Middle Name Help

hi all! have just thought of these 2 to poll among you. background- renae is my middle name, but i'm not too stuck on it for that reason alone.  which of these two related names sound, look, and generally go better: reasons are great too, thanks. we still don't know what we're having, and this probably won't be the last you hear from me on the subject.lol.

Elise Renae  or Elise Renata  last name sounds like Burrows


May 6, 2012 2:26 PM

Between those two options, I prefer Elise Renata because it gives nice rhythm. A pattern of 2-3-2 syllables sounds more pleasing to me than 2-2-2.

By Guest (not verified)
May 6, 2012 7:28 PM

Yes!  I agree that Elise Renata is lovely, for exactly that reason.

By Guest (not verified)
May 6, 2012 4:43 PM

I'm with Karyn on preferring Renata for the 2-3-2 flow.

I think with Renae I'd also be a little torn between feeling like I needed to go with the "family" spelling vs. preferring the traditional French version Renee (probably with the accent, even if not "officially" on the birth certificate), particularly after the French name Elise. I actually find the combination of the -ae spelling with your first name Dana kind of appealing, but it just doesn't work as well for me with Elise. Renata means the same thing ("reborn") as Renae/Renee, so you still get a version of your name for the middle.

Renata is also a little more distinctive, and I like the idea of a somewhat unusual middle name after a more common first name, which, as Miriam has pointed out often, is a great way to give your child flexibility to stand out and blend in as she wishes.

- kalmia (not logged in)

May 6, 2012 11:30 PM

Yes! I was having trouble pinpointing why Renae feels lovely with Dana but not-quite-right with Elise, and I think that you got it. The French name Elise makes Renae feel like it's misspelled - like it should be French, too. But even though I like Renee more than Renae, if the choice presented were between Renee and Renata, I would stick by liking Renata better because of the rhythm.

May 9, 2012 5:18 PM

I like the cadence of Elise Renata over Elise Renae.  If you put the extra syllable on the first name instead, you get Elisa Renae which works as well (although Elisa doesn't feel as modern as Elise).  I love the name Renata-- it's sophisticated in a way that more familiar Renee or Renae is not.

May 11, 2012 5:50 PM

Ditto to what everyone else said. The rhythm of Dana Renee/Renae flows great and for that same rhythm you should pick Elise Renata even Elisa. If you really want the Renee then I would go for Elisabeth Renee. Do you hear the difference in all of those?

May 12, 2012 8:17 AM

yes i 'hear' the difference Zoerhenne, between Renata,Renee as well as instead using elisabeth or elisa. i must have some different type of audio rhythm or  find some names flow together well, that others think are a bit jilted. what has brought me to this conclusion, is that often i find names 'flow' for me that others say are choppy or don't go well together, yet sound pleasing to my ear. it is good to get the feedback from  you posters. don't be surprised if i post under another forum with an entirely different middle name option, as i seem to be changing my mind about possible options on a consistent basis.  that being said, i love your suggestions for tuning up Elise, but am sticking, so far, with Elise not other variants. thank you so much ladies. it also is a bit difficult since my husband is deployed, that i don't have him to bounce these ideas off, even though naming isn't his hobby. we spoke before he left, but nothing clicked at that time.