Multiple Spellings

Just for fun and to see thought processes... Which spelling or variant do you like the best, and why?


Haley vs. Hailey vs. Hayley

Lily vs. Lilly

Mackenzie vs. Makenzie

Isabel vs. Isabelle vs. Isobel

Sophia vs. Sofia

Riley vs. Rylee

Arya vs. Aria

Michaela vs. Mikaela vs. Mikayla vs. Makayla


Eliot vs. Elliot vs. Elliott

Dylan vs. Dillon

Xander vs. Zander

Julian vs. Julien

Colin vs. Collin

Lewis vs. Louis

Jackson vs. Jaxon vs. Jaxson

Conor vs. Connor vs. Conner


November 25, 2015 11:03 AM

Haley vs. Hailey vs. Hayley -- Haley. I like simplicity (a rule I will break soon enough)

Lily vs. Lilly -- Lily. Lily is the flower name; Lilly seems more like a nickname for Lillian. If I were going the nickname-as-name route I'd use the spelling Lillie.

Mackenzie vs. Makenzie -- Mackenzie. The former seems like a surname; the latter just a spelling to sound like the surname.

Isabel vs. Isabelle vs. Isobel -- Isabel. This is my niece's name, but it's the spelling I liked best anyway.

Sophia vs. Sofia -- Sophia. Sofia makes me think of sofa.

Riley vs. Rylee -- Riley. See my note on Mackenzie.

Arya vs. Aria -- Aria. Arya makes me cringe, George R. R. Martin notwithstanding. It's only one letter off from Aryan, and I just can't go there. (I did recently meet an Indian-American boy named Aryan and I plastered a good old fake smile on my face when we were introduced.)

Michaela vs. Mikaela vs. Mikayla vs. Makayla -- Michaela.

 Eliot vs. Elliot vs. Elliott -- Double 'l' double 't' for the win! (Hypocrisy noted as I have now broken my simplicity rule.)

Dylan vs. Dillon -- Dylan. Dillon makes me think of Matt Dillon and as a Gen Xer I can't go there without also filling the nursery with Molly, Judd, and Ally.

Xander vs. Zander -- Xander. I like the cool 'x' (although I prefer this as a nickname to Alexander than as a stand alone name).

Julian vs. Julien -- Julian. Julien is too close to julienne.

Colin vs. Collin -- Colin.

Lewis vs. Louis -- Louis. I like the English pronunciation with the French spelling. Shrug.

Jackson vs. Jaxon vs. Jaxson -- Jackson. Big surprise, right?

Conor vs. Connor vs. Conner -- Connor. 

November 26, 2015 12:46 PM


1. Haley - the other two are a bit 'too much' for me, especially hayley.

2. Lily - it's simple, beautiful and a flower.

3. Mackenzie - don't know why

4. too hard to pick - love them all! i would probably choose the first as i'm from brazil and isobel and isabelle would get a different pronounciation.

5. Sophia - the f makes it look a bit foreign to me (which is not bad), but i just prefer it spelt sophia

6. Riley - rylee seems a bit made up to me

7. Aria - when i read arya my first intuition tells me to pronounce it ar-YA, with two syllables

8. Mikayla - i usually prefer the most common spellings



1.Elliott - when I read Eliot I want to pronounce the beginning EE and not ELL

2. Dylan - Dillon makes me think of the herb dill

3. Xander - not sure why, but in this case I prefer the more creative spelling

4. slightly prefer Julian, because Julien makes me think it's French. but like both

5. Louis - Lewis seems more like a surname to me. also the brazilian spelling is Luiz/Luis, so Louis seems a bit more familiar to me

6. Jackson - i like the more traditional spelling. not a fan of the x and there, and xs makes my eyes hurt tbh (hope i'm not offending anyone)

7. Connor - the most intuitive spelling for me


edit: forgot Colin/Collin: Colin


this was fun :)

November 26, 2015 1:40 PM

Xander is arguably the _less_ creative spelling: it's just Alexander with the first three letters dropped. (I know young parents who spelled their son's name with an extraneous 'z' "so they could get Zander from it", because apparently nowadays you can't get Kate from Catherine or Mike from Michael. The irony is that the child mostly goes by Alex.)

November 26, 2015 2:04 PM

Hailey as the currently most common spelling gets a slight edge.

Lily. Adding another L makes it look misspelled, because of the flower.

Mackenzie, because it's closer to its roots (although I dislike the name fairly strongly).

Isabel. Simplicity wins in this case.

Sophia: it's closer to its roots, and as someone else posted, it's further from "sofa".

