Just a cute name story

My twins have had one teacher every year for the past 4 school years go out on maternity leave, and each teacher has included the class in some way with the naming process.

They've played a naming bracket game one year for a 'final boy and girl choice for her to take home and add to the list,

One year the teacher gave them the final five and did a popular vote after she left to see if the class guessed right once the baby was named...they did not.

Last year the teacher listed nickname choices suggested by the class and did a popular vote for the class name, they called this baby Jeffie.   

And this year the teacher gave them a paper and asked each kid to write a boy and girl choice for each letter of the alphabet as one of the 'shower games'.

Two of the teachers had going away showers (last year and this year, the kids figured out how to get an extra fun day by throwing showers) The teacher this year just sent the email out with the baby's birth announcement He shares his first and middle with one of my boys. My son is so proud he's been telling everyone that she named the baby after him because he's her favorite student ever.  Just thought I'd share.


January 10, 2018 12:13 PM

Wow, that's a fecund faculty! I think your son probably has some justification to feel proud--he might not be the all-time-favorite student, but in my experience teachers definitely avoid names of least-favorite students ;-).