Little brother due in 2 weeks - Pippa's brother

Little brother is due in two weeks, we still haven't selected a name yet!  His older sister is Pippa (full name Patricia-Rose).

We like Earnest (but it doesn't go well with our last name), Reggie (but not the meaning), Dustin...

I like the following, but are all NO from my husband.

Middle name will be James.



January 7, 2015 7:35 PM

I'm curious what meaning you are looking at for Reggie. (which tends to be more reliable than most sources) indicates that Reggie (short for Reginald which is a variation of Reynold) is derived from words meaning "advice" and "rule."  Perhaps not the most exciting meaning, but certainly not a negative one.

Earnest makes me think of Erwin.  The nickname Ernie reminds me of Arnie, so perhaps you'd also like Arnold?  Or Forest?

Is Reggie meant to be a nickname for Reginald?  Or were you planning to use it as the given name?  If you like the full Reginald, I'll again suggest Arnold.  Or perhaps Gerald, Archibald, or Ronald?  I also thought of Oswald, though I would have hesitations about that name if you are in the U.S.  If you really prefer just Reggie, perhaps you'd also like Archie, Russ/Rusty, Freddie or Alfie?

Dustin seems a bit off with the rest of your names.  It strikes me as a bit dated, maybe even a "dad name" while most of your names are solidly vintage/old man.  Instead of Dustin I would suggest Justin, Brendan, Damon, Austin, Brandon, Brennan & Derrick (which also seems like a nice fit with Darryl/Darrel & Dwayne).

Other more random names that seem consistent with your overall style include Arthur, Walter, George, Hugh, Hugo, Augustus, Rupert, Herman, Edwin, Albert, Gilbert, Rodrick & Harvey.

January 10, 2015 11:30 PM

I like the suggestion of Arnold if not Earnest.  I think Artie is super cute, particularly as a nickname for Arthur.  However, if he's nixed that (and I know that feeling; my hubby is the WORST), how about:


Roger, Gareth, Marvin, Alvin, Seth, Heath, Ronald,  Thomas, Daniel, Maclain, Dennis/Denny, Brandt, Aldous, Fletcher, Ellis, Frederick