Middle name for Calliope?

I posted back in November looking for a sister name for our daughter Seraphina Red Bird Elzbietta, and with your help we settled on Calliope. 

Now we cannot agree on a FIRST middle name. We fancy so our kids get two middles, lol. 

This baby is Calliope ________ Xenobia Brooks.

My husband’s criteria:

Doesn’t start with C, P, X, Z, or B. 

Doesn’t end with A or IA

has 3-4 syllables**

Delicate, slightly fancy

soft sounds, no harsh consonants

fairly rare

Older, historical maybe. 

My additional, fussier criteria:

Ideally 2 syllables with stress on first syllable, to maintain the double-dactylic meter of the name. 

Calliope is Greek and Xenobia is the Greek version of the Syrian name, so no more Greco-Roman. 

No internal rhymes (alli, io)

doesn’t end with EE sound. 


Ask any questions to help clarify! Thank you all!


April 15, 2019 12:36 AM

Avonlea, Avalon, emmile E, Guinevere, amaryllis, Addison, Adeline, Annabelle, Arielle, Genevieve, evelyn, genesis, Emerson, tamsyn, elliette, Emerson, Emlyn, Aveline, Marisol, Maribelle, Vivienne, junipter

Avrii, Bridget, giselle, raven, Phoenix, willow, gretchen, Gretel, willow, Brielle, Marin, Paris, Peyton, Noelle, Josie, roisin

April 15, 2019 10:49 AM

For some reason my first thought was Agnes, or to continue the nature theme of Red Bird, maybe one of its medieval English forms that evoke "anise", like Anneis or Annys. (Or just straight-up Anise.)

Other ideas: Ailith, Edith, Mabel (or Maple), Olive, Scolace, Tamsin, Theda, Thora, Wilma.

April 15, 2019 6:16 PM

Calliope Elspeth Xenobia Brooks

Calliope Iris Xenobia Brooks

Calliope Juniper Xenobia Brooks

Calliope Florence Xenobia Brooks

Calliope Lenore Xenobia Brooks