Riley. Double 'ee' tends to rub me the wrong way anyway, and it's even worse when it's done to a surname-name that doesn't actually need pronunciation clarification.

Aria. Like with Lily, if you're going to use a name that's also a word, spell it like the word; otherwise, it'll either look misspelled, or look like it should be pronounced differently.

Michaela. Closer to its roots, again.

Elliott, probably because that's how my best friend's surname is spelled.

Dylan. I don't much like dill.

Xander, Julian, Colin, Jackson: closer to their roots. (Plus, "julienne" is something you do to vegetables.)

Lewis if you want loo-iss, Louis if you want loo-ee.

Connor: it just looks wrong with one 'n', and Conner looks like "someone who dupes people".

November 27, 2015 12:04 PM

Couldn't resist adding my own!

Haley. In this case, I like the simplicity. Hailey looks like hail and Hayley seems strange with the two y's. 

Lily. It's the flower. I also think it ages better than Lilly.

Mackenzie. Makenzie somehow looks incomplete, and Mackenzie reflects the surname it originally came from.

Isabelle: It seems prettier to me. This is one name where I like the more frilly spelling. I think I like this for all the "belle" names.

Sophia. The nickname Sophie is more intuitive, and this is the way it would most often be spelled by others. There's less correcting people. 

Rylee. I like this on a girl. To me, Rylee is more aesthetically pleasing than Riley, despite being an alternate spelling.

Aria. Arya looks like it should be pronounced ar-ya, is too close to Aryan, and is nowhere near as pretty.

Mikaela. More feminine and pronounce-able than Michaela, and more sophisticated than Mikayla or Makayla.

Eliot. This is another one where simplicity appeals to me. The other two seem cluttered up with extra letters.

Dylan. Dillon looks annoyingly stuck-up to me, and even though I say them the same I want to pronounce them differently in my head.

Xander. It's closer to Alexander, where it came from originally.

Julian. To me, Julien looks like a girl's name. I am confused as to why.

Colin. I think this has the same reasons as Eliot and Dylan.

Louis. I'd pronounce it the French way, loo-ee, but even as loo-iss I like it better. Lewis reminds me of lewd, which is not something I want to think of whenever I see the kid's name written down.

Jackson. It's the original spelling. Jaxon looks made up to me, and I agree with previous posters that Jaxson makes my eyes hurt.

Connor. It's more familiar than Conor but stays with the original -or spelling, which I like.

April 17, 2016 4:49 AM

Haley vs. Hailey vs. Hayley - out of these three, my favourite is Hayley, but out of all the possible spellings, I love Haylee. This has a strange attraction for me.

Lily vs. Lilly - I prefer Lily because it is spelt the same way as the flower.

Mackenzie vs. Makenzie - Mackenzie for a boy and Makenzie for a girl.

Isabel vs. Isabelle vs. Isobel - definitely Isabelle; Isabel looks incomplete and I don't like the o in Isobel.

Sophia vs. Sofia - I prefer Sofia because Sophia makes me want to say it "Sophie" with an "a" on the end - as in SOH-fee-ah not soh-FEE-ah.

Riley vs. Rylee - Riley for a boy and Rylee for a girl.

Arya vs. Aria - Aria, because for some weird reason the "y" puts me off.

Michaela vs. Mikaela vs. Mikayla vs. Makayla - I prefer Michaela because to me it is the most common one that I've seen and the one that I'm the most used to.


Eliot vs. Elliot vs. Elliott - my favourite is Elliot as I like a "double" in a name, but only one, not two like in Elliott.

Dylan vs. Dillon - I prefer Dylan.

Xander vs. Zander - Xander because the X gives it a cool twist.

Julian vs. Julien - Julien because it looks more boyish.

Colin vs. Collin - I prefer Collin because of the double letters.

Lewis vs. Louis - ??? I've only heard Lewis as "LEW-is" and Louis as "LEW-ee" but definitely prefer the name Louis.

Jackson vs. Jaxon vs. Jaxson - Jackson because I like the name Jack.

Conor vs. Connor vs. Conner - Connor because the others look too "fake" to me - and I know a Connor.

