Middle name suggestions!

I wanted some input on these names and some suggestions on middle names. These are my absolute favorite names.     Let me know what you think!

Elissa (Elagant and regal)

Macy (Cute, fun, bubbly)

Clara (whimsical and lovely)

Im also a fan of Ruby. 

My absolute FAVORITE name is Macy as of now. Also, do you think these names go together? Like if I were to have 3 girls, do you think it would fit as a sib-set?


October 19, 2014 5:06 PM

They're not to my personal taste but I do think they make a good sib set!  I'm not sure why but they all seem to go together. I think as a first name Ruby would be the odd one out but it would work as a middle for Elissa the best. You could go down the precious stone route for the others too, Macy Jade, Clara Opal or something. Or R names, Clara Rose is pretty. Or keep middles for any family members you want to honour.

October 19, 2014 11:27 PM

Thank you for your input!  I like the "jewel" names but not a fan of opal. No others come to mind except sapphire and diamond. That ain't happenin'. I thought of the family member middle name option ... But just not a huge fan of how they sound. but I haven't entirely ruled it out. I've been on the fence with Ruby for awhile. It just doesnt sound serious enough I guess. 

thank you again! I really was curious on other peoples thoughts about how it sounds as a sibset. You helped!

October 20, 2014 2:58 PM

A gemstone name you might like is Beryl. This is a family of gems that includes emerald and aquamarine. To me it's the most name-like and "serious" sounding of the gemstone names, without crossing over into old-lady territory.

October 20, 2014 12:01 AM

I think the name that stands out to me as being unlike the others is Macy, because it's more of a contemporary name innovation, whereas the others are timeless classics (Clara, Elissa) and a currently fashionable vintage-feeling revival (Ruby). That said, I don't think children have to match their siblings - they spend only a short portion of their lives together as a unit, and even so, I think the way that the names should "go together" is that they should be names that the parents loved. I think while I wouldn't say that Macy "goes with" Clara and Elissa, I think they would be absolutely fine as names for sisters.

(I do like the idea of thinking about sibling sets when one is in the name-gathering phase, because you might find that you like a lot of names but that only some of those names are ones that feel like your kids.)

I think my favorite middle names are choices made for sentiment. Middle names "disappear" so often in our daily lives (collapsing down to a middle initial most of the time) that I think it's the place to put a name that you love for personal significance rather than sound/style. Go for more unusual choices that you love but would find to daring as a first name, or honor a relative you loved or commemorate an idea or person or place that's important to you and your partner. Enjoy the name-hunt!

October 20, 2014 1:39 PM

Very good points! I personally agree with you that Macy doesn't really "go" with the other two. But it's hard for me to part with that name. I'm young and have been married for 2 years with no kids yet. But I think about names on a daily basis. I love Macy because I only know one person with that name and she's the sweetest! I wouldn't be naming my daughter after her although I would be totally fine with my daughter having the same personality. The reason I'm so attached to Macy is because before I was even considering it, I had a dream that i had a little girl and her name was Macy.... And I SAW her. She was perfect :) I woke up thinking "Wow. Why haven't I thought of that name??!" So ever since then (over a year ago) I've held on dearly to that name. I also think about... Do I look like I could pull off that name? Because my kids will obviously look like me and my husband.  I like the idea of daring middle names. I've been a fan of willow for awhile but the hubs wouldn't go for it. I'm kinda scared to as well even tho it's an awesome name. Thank you for your suggestions!


By EVie
October 20, 2014 2:25 PM

Clara is by far my favorite of your choices--it's classic and elegant and simple all at once. Elissa is a beautiful name, too, and has a long history (it was another name for Dido, the Queen of Carthage), but I think it's prone to confusion with sound-alikes like Alyssa and Elisa, and generally disappearing into the vast sea of El- names. Still, I think Clara and Elissa would make a lovely pair of sisters. Ruby is a sweet, vintage-sounding name that a lot of people around here seem to really like. I'm not the biggest fan of the gemstone-names in general, as I find them all a little, well, precious (pardon the pun), but you could do worse. I think there are enough little Rubies running around that in twenty years' time, a grown-up Ruby won't find that her name gives her much trouble. Clara, Elissa and Ruby would also make a fine set of sisters.

Macy is the only one of your names that I really, really don't like, and that I don't think fits with the rest. It reminds me of the department store, which used to be quite respectable, but in recent years has been moving increasingly downmarket. It makes me think of mindless American consumerism and high price tags on designer junk. It also just strikes me as a meaningless, cutesy blend of two random syllables. (I know it's based on a surname, but I don't think most people are choosing it for that meaning). I much prefer names that have history behind them. And to be frank, I find that the MTV Teen Mom association had given it an especially déclassé spin (not to disparage the actual Maci on the show, whom I know almost nothing about, but the whole show is kind of trashy and voyeuristic, and her name is unfortunately part of that brand).

Have you considered the similar-sounding Maisie? That's an old nickname for Margaret, so has real history, and avoids the MTV associations. I also find the spelling much prettier. Clara, Elissa, Ruby and Maisie would work nicely for me.