Jules as a full name

Lately i have heard Jules (feminized) used as a full name on TV. what do you all think of this? i find it very attractive. do you think it would fit well with sibling Clair, also a girl?

i had all but decided on Elise Victoria, and that is what i say when asked about our upcoming end of October baby. however, i'm always on the lookout to make sure that i've picked the 'perfect' name for our most probable last child. other names that appeal to me so far have been Gwendolyn, Brooke, Laurel, Chloe Barbara, Nina Chloe or maybe Nina Elise, Juliet, now Jules. it's crazy making and is not helped by my husband's extended deployment and my current pita head  cold this weekend. thanks NE's for your continued support. also one small point for those that know i struggled with using barbara as a middle name- i realized that the way i spelled Clairissa, has IRIS right in the middle (just today) and that was my grandmothers favorite flower. she had immense iris decor in her home, so that makes me feel as if i indirectly honored her.

 obsessively yours...


September 22, 2012 4:19 PM

too late to edit, but i forgot to add that i also like Marlene or marlena. basically, it seems i really like the variants of Elizabeth, Mary, Laura and Julia, but don't want to use those base names themselves, but they are what i'm drawn to. i have also had a love affair with the idea of Gloria (especially seeing Gloria Jean daily on my coffee), so i like way too many names, i guess, or love, even. Gwendolyn is even a surprise to me that i like it. thanks again. danasurfside

September 22, 2012 4:31 PM

Hmmm... the only Jules I have heard (a couple of them now) on tv were actually short for Juliet. I think Clair and Juliet nn Jules make a very cute sibset.


I love that Clairissa now feels lik an honor name to your grandmother (and my favorite flower is the iris too!). :-)

September 22, 2012 7:07 PM

Jules as a given name strikes me as very masculine, my only real association with it would be Jules Verne.  

However, I do like it as a nickname for names like Julie, Julia and Juliet.   Julia or Juliet would make a lovely sister name for Clair.   The spelling Juliette is especially nice with Clairissa.  I like how they both have a double letter.

September 22, 2012 8:18 PM

I've never really liked Jules as a nickname for Julia, because it's a masculine name (as in Jules Verne). However, a friend's 10-year-old made my daughter Julianna a necklace with the word "jewels"* spelled out in letter beads on it, and that sounds almost the same as Jules. This has made me conscious lately of Jewel as a name. Perhaps you could consider that as a non-masculine alternative?

*OK, technically it says JFWFLS, because the 10-year-old didn't notice that the silver ones were F's, not E's, but I refrained from pointing that out, and the two-year-old doesn't care -- she only recognizes O's and M's so far.

September 23, 2012 5:02 AM

I really like Elise Victoria for you, but I think exploring your options before the baby is born is not a bad idea.

Re Jules, I don't mind it as a nickname for Julia or Juliet/Juliette but I don't like it as a stand-alone feminine name. I find Jude and Jules more appropriate on a male, but again as a nickname on a girl it's fine. I think both Julia and Juliet go really well with Clairissa (Clair). Juliet Victoria works better than Julia Victoria but Julia with another middle would be lovely. Julia Elise? Julia Laurel?

Of the other names you mentioned I really look Gwendolyn, Nina and Laurel. I find Chloe a bit different in style and more popular than the others. Chloe and Clair might also be a bit matchy? Brooke is a bit dated for me, it's verging on 'mum name' to me now.

It's great that it turns out you have honoured your grandmother with your first daughters name, bonus!

By mk
September 24, 2012 3:20 PM

I've only heard Jules used as a nickname, even on TV. Or maybe I just assuemd it was a nickname. Anyway, I don't really like it as a standalone name. Of the other names I like Laurel and Nina best, but still think Elise Victoria or Elise Barbara are my favorites.

October 17, 2012 1:16 PM

I agree that the times I've heard the name Jules on tv for women were when it was a nn for Juliet. I'm thinking of my fav show- Psych. The leading lady is Juliet, nn Jules but everyone always calls her Jules no matter what. I think it's nice for her to have the option of being Juliet. Sometimes I feel like I might as well be named "Em" because no one calls me Emily, but I like having the option of being either. Oh, best wishes to you! This is such a hard decision for all of us parents!!

By hwar
October 22, 2012 1:23 PM

I know a little girl named Jules and it has grown on me.  It's the kind of name that, once applied to a child, no longer seems odd.  It suits her very well!  And it's the name that her parents would be calling her even if they had given her Julia or Juliet as a full name.