and John Wesley)

3) Ignatius Booth Seewald (boy, Ignatius of Antioch & William Booth)

4) Lottie Carmichael Seewald (girl, Charlotte "Lottie" Moon & Amy Carmichael)

5) Roseveare Stratonice Seewald (girl, Helen Roseveare & martyr Stratonice)

6) Adoniram Zwemer Seewald (boy, Adoniram Judson & Samuel Zwemer)

7) Perpetua Carey Seewald (girl, martyr Perpetua & William Carey)

8) Barth Hudson Seewald (boy, Karl Barth & Hudson Taylor)

9) Junia Blandine Seewald (girl, apostle Junia & martyr Blandine)

10) Gladys Prisca Seewald (girl, Gladys Aylward & martyr Prisca)

11) Wycliffe Dietrich Seewald (boy, Tyndale's twin, John Wycliffe & Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

12) Tyndale Bonhoeffer Seewald (boy, Wycliffe's twin, William Tyndale & Dietrich Bonhoeffer)

13) Agnes Zell Seewald (girl, Agnes of Rome & Katharina Zell)

14) Morrison Huss Seewald (boy, Robert Morrison & John Huss)

15) Gothard Studd Seewald (boy, Bill Gothard & C.T. Studd)

16) Euphemia Joan Seewald (girl, martyr Euphemia & Joan of Arc)

17) Kuhn Liddell Seewald (boy, John and Isobel Kuhn & Eric Liddell)

18) Nevius Birch Seewald (boy, John Livingstone Nevius & John Birch)

19) Lamburth Chalmers Seewald (boy, Walter Russell Lambuth & William Chalmers Burns)

20) Fleming Dyer Seewald (boy, Pete Fleming & Samuel Dyer)

August 4, 2017 6:24 AM

1. Spurgeon Elliot (b, Charles Spurgeon, Jim & Elizabeth)

2. Henry Wilberforce (b, William Wilberforce)

3. Elliotte Rose (g, Jim & Elizabeth, Darlene Diebler Rose)

4. Catherine Grace (g, saint/martyr, Catherine Booth cofounder of the Salvation Army)

5. Evangeline Rae (g, Evangeline Booth 4th "general" of the Salvation Army)

6. Hudson Joel (b, Hudson Taylor)

7. Reese Harrison (b, Reese Howells)

8. Lewis Declan (b, C.S. Lewis)

9. Sophia Bardot (g, saint/ martyr)

10. Edmund Theodore (b, saint/martyr)

October 2, 2017 2:53 PM

DS: Spurgeon Elliott

DS: Ridley Thomas (Nicholas Ridley and Thomas More)

DS: Hunter Matthew (William Hunter and Matthew Hammond)

DD: Taylor Joan (Francis Taylor and Joan of Arc)

DD: Edith Narcissa "Edie" (Edith Stein and Narcissa Whitman)

DS: Theodore Marcus "Theo" (Theodore Romzha and Marcus Whitman)

DS: Becket Lawrence (Thomas Becket and Lawrence Saunders)

DD: Meredith Rosemary (Meredith Kline and Rosemary Radford Ruether)

DD: Georgia Mildred (Georgia Harkness and Mildred Barker)

DS: Magnus John (Albertus Magnus and John Calvin)

DD: Piper Marcella (John Piper and Marcella Althaus-Reid)

DS: Knox Martin (John Knox and Martin Luther)

DD: Teresa Miley "Reese" (Teresa of Avila and John Miley)

DS: Archibald Edwin "Archie" (Archibald Alexander and Edwin Lewis)

DS: Parker Langdon (Borden Parker Bowne and Langdon Gilkey)

DS: Emil Murray (Emil Brunner and John Murray)

DD: Shelby Daniela (John Shelby Spong and Daniela Muller)

DS: Carsten Anthony (Carsten Peter Theide and Anthony Thiselton)

DS: Zacharias Keller "Zach" (Ravi Zacharias and Timothy Keller)

DD: Mercy Elizabeth (Mercy Oduyoye and Elizabeth Stuart)


Spurgeon, Ridley, Hunter, Taylor, Edie, Theo, Becket, Meredith, Georgia, Magnus, Piper, Knox, Reese, Archie, Parker, Emil, Shelby, Carsten, Zach, & Mercy Duggar