Middle name for a female character Rowan?

Hello, all! I'm writing a story with a main character named Rowan (who mostly goes by Winnie) and I'm having a tough time find a middle name and a surname for her. If you could give me some suggestions that would be really awesome! Thanks :) 


October 9, 2014 8:54 PM

I like Rowan Elizabeth or Rowan Mairead ... maybe an Irish-y last name? Like ... Byrne or Cahillane or O'Kelly?

October 12, 2014 2:53 PM

Here are a couple (random) ideas :)

Rowan Georgette Parson- Rowan Parson- Winnie Parson (I like with Winnie, but not with Rowan)

Rowan Camille Lucas- Rowan Lucas- Winnie Lucas

Rowan Rebecca Olinger- Rowan Olinger- Winnie Olinger

Rowan Elizabeth Quincy- Rowan Quincy- Winnie Quincy (I like with Rowan, but not with Winnie)

Rowan Marie Krause- Rowan Krause- Winnie Krause


I mean, any of those could pair up. They were just some things that sounded good with Rowan and/or Winnie. Hope these help a little :)