Lind as a middle name with Ivy?

Hubby and I like the name Ivy for a girl. I would like to honor our mothers with the middle name (both are named "Linda", and his mother is deceased). I don't love "Ivy Linda", but I do like "Ivy Lind"... but he's not a fan. Is it too weird? I don't like Lynn, Lin, or Lynd/Lynde. Our last name starts with a W, two syllables, very British-sounding. :)


March 29, 2018 7:51 PM

I dont like Ivy Lind,  what about Ivy Lindy or Lindell  others Linza, Linette,  Lynette, Lyndal, Lynna, Linna,  Belinda,Lina, Rosalind, Rosalina, Melinda, Lindsay, Linlee, Linden, Lynden, Lyndel, Lindel, Linnae, Linnea, Linzi

others with the same/similar meaning Bella, Belle, Ingrid, Mei, Bonita, Delwyn

March 30, 2018 9:36 AM

Ooh, I like Linnea a lot and think it sounds great with Ivy.

March 29, 2018 7:57 PM

I don't think honor names have to be identical to the name of the honoree- and Lind does not seem at all like a stretch from Linda. Ivy Lind flows nicely and that is definitely the spelling I would use- especially to keep it close to Linda and also for aesthetics.

I certainly do not think it is too weird, especially with it having real meaning.

Good luck convincing hubby!

April 1, 2018 8:03 PM

I would also like to point out that an advantage of Lind over Linda in your case is that it is one syllable. Ivy Linda [+ 2-Syllable last name] gets monotonous in its beat with all the names having the same number of syllables.

Just a thought.

March 29, 2018 8:53 PM

I like Ivy Linda as is!  The honor element is strongest when using the exact same name; I think it would be very sweet and meaningful to use the full Linda.

March 30, 2018 5:25 AM

Honestly I do find Lind slightly odd as a name, probably just because it's so unusual BUT I do think that the middle spot is the perfect place to put an unusual or more creative name, especially if it has significance to you. That's because unless you intend to introduce her by both names/use it as a double barrel call name a middle name will be completely hidden or reduced to just the initial in almost all situations. People are only going to know what it is if she chooses to share it with them so it really doesn't matter what general opinion of the name is because she won't be faced with comments on it/have to explain it in daily life like she would if it were a first name. Basically I think you have to go pretty far off the beaten track to get a name that's "too weird" for a middle name.

Having said all that the same argument could be applied to just using Linda in the middle spot; the fact that you won't actually use it very often plus the fact that it honours both grandmothers could trump the fact that you don't love the sound/feel of it. Especially given that it sounds like your husband would prefer Linda to Lind (if you both preferred Lind and your only concern was it being unusual I'd say absolutely go for it). You could try looking at slightly different versions of Linde/Lin/Lyn names as suzannembrown suggested and see if there's one of those you both love but otherwise one of you is just going to have to give in and have the version you like a little less. 

March 30, 2018 9:30 AM

I like it; it honors the Lindas very well and flows well with Ivy (and seems like it will fit with your surname). It seems like the only Linda variant you like, and it's really not all that strange, especially as a middle. It seems like the perfect name for you.

March 30, 2018 9:34 AM

I like Lind just fine as a middle name, and think it sounds nice with Ivy. More importantly, I really think honoring people you love is more important than just the sound of the name, so I would also support Linda or Lynn (even if you don't love it).

One other thought, if you haven't already considered it, what about Rosalind? I think Ivy Rosalind sounds lovely, and, again, the honor is more important than the sound if your husband still isn't a fan....

March 30, 2018 10:18 AM

I like Ivy Lind, even as a double-barrelled name. I think it sounds "right" to me partly because of Jenny Lind, which I associate with the spindle crib style. That gives the name, to me, a strong association with babies and sweet old-fashioned style. I also think it keeps the honor very front-and-center, more so than any of the Lin-/Lyn- names (though less so than just using Linda as-is).

One other option if you wanted to get the full Linda in there would be to use two middle names, and have the second start with A. Ivy and Lind are short enough that you could easily fit another name, and if it usually contracts down to a single initial then you've got Ivy Lind A. Lastname.

By EVie
March 30, 2018 10:29 AM

I think Ivy Lind is just fine. A lot of people use family surnames in the middle spot, and that's probably how it would read to me upon first impression (and it is, in fact, an English surname). I also like the suggestion of Rosalind. The Germanic element "lind" (meaning soft, tender or linden tree) shows up in a bunch more Germanic names, though they're probably too far out of style to be of interest: Gerlinde, Sieglinde, Ermelinda, Theudelinda. 

There are also the English surnames and place names Linden, Lindall/Lindell, Linder, Lindhurst, Lindley, Lindsay, Lindwood, Lindridge, Lindsell, Lindfield. Their meanings all have to do with linden trees and other topography -- linden tree wood, linden tree clearing, linden tree hill, linden tree ridge, dwelling among the linden trees, open land where linden tree grow, etc. Any of those would sound natural as a surname in the middle spot. I particularly like Linden for the straightforward botanical meaning and less concrete association with a specific place. Lindall, Lindley and of course Lindsey are all names that I wouldn't be surprised to see in the first name spot, either.

March 30, 2018 11:12 AM

I really like Lind for you, but if your husband doesn’t like it you should probably still look for alternatives. I kind of wish I had a Linda to honour, now.

March 30, 2018 11:18 AM

I agree with EVie- I would probably read the middle name as a family name. Honestly, I would not think twice about it, either. I don't read it as "weird" at all. I plan to give all of my children family middle names that are all surnames. I like that Lind has a special meaning to both of you, and that gives it something special. I think probably where your hesitation is coming from and why your husband isn't a fan is because you are obviously both used to hearing Linda as a full name. If that's what you are really used to, and someone suggets using a shorter name that is *just* shy of the full one, I think it is only natural to feel like it feels a little "off" at first. I say go for it if you love it and can get your husband on board :) Good luck!

March 30, 2018 11:41 AM

I think Ivy Lind sounds fine to me. If there's any hiccup for me, it's the consonant mashup at the end with Ivy Lind W... but that's not a construction that's going to be encountered often. Also, Ivy Lind W. by itself is not a problem. 

I think it'll work. 

By mk
March 30, 2018 12:47 PM

Lind is a surname, so not weird or unusual at all. Certainly not odd for a middle name.

Ivy Lind is fine.

March 30, 2018 4:44 PM

I agree with everyone that Ivy Lind is fine, but also think there's a lot of pleasure to be had in using an honour name as is. Especially because in this case both honorees have exactly the same name -- I could definitely see splitting the difference between Grandma Rosalind and Grandma Linda with Lind.

I have an Ivy with a family middle name that does not flow at all, and it has never come up except in discussions of how we chose her name. Middle names really do disappear, except on records.

April 1, 2018 4:24 PM

I agree with all of this. 

I can only add that I just encountered Linda as a middle name (first name in this case was a very big statement name). I'm a teacher, and full names appear on my course roster, so this is one of the rare instances where someone DOES get to look at the middle name, and I was pleasantly surprised -- its meaning  is fairly transparent for me since it is the word for 'pretty' in Spanish, and while that makes me dislike it in the first name spot I unexpectedly found it very nice in the middle name spot, where it's an adjective modifying the First Name. Anyway, I just wanted to report that Linda spotted in the wild as a middle name actually made me take notice in a positive way.