Leonora - pronunciation question

Hello Wizard Community!

I've been lurking a long time (like 7 years *gasp*) and have finally joined the site due to the pending arrival of our first baby this May! I am so excited to be a part of the community now. I have long enjoyed the debates, quips, and care that this group takes in every reply to its members. So... on to my question...

Hubby and I are considering many names still and our baby's gender will be a suprise until the very end. So, I have one quick question on the pronunciation of Leonora. Is there any leeway in spelling this name with the LEOnora version, but pronouncing closer to LENora? Will this be confusing? We don't hate the LEO pronunciation, just prefer the other.


Other girl names we love right now are Genevieve, Gwen, Ivy, Viveca, Nova, and Marin. We are still open to other suggestions!

Boy name we are basically settled on : Max.


Thank you! - Kate


January 1, 2018 2:29 PM

Congratulations! I pronounce Leonora with 3.5 syllables. The 'o' comes out more as 'uh' the way I say it. So I'd say yes, you can get away with it, as long as you are okay with other people pronouncing the 'o' more clearly.

January 1, 2018 2:41 PM

On Forvo, three out of five pronunciations involving Leonora (in English) have four syllables, while two have three syllables: /le-NO-ra/ (https://forvo.com/search/Leonora/). That's as close to half-and-half as you can get with five samples, so I would say that there's leeway. In fact, I suspect it's like my name, Julia: people who say it as two syllables (/JULE-ya/) don't even realize they're doing anything differently from people who pronounce all three syllables.

January 1, 2018 6:50 PM

I think with that spelling you'd be getting more of the Leo pronounciation, - 4 syllables,  Lenora or Leanora, Leona is nice too


Love Genevieve,  Gwen is nice too or Guienevere, Gwendoline,  Vivienne, Vivette, Viveca is pretty, Nova is nice or Nora, Marin/Maren is nice, Eleanore, Laura, Leah, Leticia, Lydia, Lucinda, Lana, Lara, Evelyn, Vanessa, Eva, Olivia, Evangeline, Maeve, Lisa, Eve, Lavinia, Olivene, Sylvie, Mavra, Evelina