Middle name suggestions

Looking for a middle name for girl name named Aria 

Would like something non trendy.

Family names: Kenneth, Katherine, Kay, Lynn

Parents are Cory & Amber

Last name is Italian and starts with letter A and ends with E sound, similar to Angelli, but 4 syllables.


March 26, 2019 12:54 AM

How about Aria Simone?

March 26, 2019 1:42 AM

from family names

Aria Kaylynn, Kayla, Kaylee, Katherine, Kathleen, Katelyn, Kate, Kendall, Kenzie, Kendra, Makenzie, Makenna, Amber, Corinne, Cora, Coralie, Cordelia, Coral, Amberlynn, Lynn

are there any middle names to consider - I like Kaylynn - it includes Kay and Lynn and same meaning as Katherine and starts the same letter as Kenneth or Katelynn same reasons at Kaylynn

other mn Amy, Bridget, Chloe, Zoe, Chelsea, Charlotte, Clara, Esther, Eva, Camille, Celeste,  Laura, Lisa, Megan, Ruby, Lily. Nina, Sarah, Zara, Nicole, Renee, Beatrix, Ruth, Grace, Hope, Faith, Joy, Claire, Mae, Maeve, Jade, Jane, Jean, Joan, June, Eve, Rose

March 26, 2019 6:00 PM

I'm curious about the request for a non-trendy middle for Aria - is it to balance out the trendy first?  If it's that you don't like trendy, you ought to rethink the first name!

You mention family names, so I assume you prefer to use them in the middle.  Aria Katherine is the obvious choice.  Feminine forms of Kenneth: Kendra, Kenna, Kenina.  Kay is from Catherine, so you could pick any of the many variants to honor them both at once: Catalina, Ekaterina, Kathleen, Catrin, etc....

If you aren't limiting yourself to family names, I suggest looking for something long and consonant-heavy to provide a nice contrast and weightiness to the light, airy Aria.  Aria Beatrice, Aria Clementine, Aria Guinevere, Aria Dorothy, Aria Josephine, Aria Persephone, Aria Margaret, Aria Florence, Aria Genevieve.