Middle Name Ideas Please?

 I really need help narrowing down my list and finding middle names for the following names! Some family names which could be used are for boys- Wade, David, James, John

and for girls- Elise and Elizabeth. 

Thank you so much! I know it is an extensive list. 




Noah (I have briefly considered Noah Nicholas but am not sure if it's too much) 



Cohen (I am aware of the controversy of this name) 

Gray (would like to find a full name for this besides Grayson)


Macsen (found this name on this site and love it) 






Charlie (what could be a full name for this nickname besides Charlotte?)





January 4, 2014 11:51 AM

Incorporating family names and some names I think would work well:

Noah: Noah David, Noah James, Noah John, Noah Benjamin, Noah Charles, Noah Henry, Noah Matthew, Noah Paul, Noah Peter, Noah Robert, Noah Samue, Noah Thomas, Noah Vincent. I think Noah Nicholas is a little much, personally. The only Noah whose middle name I know is a Noah Tucker- personally, I'm not a fan but I thought I'd put in down in case you like it. 

Andrew: Andrew Wade, Andrew David, Andrew James, Andrew John (I know a ltitle Andrew John- love this combo), Andrew George, Andrew Henry, Andrew Joseph, Andrew Michael, Andrew Miles, Andrew Nicholas, Andrew Peter, Andrew Thomas, Andrew Vincent, Andrew William 

Asa: Asa David, Asa James, Asa Benjamin, Asa Charles, Asa Daniel, Asa Frederick, Asa George, Asa Henry, Asa Michael, Asa Martin, Asa Miles, Asa Nicholas, Asa Paul, Asa Patrick, Asa Peter, Asa Thomas, Asa Vincent, Asa William 

Cohen: (I have never heard of this used as a first name... if you're aware of the risks of using it and still love it, then by all means go ahead. But I'd be careful- maybe Colin/Cullen would work? or maybe spell it Coen) Cohen James, Cohen John, chosen Andrew, Cohen George, Cohen Henry, Cohen Isaac, Cohen Matthew, Cohen Michael, Cohen Nicholas. Cohen Oliver, Cohen Paul, Cohen Samuel, Cohen Thomas

Gray (have you considered Grady as a full name? There's also 'Grayden', but I'd really advise against that). Here are some Grady combos: Grady John, Grady James, Grady Arthur, Grady Daniel, Grady Edward, Grady Isaac, Grady Michael, Grady Nicholas, Grady Paul, Grady Patrick, Grady Peter, Grady Samuel, Grady Thomas

Haddon (never heard of this one- pronounced HAD-in? I kinda like it!) Haddon Wade, Haddon James, Haddon John, Haddon Arthur, Haddon Charles, Haddon Daniel, Haddon Edward, Haddon Francis, Haddon George, Haddon Isaac, Haddon Joseph, Haddon Leo, Haddon Miles, Haddon Oliver, Haddon Paul, Haddon Robert, Haddon Thomas, Haddon Vincent, Haddon William

Macsen: Macsen Wade, Macsen James, Macsen John, Macsen David, Macsen Charles, Macsen Daniel, Macsen Everett, Macsen Edward, Macsen Henry, Macsen Leo, Macsen Oliver, Macsen Peter, Macsen Robert, Macsen Thomas

Simon: Simon Wade, Simon James, Simon John, Simon David, Simon Arthur, Simon Charles, Simon Emmett, Simon Francis, Simon George, Simon Henry, Simon Joseph, Simon Robert, Simon Thomas, Simon Vincent


Alice: Alice Elizabeth (have you considered spelling it Elisabeth? Then it kind of honors Elise and Elizabeth at the same time), Alice Caroline, Alice Eleanor, Alice Evelyn, Alice Emma, Alice Emily, Alice Josephine, Alice Julia, Alice Lillian, Alice Madeleine, Alice Mary, Alice Matilda, Alice Sophie/Sophia, Alice Vivian 

Charlie (besides Charlotte, it can be a nickname for Charlene, Charlotta, Charlize, or Charla- found these on the NameFinder tool) 

Isla: Isla Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Isla Beatrice, Isla Bridget, Isla Caroline, Isla Charlotte, Isla Frances, Isla Genevieve  Isla Jane, Isla Josephine, Isla June, Isla Katherine, Isla Matilda, Isla Mary, Isla Ruth, Isla Sophie, Isla Vivian 

Lilian: Lilian Elise, Lilian Alice, Lilian Charlotte, Lilian Eve/Eva, Lilian Emma, Lilian Eleanor, Lilian Frances, Lilian Florence, Lilian Isabel, Lilian Julia, Lilian Mary, Lilian Matilda, Lilian Mabel, Lilian Nora, Lilian Olive, Lilian Ruth, Lilian Ramona, Lilian Sarah, Lilian Sophie

Lila: Lila Elise, Lila Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Lila Beatrice, Lila Caroline, Lila Charlotte, Lila Dorothy, Lila Frances, Lila Florence, Lila Genevieve, Lila Helena, Lila Jane, Lila Josephine, Lila June, Lila Katherine, Lila Kate, Lila Mary, Lila Madeleine, Lila Ruth, Lila Sophie, Lila Vivian

Rose: Rose Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Rose Anna, Rose Anne, Rose Emma, Rose Ella, Rose Eleanor Rose Evelyn, Rose Katherine, Rose Louisa, Rose Mary, Rose Marie, Rose Sophia, Rose Victoria 

Rosalie: Rosalie Elizabeth/Elisabeth, Rosalie Caroline, Rosalie Charlotte, Rosalie Frances, Rosalie Helen, Rosalie Helena, Rosalie Jane, Rosalie Johanna, Rosalie June, Rosalie Julia, Rosalie Katherine, Rosalie Louise/Louisa, Rosalie Matilda, Rosalie Mary, Rosalie Madeleine, Rosalie Nora, Rosalie Vivian

Roselle: Roselle Elise (too many l's?), Roselle Carolina, Roselle Genevieve, Roselle Helena {ha-LAY-na}, Roselle Johanna, Roselle Katrina, Roselle Lucia {loo-SEE-a}, Roselle Louisa, Roselle Matilda, Roselle Malena, Roselle Marlena, Roselle Marina, Roselle Sophia   

*sorry, I used a lot of the same names for various different combos

I apologize for the length of this- I tend to get carried away...hope you find some you like! :)

January 4, 2014 3:13 PM

I love most of the names you suggested but out of them all here are

My favorites- 

Andrew John, Asa David, Asa James, Cohen John, Simon Arthur, Alice Eleanor, Isla Elisabeth, Isla Jane, Lila Jane, & Rosalie Elizabeth

thank you so much for all your time, these names will definitely be going on my list!

January 4, 2014 6:25 PM

Re: what could be a full name for Charlie besides Charlotte? The "Ch" in the first four names is pronounced like Charlotte, and in the latter two names is pronounced like Charlie.