My family hates our name choice

Okay, so we made the mistake of sharing our name ideas with my family. They liked the boy choice fine, but they hate the girl choice. My mom even said, "Well if you're going to name her that, I'll be hoping for a boy!" (We don't know the gender yet, but we're really hoping for a girl). I spent a lot of time picking the perfect name that fits well with our other children's names and has meaning to us. I have some pretty strict naming rules (which helps me because I'd be too indecisive if my options were more open): First name must be a Bible name ending with -a or -ah, middle name must be Gaelic ending with -n, must use the initials C and M. We chose Claudia Maiwen, but my mom hates it! Advice or encouragement anyone? Why do grandparents have to be so opinionated? LOL


October 13, 2016 4:02 PM

I can tell you that my dad hated all my kids names except he said Ethan was ok... he preferred I would have named them timeless names which we did in the middle slot after family members.  The good news is that after they were born and the name was connected to a living baby that he could fall in love with it didn't matter anymore.  My niece has a very different style name Alize but not that spelling he calls her Allie.  I'm sure if your family never fully comes around to the name they'll find a nickname that suits thier relationship with your child, the same niece I call princess. btw I love your name choice!

October 13, 2016 11:20 PM

I really like the name and if you like it, then use it. It is your child's name not your parents. I think they will grow to love the name because they will love their grandchild. 

November 2, 2016 5:29 PM

I love the name Claudia! My sister is actually named Claudia Aisling, a Biblical first name with a Gaelic middle. I know she loves it. She doesn't have many problems with it (except for rarely finding it on a keychain). People love it a lot and it's unusual. Very few pronunciation problems except for with Spanish and Latin speakers prounouncing it "CLOU-dia" as opposed to "CLAU-dia"

I'd say go for it! It is a lovely name and, more importantly, it's what you guys want. What your mom said was very inappropriate. She had her chance to name children, it is now your turn. She won't be talking to the child every day and living with the name. You had something specific in mind and Claudia Maiwen is what you found. You are not crazy, it's a great name that will serve your child well if it's a girl :)