February 2, 2016 3:10 PM


















March 17, 2016 5:24 PM

Haley vs. Hailey vs. Hayley - Hailey

Lily vs. Lilly - Lily

Mackenzie vs. Makenzie - Makenzie

Isabel vs. Isabelle vs. Isobel - Isabelle

Sophia vs. Sofia - Sofia

Riley vs. Rylee - Rylee

Arya vs. Aria - Aria

Michaela vs. Mikaela vs. Mikayla vs. Makayla - Michaela


Eliot vs. Elliot vs. Elliott - Elliott

Dylan vs. Dillon - Dylan

Xander vs. Zander - Xander

Julian vs. Julien - Julian

Colin vs. Collin - Colin

Lewis vs. Louis - Louis

Jackson vs. Jaxon vs. Jaxson - Jackson

Conor vs. Connor vs. Conner - Connor

June 23, 2016 5:56 PM


















January 25, 2017 9:48 PM

Haley vs. Hailey vs. Hayley: I've always had a soft spot for the spelling "Hayley" since one of my favorite TV shows as a kid had a main character with that name and spelling, but Haley is nice too. Can't get behind "Hailey" though. It just sounds like hail (rain --> rainy, hail --> hailey?)

Lily vs. Lilly: I like Lily more as its own name, but I like Lilly as a nickname for Lillian.

Mackenzie vs. Makenzie: Makenzie since I hate the nickname "Mack" for a little girl.

Isabel vs. Isabelle vs. Isobel: It's a tough call between Isabel and Isobel. Isabel is pretty and classic, but Isobel is a fun and exotic take on it. Isabelle is just too needlessly frilly.

Sophia vs. Sofia: I'm going with Sofia since it's a little rarer (not by much and they're both way too overused.)

Riley vs. Rylee: Riley. Rylee just screams "My mom was 15 when she had me!"

Arya vs. Aria: Aria - Aria is the word for a beautiful song, Arya is a character from Game of Thrones and nothing else.

Michaela vs. Mikaela vs. Mikayla vs. Makayla: Michaela - While it's not super pronunciation intuitive (then again, neither is Michael) it's the only one that feels like a real name.

Eliot vs. Elliot vs. Elliott: Elliott - with only 1 "t" I want to pronounce it a French way - "Ell-ee-oh".

Dylan vs. Dillon: Tough call. I think I like Dylan more for boys and Dillon more for girls, oddly enough.

Xander vs. Zander: I'm not fond of either as their own name, and in fact neither look good on paper (they just sound good.)

Julian vs. Julien: It's strange that I think Julien looks closer to Julianne. I like Julian better for boys.

Colin vs. Collin: I guess I like Colin better, but there's nothing wrong with Collin, other than looking too much like the surname Collins.

Lewis vs. Louis: Is it just me, or are Lewis and Louis two different names? I just kind of wish that everyone who wanted to be called Lew-is, the English way, would spell it Lewis and everyone who wants to say it the French way, "Loo-iee" would spell it Louis.

Jackson vs. Jaxon vs. Jaxson: Jackson, with an "X" it it looks too much like a fantasy or sci-fi race.

Conor vs. Connor vs. Conner: Connor is the most intuitive.

January 26, 2017 9:37 PM

Haley - childhood best friend's spelling

Lily - the other l seems extraneous 

McKenzie - not sure I've seen those spellings before?

Isabelle - seems fancier to me

Sophia - I love Sofia too, but it has a distinct Spanish vibe for me 

Riley - two e's seems a little too creative for me

Aria - I'd probably do -ia, but I like both spellings 

Mikayla - seems most phonetic to me 


Elliot - for some reason I like the 2 l' here

Dylan - this one seems more common

Zander - not a big fan of this one

Julian - I like both though

Collin - less likely to be called colon?

Louis - though I like the CS Lewis connection

Jackson - x's seem trendy in a "I'm trying to be trendy" way

Connor - Conor almost looks like it would be pronounced differently 

January 28, 2017 7:59 PM

Hayley-Got to love those Ys!

Lily-This one was hard, but since the word Lily is spelled this way, it makes more since.

Mackenzie- Less kre8ive.

Isabelle as a first name, Isabel as a middle name-Idk I just like them like this.

Sophia-It looks more classic and pretty.

Rylee-It's more feminine, though my favorite is Rylie.

Arya-It looks more name-y, less like the word 'area.'

Makayla-This spelling has always seemed most correct in my mind, topped only by Mackayla.


Elliott-It looks most complete.

Dylan-All of the Dylans I've known have spelled it this way.

Xander-This is how it's spelled on Disney's Bunk'd, and I like the way the 'X' looks.

Julian-It's classic.

Colin-Looks less made up, and denotes a bit more British-ness in my head.

Lewis-The other one is usually pronounced Lew-ee (WHY?!?! I know it's French, but still, there's an 's!!').

Jaxon-Yes, it's an alternate, but I like the feel.

Connor-The one Connor I have met spells it this way.

February 9, 2017 1:01 AM

I typically prefer the spelling that seems the least "made-up," although there may be some exceptions.

Isobel - i used to prefer Isabelle, but the sea of Isabellas drove me away