Mercy :(

My dog Mercy has passed away as of 6 minutes ago. She was a chocolate lab, with white toes. She was 15 years old. now that she has passed


December 12, 2015 9:11 AM

away, we are thinking about getting a puppy for when the triplets come. They aren't due until September, so I'm ahead, but I have to have a dog in my life. My husban and I were thinking about getting a foster dog until june, and I like to start early on names for him/her. We are probably getting a boy dog, because we have another girl dog in the house(my brothers), and we always switch genders when we get a new one.We are getting a golden retriever. But, just in case, I will put down some girl names that I like.




Romeo (#1 favorite)



Marley(#1 favorite)




December 12, 2015 7:00 PM

I'm sorry about Mercy.  Having had puppies close in time to babies, I must say I strongly advise against it.


Romeo is a super-cute name for a boy dog.  Marley and Bailey I think could go on any dog, boy or girl.  Mack I would think of as a boy dog name.


Our dogs are Bella & Snufkin, both girls.